Crime Tip – Mailbox Break-Ins

A little comment prior to the Crime Alert From Rialto Police Department. Its tax season and those of us that dont use direct deposit or people waiting for their W2’s from empolyers are targets for these criminals please take heed.
Facebook users conect with Rialto PD and get these alerts as they are posted at the following link:!/RialtoPD?fref=ts
Updated information regarding the contact information:
If there is a break-in to your mailbox and your mail is stolen (regular break-in) you will need to contact the Postal Inspection Service.

If you experience vandalism to your mailbox you will need to contact the police department.

CRIME TIP: We have had a sudden increase of mailbox break-ins.
Remove your mail each day don't allow your box to be an easy target

Remove your mail each day don’t allow your box to be an easy target

Most break-ins occur during the evening or middle of the night. You can help reduce these incidents by EMPTYING YOUR …MAILBOX EVERY DAY before the evening ends.
All to common throughout the Inland Empire

All to common throughout the Inland Empire

If everyone does this, those responsible will find that they are not having luck finding mail in the boxes and will go elsewhere. Regular break-ins have to regularly be reported by contacting the Postal Inspection Service directly at 1877-USMAIL5 or by visiting  The more reports they receive the more attention it will bring and place it as a priority.  Also, by providing an address it helps them track the areas and perhaps isolate certain areas which they need to focus on. Another option, which may not be feasible for all is renting a Post Office Box at Post Office, 241 W. Rialto Avenue.  The small P.O. Boxes are only $39 for 6 months – less than $8.00 a month.
If you contact Supervisor Gary Rico, he will add one free month to your first six-month rental.
Supervisor, Customer Services
U. S. Postal Service CA 92376-9998

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