Public Comment time reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes


Item on Tuesdays Consent Calendar in the city of Rialto. Mayor Deborah Robertson wants to limit the amount of time you are allowed to speak. Read the item from the Agenda below.

E.8 Request City Council to Adopt Resolution No. 6302 to Provide Three Minutes for Oral Communications.

What do you think? Should the Mayor be allowed to silence the people?

We placed this question on our facebook page and the comments came pouring in. The interesting part is that it doesn’t matter if your a Deborah Robertson supporter or not no one thinks its ok to limit public speech.

Here are some of the comments:

Jeanne – No not at all….. What’s her reasoning for doing so. Sounds like she is up to her old self…serving herself. For those that can’t show, have residents write their council to say no on her wanting to shorten the minutes to talk. Shawn is only one of the council that serve the city, so we need to write every one of them. I wrote both my hub and i. As my husband said three min is nothing. He feels her intention to shorten min is not just to silence the people.  but to hurry the council meeting up. She likes the title of Mayor, but don’t want put the time in to hear the people.

Ed – This is totally wrong on the City’s part while the Mayor can put what ever she wants to on the agenda there are 4 other votes. It seems like the City has gone backward not forward.  I urge residents to show up and fight this move.

Matt – Wow, more of the same old politics. Apparently the Mayor thinks that citizens need only a few minutes of speaking time? Maybe they need to limit her speaking time and up hear listening time. Another political who THINKS she’s the queen and the citizens are her subjects. Vote it down.

Lynn – they only want to hear themselves and do things that only benefit themselves.  What have they done for the people, really. Rialto is no better and is just getting worse.  Look at Foothill Blvd, it looks horrible with all the empty buildings and trash all over the place.

Paul – Too much government not enough FREEDOM!!!

Diaz – It’s freedom of speech, not freedom of speech for 3 minutes!  Vote No!

Ken – I think Robertson is getting too full of herself.  She is just like the old mayor when it comes to responding to our concerns….She doesn’t!!! There is already to little time to speak now.  Let’s limit the council’s reports to 1 minute since they do so little to report on. Is it too late to change my vote??
Fred – Policy at the Councils I attend as a citizen are 3 minutes per person… so I take friends and they give me their minutes when I need more time!
Join us in fighting this abuse of power by showing up Tuesday July 9th at 6:00pm at city hall. Fill out a request to speak form and voice your concerns to our council on this dangerous abuse of power. If you can’t attend the meeting call and email our elected leaders.

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