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Mayor – Vote for 1

We are supporting:

Deborah Robertson

This selection was a difficult one for me because I’m not really happy with anyone sitting on the council right now. On top of that I go against the Union of some of the bravest people in this city our Rialto Police Officers. The reason I choose Deborah Robertson is:

  • Extreme change on our council with a win for her it opens up another council seat.
  • My focus on youth in our city government.
  • Her ability to vote on any agenda item without a conflict of interest (her challenger cannot vote on anything in downtown because of his interest there).
  • Using this job as a way to show Deborah it’s make it or break it time.
  • Deborah stepped up for Flores Park Neighborhood Watch and helped us with issues when the rest of council sat by and did nothing.
  • Deborah understands the danger of the way our public employee pensions are currently formed. She knows to keep our city functional and above water we must change our pension costs.

Most voter guides begin with the BIG TIME regional elections then work down to the local stuff, if you haven’t noticed were a little different.


We put out feelers to people running in local elections to obtain the information they feel you should know about them but we have nothing more to gain that passing along our advice and opinion to people on this monster election. We get our reward from having knowledgeable readers that are energized and ready to cast their ballots.

We will post a different candidate race, Proposition Selection and City and County measures each day until the November 6th Election.

Tomorrow we highlight Rialto’s tax increase Measure “V”



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ken
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 19:20:33

    Scott may have the support of the RPBA but does he really have the officers support… I think not!! We need a mayor who can walk the walk and Robertson is that candidate. Scott says he has no violations on his property, but one look and it’s obvious that there are many. Don’t elect a mayor who has double standards..One for citizens of Rialto and another for himself
    Elect Deborah Robertson Mayor on Nov 6.


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