Election Propectives Rialto City Council

Ok so we know everyone has been waiting with baited breath for our voters’ guide.

Most voter guides begin with the BIG TIME regional elections then work down to the local stuff, if you haven’t noticed were a little different.


We put out feelers to people running in local elections to obtain the information they feel you should know about them but we have nothing more to gain that passing along our advice and opinion to people on this monster election. We get our reward from having knowledgeable readers that are energized and ready to cast their ballots.

We will post a different candidate race, Proposition Selection and City and County measures each day until the November 6th Election.

City of Rialto

Council – Two seats open you get to vote for 2 candidates

We are supporting:

Shawn O’Connell


Joe Britt

What is in our council currently? Career Politian’s.

Shawn O’Connell will bring honesty and openness to our city council you may not always agree with him but you will know where he stands and know he is listening to you. Shawn cares so much about what you think he has his home number on his business card.

Joe Britt is the right person to keep the people left in council accountable. Joe has been fighting back against their failed policies and wasteful spending. Joe knows a lot about Rialto’s history he was key to helping us get enough signatures to put the American Water issue on the ballot. You won’t find the water issue there because the current brood took some bad advice from our City Attorney and choose not to honor the signatures. We now know the true heart of our city government when it comes to the poor and struggling middle class because of Joe Britt’s hard work to help push the signatures forward. He will help balance some of the crazy spending that has preceded this last year and Joe WILL TALK TO YOU………… This is very important in our eyes.

Tomarrow is City of Rialto’s Mayor race…………

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