Council Set to Give Away 15,000 to a PR Firm TONIGHT

Below read the agenda discription of the purchase order increase for social media and advertising of the Newest Tax to hit the city of Rialto. Looks like somone worked a back room deal to get more money after agreeing to STEAL $128,500 for a couple months worth of work.

There is a reason the city is always looking for new revenue sources because they sell away our money thousands of dollars at a time. Meeting starts at 6pm we need to go down and ring some ears remeber its a election year………….

**TAB 5 — Request City Council to increase Purchase Order amount from $15,000 to
$143,500 for Bustamante and Associates LLC for the Development and
Implementation of Community Outreach Sources. **


A call into council looks like MAYOR canidate Deborah Robertson is against this action we must support her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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