City of Rialto holiday parade, vendor fair & Christmas Tree lighting

I’m a Diva and Fabulous Youth Foundation (DFYF) is 501(c) (3) non-profit organization we dedicated to impact youth girls with positive mentorship, community interaction and recreation activities that inspire self-confidence, build self-esteem, friendships, healthy eating, hygiene and integrity in the hearts of all our young girls, as well as volunteers and supporters. Everyone involved are helping our young girls discover their individual creative gift and develop qualities that will help them become happy

and contributing members of this society. I’m a Diva and Fabulous Youth Foundation makes learning about life’s challenges a fun and fulfilling experience for everyone involved. We teach them that you cannot love anyone else until you learn to love yourself first and take sometime to reflect on yourself, compliment the things you love and make a plan to change the things you do not have. Young girls have amazing capabilities if they are empowered and give the opportunity to shine.

We provide the following programs, workshops, services and community service projects.

* Volunteer Programs, Fundraisers, Stranger Danger Awareness, Bully Prevention, Girl Power Empowerment Camps, GirlTalk Mentoring Group, Mothers-to-be/TeenMoms, Community Collaboration, and more.

* Volunteers
Volunteers are welcome and encourage participate. Prior experience in Not required. Our volunteers need to be compassionate and understanding people and willing to make a positive impact on the lives of our young girls at DFYF. If you want to help transform a young girl life then volunteer your services it will help change a girls life.

* Sponsors
Your tax deduction contribution will help us work towards keeping our non-profit foundation up and running, youth program development, mentoring workshops, empowering camps, volunteer training and special event and many more programs for our next generation of youth girls.


Christmas parade

Rialto Holiday and Vendor Fair
“The Parade Route has been changed”
Line up is at the intersection of Riverside and Foothill, going south to Rialto Ave, to Palm Ave. For more info call 909. 421.4949.
• 10:00 am Holiday Parade and Vendor Fair begins.
• 12:15pm Delilah group presentation
• 12:45pm Present Winners of Parade contests & trophies.
• 2:00pm Elementary School performance
• 3:00pm High School Choir competition
• 4:30pm Tree Lighting Ceremony — at City of Rialto.



Deborah Robertson & the Utility Users Tax


So on Tuesdays Council Meeting we had some serious shenanigans going on.

Pshing our police into the brink of disaster

Pushing our police into the brink of disaster

Council Woman Robertson had made statements prior to Tuesdays meeting that she was demanding that Rialto PD pay their full 9% pension costs or she would be the one to vote no on placing the extension of the UUT on the march ballot. So what did the Police do? They did what was in the best interest of the citizens and agreed to pay their full pensions.

So since she got what she wanted the she voted yes, right? Nope she clearly wanted more. She still voted no citing that she wants the police to do more.

After her no vote the council went straight into another closed session. While in the closed session Rialto Police Benefit Association President Richard Royce debunked the notion the police offer was anything more than their way of helping the city and Community and had no conditions as stated by George Harris with city staff. When asked what more does she want Royce said he had no idea.

Our police have given massive concessions over the years from loosing uniform allowances, cost if living, pay reduction and now paying their full retirement.

So after closed session they decided to go with our wishy washy city attorney Jimmy Gutierrez new interpretation of the law regarding just when this vote must happen. For the longest time they have said this vote must be done by the end of November. Jimmy stated that it’s his offices interpretation that they have until December 8th. Why it changed is indicative of what we saw Tuesday.

First off we saw council woman Robertson and city attorney Gutierrez having a dozen side conversations.

Second we saw council woman Robertson bring up the opportunity to delay this vote prior to rejecting it with her no vote.

So now they postponed the vote or finalizing the vote till Monday it leads us to ask what more does she want? Whatever it was she got it and its big, so big no one will speak if it. Not even off record!

The good part is in a message from Deborah Robertson she has been satisfied with the pound of flesh and blood she let from our police to vote with the fellow council members on Monday.

Here is what she said to me:

The changes have already been resolved. RPBA met with me and we appear to be good on my end and they indicated they are good as well. It was a good meeting!

These are 2 text messages she sent to me.

Everyone watch this council meeting Monday and let’s see if she finally lets the residents have a say.

Also check back Wednesday to hear how Deborah Robertson and George Harris plan to raise your trash bill……..