City-Sourced “App” For Smart Phones

Come out and here what is going on in the department and have the chief and his staff there to answer your questions and concerns.

What I have found amazing about these meetings is when issues are brought up you actually start seeing results and action being taken. Everyone doesn’t always agree but one thing is constant is that Chief Farrar and his team truly care about this city and the communities well-being.

Another is that you always hear about or learn something new. From procedures to crime problems in other areas of the city you leave informed and empowered.

So come out and have some coffee and become an active part of making Rialto a safer place to work, play and live.

This App is the Chiefs baby he will be able to answer alot of questions.


City-Sourced “App”

City-Sourced delivers custom mobile reporting applications to our residents across all the major smart-phone platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, & Windows Phone). City-Sourced provides a simple platform empowering residents to identify public safety issues (gang activity, narcotics activity, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, etc.) and report them to the Police Department, Code Enforcement, or Public Works for resolution. This application will be available on August 6, 2012. For more, visit our website at

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