RIALTO: Salon to host fundraiser for the needy

Article on a fundraiser that was held here in Rialto this article was found Via Yatown Neighborhood Newsletter. Article from the Press Enterprise paper.


Genesis Beauty Studio of Rialto will host a fundraiser to support homeless women and children on Saturday, Aug. 4, at 224 S. Palm Avenue, Rialto from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Brenda Carr, owner of Genesis Hair Studio, along with her son, Henry Robinson, will be giving back-to-school haircuts for children, and regular haircuts for men, and women. Gift baskets will be sold, and silent auction items will be raffled off in support of Time for Change Foundation, a San Bernardino City nonprofit organization providing housing and leadership development to homeless women and children. All donated proceeds will go towards supporting Time for Change Foundation’s transitional living homes, “Sweet Dreams” and “Mt. View” which annually house over 70 families a year.

According to her business’s mission statement, Brenda first opened Genesis hair studio in 2001 with the goal of “using her cosmetology skills to restore purpose, vision and self-confidence back into the lives of the women that need and want to reestablish themselves in the community.”

When asked about her relationship with Genesis Beauty Studio, long-time client, Gail Randall said, “Brenda has always had a dream to help others and has fulfilled all of her goals. Not only is she remarkable as a stylist and entrepreneur, but she has a strong passion for helping the homeless.”

“Genesis Beauty Studio started as a dream for me, and then it became a goal and eventually developed into a reality. I know and understand the importance of maintaining your image when you are in the community and seeking employment,” said Carr.

Carr has worked in the past with Time for Change Foundation. In May of 2012, she provided three of the Foundation’s clients with beauty makeovers.

Genesis Beauty Studio is currently looking for volunteers who would like to assist the studio for the day of the event. Brenda Carr may be reached at at (951) 536-7309.

DOWNTOWN 5 – 8:30 PM.

Yes its that time of year again, time for National Night Out. This event is an annual event created to foster community awareness. Target, Rialto PD, Cardenas Markets and many more have teamed up to bring this event to Downtown Rialto again.

There will be tons of:

Demos from our wonderful Rialto Police Department.

This is a FREE event that draws people from all over the city. Its a time to get out and be around fellow citizens and have a good time.

Click the link below and Join the event group to be kept up to date on all the developments.


The Cloak of Secrecy – Rialto’s Water Deal

I have sat down with both Ed Scott and Deborah Robertson.

One thing that is the same with both candidates running for mayor of Rialto is both are scrambling to try and show you they are pealing the back the cloak slowly.

Ed Scott wants you to come sit down with him and listen to his side of the story and take it as gospel. He doesn’t like it when you try and fact check his statements and hear about it from the horses mouth. Let me prove this point so that Ed doesn’t threaten to sue me again.

When he was discussing my conversation with Butch Ariza the GM of West Valley Water District. Ed Scott eluded to the fact that Mr. Ariza didn’t have direct answers on some topics not because he had yet to come across that issue but because he didn’t know me and was holding information back.

What I find funny is my father-in-law and Mr. Ariza both are members of the local HOG (Harley Owners Group), My Neighborhood Watch Group butts up to West Valleys back yard and I have worked with his staff on eliminating graffiti in the wash area along Cactus Ave.

I have found West Valley Water to be easy to deal with and I was wondering why they were overlooked in the first place as the person to run our water system since they already work in Rialto. From what I heard they wanted nothing to do with what amounts to a 30 million dollar payoff to the city council.

Ed Scott also doesn’t like my questions for Table Rock the company brokering the deal and handling the negotiations. He said “Do you know how hard it is to be in the middle of negotiations and have some random person calling asking questions that’s not even connected to the deal”. I’m sorry I thought as a rate payer I had the right to know what was going on with this deal?

Question: Do you think you should know more about this deal?

On thing that bothers me and no one can give me an answer is why if American Water really is out of the deal and Table Rock now has control or Rialto Water Services why doesn’t the SEC the Federal Securities Exchange Commission only has American Water listed as a subsidiary of Rialto Water Services:

Rialto Water Services, Inc.   Corporation   Delaware   100% held through American Water (USA)   General partner of Rialto Water Services, L.P. Percentage will fall below 50% if transaction completed as a concession. 
Rialto Water Services, L.P.   Limited Partnership   Delaware   100% held through American Water (USA) and Rialto Water Services, Inc.   Rialto concession bid. Percentage will fall below 50% if transaction completed as a concession.


All of my meetings were not a total loss; I have been told I can have a copy of the entire water concession agreement. My hope is that I can download it to a zip drive and save myself the hassle and cost of printing.

So here we are again more questions than answers. Let’s keep telling those council members that they must show us their cards and involve the public.

We need your help, getting water to our NNO Volenteers

We are reaching out to the community looking for water and food donations for our volunteers at this event. Hundreds of people and man hours go into making this event fun and safe for thousands of people each August. Your donation of a bag of Ice and Case of Water will help us keep these servants healthy and hydrated.

Can you help? If so please call Sgt Robert Smith @ 909-820-2582

If you need someone to pick up your items we can also arrange that for you.

Also those donating to the event will be highlighted on the Social Media pages created for the Event as well as on the Blog http://www.Rialtonow.wordpress.com

Post any questions you may have or highlight your business giving to our need at: http://www.facebook.com/events/428226463883251/

Anyone who donates to this event/need will be highlighted on this blog. You will be given a week of advertising space and the opportunity to highlight your organization, business or group. In addition we are putting the finishing touches on a Social Media site that will help carry the community spirit of the NNO program, and will prepare for NNO 2013. Your donation of any size will be also highlighted there. Help us help others.




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