Coffee With The Chief 9-11-12

Come out and learn whats up within the police department and also have the ability to ask questions of the city’s top law enforcement official.

Great opportunity to hear others issues and air out your own. Sometimes we have questions but were not sure if they sound dumb (there is no dumb question) or we may not want to speak up in a large crowd.

That is whats awesome about this monthly event. The chief actually comes out and in an intimate setting informs the community on what his department has been doing and how they are planning to attack the different types of crime in Rialto.

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for Graffiti? How to better protect yourself from becoming a victim of property crime? These are just a few of the many questions that can be answered at this event.

Chief Farrar brings with him different people from the department that handle different issues. People he has brought include; Captain Randy Deanda, Volunteer coordinator Judy Roberts and his administrative assistant.

Its time for the community to become more involved in Rialto. We have seen the numbers of people coming out to this event grow every month, so if you have the time we would love to see you there and you will enjoy the time.

We have included the flyer with a map of where the Cocos restaurant is.

If you can’t make it but would like to have your questions answered reply here or email them to we will ask the question and post the answer in our re-cap of the event.

Also if you have kids feel free to bring them, I will have my three-year old with me and I will be bringing extra crayons, color sheets and other things to keep the kids busy 🙂



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