The Lies in measure “V”

What is measure “V”? Its an increase on the business license tax for those businesses that use Rialto as a base to produce and deliver petroleum products through California. What a perfect time to place yet another tax or restriction on fuel providers and refiners. I say this because California has seen gas prices sky rocket almost 60 cents in one week. In Rialto according to Gas Buddy prices in Rialto range from $4.53 to $4.67 a gallon. So much like the water deal this is another opportunity for the City of Rialto to pile on the bad news to the local residents.

Read their propaganda that has been removed from the city website:

Measure V on November 6, 2012 Ballot

As we enter into a second century of progress, the City of Rialto is committed to providing its residents with a safe, healthy and prosperous place to live, work, and play. The City has made every effort to provide the level of services you need and have come to expect in our community. These efforts have been affected greatly by the downturn in the economy which has reduced City revenues from property and sales taxes, and most recently, the legislature’s decision to eliminate Redevelopment Agencies.

All of this has resulted in a reduction of more than $8 million dollars in City revenues over the past six (6) years. We have responded by reducing the number of City employees, cutting salaries, using funds in our reserve and reducing City services. As we evaluate the projected 2013/2014 budget, we cannot continue to rely on funds in our reserve and will be forced to cut additional services.

So, what is the answer? On August 8, 2012, the City Council unanimously authorized placing a measure on the November 2012 ballot to replace lost tax revenues. Measure V, if approved by Rialto voters, would increase the business license tax for those specific few businesses that use Rialto as a base to produce and deliver petroleum products throughout California.

The business license tax will not be increased for any other businesses, including gasoline service stations. Because it represents a new source of revenue to replace those that have been lost, Measure V has been placed on the ballot for residents of Rialto to vote on.

Additional information will be available over the next few months. If there are questions that the community might have, please contact the City Administrator’s office at (909) 820-2689, or by email at

When has anything happened to petroleum providers that we haven’t felt it in our own pockets? My favorite quote is every time a squirrel farts in the desert gas prices go up. I have heard from those inside the city that it won’t effect gas prices & that it will but only by a few pennies. During the summer you pay 50 cents more a gallon for the “Summer” blend and then add all the extra taxes that California already imposes it adds up to 84 cents a gallon, this is before any of the actual costs are ever factored in.

So lets say Measure “V” adds another 3 cents per gallon, your 84 cents turns into 87 cents and an 11 gallon tank that is 33 cents per tank not allot until you factor in the 100% water rates increase, the high jacking of our ability to lose the UUT, poor management of park safety and cleanliness & poor use of resources. Did you know the city has a lady responsible for writing grants that doesn’t write grants?

Also more and more families here in Rialto are finding themselves living paycheck to paycheck. What makes the city think they have free access into our pocket books?

NBC did a story on local gas prices and why we should expect for them to stay high:

California gas prices eased fractionally Wednesday after five days of staggering increases that saw prices closing in on $5 a gallon, but a Chevron refinery closure through the rest of the year might put a crimp in plans to reduce pump pain.

During the five-day price surges, gas went up about 50 cents a gallon.

The average price of regular Wednesday was less than $4.67 a gallon, down a half-cent from Tuesday, but it’s still the highest price in the nation, the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report said.

The highest average price in the state was $4.75 in the San Luis Obispo, Atascadero and Paso Robles area. San Francisco’s price was just over $4.73 a gallon, followed by San Diego at $4.71 and the Los Angeles area at $4.70.

State officials predicted prices would fall after Gov. Jerry Brown ordered early production of a winter fuel blend to replace costlier summer blends.

The spike in prices was driven by refinery disruptions, including a fire and a power outage, and corrosion problems in a critical pipeline, analysts said.

Many motorists and some lawmakers believe fraud might be more likely than a supply problem so there have been calls for Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice to investigate.

Brown moved to stunt the spike by ordering the California Air Resources Board to allow “winter-blend” gasoline to be sold in the state earlier than usual to increase supply. To reduce air pollution, California law requires that gas stations during warmer months use a special blend of fuel that is not widely available.

Early conversion was last needed in 2005 when supplies dwindled because of refinery disruptions caused by Hurricane Katrina.

California usually converts to the gas on Oct. 31. The fuel evaporates in heat more quickly than summer-blends, so sends more pollutants into the environment, especially in warm weather.

Air pollution regulators said they don’t expect the state’s air quality to suffer because of the early start, but the conversion could increase supply by 8 percent to 10 percent, the governor’s office said.

One of the disruptions to the state’s gasoline inventory occurred in August when fire forced the shutdown of the Chevron refinery in Richmond. Chevron said Tuesday the plant will remain closed through the end of the year.

Source: Socal Refinery Closure Could Keep Prices High | NBC 7 San Diego

So we can expect to see gas prices remain high according to this story, why would we ever vote to further burden ourselves with costs we cant afford.

As you will see in the pictures I took of the mailer that was sent out it looks like its a fire safety tax. Why are fire fighters in uniform and standing in front of city vehicles stumping for a measure? Isn’t it illegal to use city resources and paid staff to promote a proposition?



So what I get from this mailer is that if we don’t vote to further raise taxes on industries that can pass along this tax right back on us.

Plus our local leaders are not blind they know that fuel producers and transporters will just pass this tax onto us. So looks like city council is
asking us to pass a tax on ourselves but hiding it by saying its on someone else.

Plus let’s not forget what George Harris with city staff pointed out when Southwest Airlines decided to purchase fuel outside of Rialto the city lost $150 thousand dollars in tax revenue. Did they see the writing on the wall? How many other companies will decide its better to move operations rather than play fee and tax increase games with our city.

Remember the city must remain but we can make bad choices to force companies to move their operations. Just ask San Bernardino their toxic business climate has chased away IEHP and Starbucks new juice provider to Rancho Cucamonga. We don’t have to file for bankruptcy to become a toxic place for business.

When voting this November 6th remember how much it now costs to fill up your gas tank, how much more you can afford to spend & don’t forget these faces below. Each one wants you to give them a promotion or extend their stay as our local elected leader:


Joe Baca Jr wants you to give him another bite at the State apple by electing him to Assembly seat that Amina Carter is vacating. He can’t fit her shoes and he failed once why would we think he can do any better the second time around. Mr. Baca took credit for being part of our effort to remove the failed graffiti contractor when I never once ever heard him make a peep over the poor service. No Mr. I love parks even let parks like Flores Park and Birdsall fall to the wayside and become havens for drugs, graffiti and elicit sex. If you haven’t paid into his campaign he could care less about you, just like his father.

Ed Scott the person that still wants American Water parts of the major failed water deal that will force many Rialto residents to choose food for their families or pay their water bill. Dead lawns and delinquent water bills are in Rialto’s future thanks to this man. Ed Scott wants to be your MAYOR YIKES. Police and Fire have to back this man for if they don’t there is a looming fear of what he will do to their depts. and jobs. Some have called him your everyday elected official and that alone is enough to have me running for the hills away from a career elected official, not a true difference maker.

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