Rialto’s Job Fair a Success

Rialto Job Fair a Success


On March 27th 2013 Rialto held its first job fair of 2013 after holding one late in 2012 both were at the Cathedral of Praise Church on the Corner of Riverside Ave & Valley Blvd. The one in 2012 was ok but it was filled with schools looking for students, agencies like American Water with fake job openings (locally) and temp agencies. These are all good (except for the fake job openings) when people are not severely desperate for work. Schools mean more debt and temp agencies are not full time regular work.

Rialto Job Fair grid1

A total of 517 job seekers and people were standing in line 10 minutes until 8 a.m. (started at 10 a.m.) and people were still coming after it was over at 1 p.m.  There is a need in our community & together we can make a difference. The Cathedral of Praise volunteers; City of Rialto volunteers (including the HR Manager); San Bernardino Valley College Occupational Advancement Department volunteers; and the Director for the Applied Technologies Training, Economic Development and Corporate Training Division (San Bernardino Community College District) also one volunteer from San Bernardino Valley College Workability department  .

This most recent job fair that was partnered by City of Rialto Human Resources and San Bernardino Valley College was one of the best job fairs I have been to in 3 years. It was full of diverse, interesting and quality employers looking for employees. These were not just jobs to get you through the basic bills, these were jobs you could work and retire from.

We were at the job fair and we spoke to employers. Here are a few of the many choices you had to choose from:

  1. Forest Home http://www.foresthome.org/aboutfh/employment/ A local Mountain Camp founded by Henrietta Mears. They offer all types of camp options and an extensive list of job openings both professional and entry level.
  2. Manheim http://www.manheim.com/careers/?WT.svl=m_footer_careers A local Auto Auction company offering a wide range of opportunities in the automotive field from back and front office work to hands on interaction with the Vehicles themselves Manheim presented a company willing to hire those quality people looking for a career.
  3. Child Care Careers www.childcarecareers.net This is a temp agency for the Child Care industry. They handle job openings at the State (school districts), Federal (head start) and private Early Childhood Education centers. Kirsten from Child Care Careers told me they had a massive order for staff incoming and were looking at doing a mass hire.

Rialto Job Fair grid2

You also had Law Enforcement agencies like San Bernardino County Sheriff, Riverside County Sheriff, Fontana Police, Rialto Police & San Bernardino County Probation. Other public safety or security companies were Rialto Fire Department, Securitas, First Defense & Allied Barton. There were temp staffing agencies a couple schools and Avon & Mary Kay but overall it was well planned, few empty spaces and very well attended.

Rialto Job Fair12

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