In and Out Grand Opening in RIALTO!!!!!!

In&Out Building

RIALTO FINALLY HAS A IN & OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes the long awaited fast food chains expansion has moved into RIALTO and not a moment too soon. At the August 27th Council Meeting Councilman Joe Baca Jr said that people in Rialto were looking for more food options and a way to enjoy one of the most popular Hamburger Restaurants on the West Coast. Rialto City Administrator Mike Story said that their announcement of the Grand Opening received 50,000 hits on the City of Rialto Facebook page.

On the City Administrators monthly update this was what was said of the opening:

In-N-Out Burger expects to open its Rialto store on Riverside Avenue, just south of the 210 Freeway around Labor Day. Construction crews are busy finishing the building improvements with fixtures and equipment soon to follow.

The City approved a memorandum of understanding with an exclusive developer of Chipotle stores to locate adjacent to In-N-Out Burger on a 30,000+ square foot pad. The developer intends to construct a 4,500 square foot retail module that will accommodate Chipotle and one other retail or restaurant tenant. The terms of the transaction must now be developed in a purchase and sale agreement and submitted to the City Council for consideration. Because all of the site improvements and utilities have already been installed, construction can be completed in 90 days or less once started.

This has been long awaited opening and I’m sure Thursday will be a busy, busy day.

This In & Out sits where the Old Fire Station used to be which is now located just south on Riverside Ave.

If you are out there during the Grand Opening please take pictures and tag the Rialto Now in your social media posts.

Cones Creamery 29 Cent Scoop

Cones creamery located at 119 East Foothill Blvd will be giving away Sccops of their Frozen Yogurt for only 29 cents between 4-7pm

Synthetic Drug Sweep in Rialto

We have received reports that Rialto Police Department SCAT team conducted a sweep of local businesses known to sell synthetic drugs like SPICE & BATHSALTS. Cpl. Nelson Rialto PD gives overview of what spice is.

A Press Release from Rialto Police Department has now come out.


What we do know that we can release is this week at Eisenhower High School a package of the Synthetic Form of Marijuana called SPICE was found in a classroom. Pictured below is the brand of Synthetic Marijuana that was found this week in a classroom on the campus of Eisenhower High School. The three businesses that were found in possession of the banned substance for sale all were right next to Eisenhower High School. There have been talks in the community that banning these types of stores within a comfortable radius of our schools.

Found in a Eisenhower classroom this week

Found in a Eisenhower classroom this week

Last year a young male almost went into cardiac arrest after consuming the Synthetic Marijuana on campus. If not for the quick response of his teacher and campus security the outcome would have had a horrible ending.

School officials and staff have yet to comment on this issue for the drug being found once again on their campus.


Issues over Rialto City Attorney Contract


Jimmy Gutierrez is our current city attorney in the city of Rialto. According to reports from City Hall he has operated over the last 5 years on a $600,000 a year for his base salary. What is worse is he nickel and dimes the city for every little thing he does raising the rate we pay him every year more and more.

This year with some fresh blood in the council many contracts have come under review and put back out to bid. The thought process according to Mike Story is to make sure we are getting the best bang for our buck. The city of Rialto has made changes to many contracts saving the city and the community thousands of dollars. From the contract security services, to street sweeping and technology services the fat is being cut and the city is looking to streamline services. City attorney Jimmy Gutierrez’s contract ended in June 2013. So what do we do?

Under the guise of cutting fat city council formed a committee to look at ways of reducing attorney costs for Rialto. What the Sub committee came up with was a temporary extension of City Attorney services with Jimmy Gutierrez. This was done so that the city could develop an RFP and bid out services for Attorney costs for the city. Another task was writing Jimmy Gutierrez’s extension while reducing costs. City staff reported as well as Councilwoman Lynn Hirtz over the phone that it was difficult to get Jimmy Gutierrez to make concessions on his pay to help the city further save money. It wasn’t until right before the July 23rd Council meeting that Jimmy Gutierrez reluctantly agreed to a compensation adjustment.

Joe Baca Jr. said at the July 23rd council meeting that the communities biggest issue was with the city attorney is the cost. Is that really the greatest concern of the community? I remember most recently that Jimmy Gutierrez along with City Clerk McGee gave city council direction to ignore the fact that the Rialto residents received enough signatures to remove the toxic water deal that is already hurting Rialto residents. Or how about the Super Wal-Mart that is set to increase crime and create more business blight that our city can’t or refuses to take action on. Councilman Baca seems to miss the fact that it appears our attorney has been doing his best to rip off the community under the guise of business as usual. Jimmy Gutierrez has also been arrested in suspicion of driving under the influence and was allowed to plead no contest and avoid any real consequences. Also lets not forget Jimmy Gutierrez is also the city attorney for 3 other cites.

We had the opportunity to speak with some of the players involved in this meeting:

I reached out to City Administrator Mike Story and asked who wrote this contract? It was developed by Councilman Joe Baca Jr. & Lynn Hirtz who are the subcommittee of the council looking at the contract along with Jimmy Gutierrez. So Jimmy Gutierrez and the subcommittee wrote it? Jimmy Gutierrez prepared the contract at the direction of the subcommittee. After several attempts by the subcommittee to get Jimmy Gutierrez to make their recommended changes including a reduction in fees, the subcommittee directed me (Mike Story) to make the changes they requested.

I reached out to Lynn Hirtz and she said that she only voted for the temporary contract with Jimmy Gutierrez because she felt obligated to. Councilwoman Hirtz stated over the phone that she felt obligated to vote with Councilman Joe Baca Jr. in reference to an amendment that was brought up by Councilman O’connell. Councilman O’connell brought up a very important “what if” Jimmy Gutierrez does go over the 160 hour limit each month. So mayor Deborah Robertson made a amendment that if Jimmy Gutierrez does go over the 160 limit anything over that would have to be approved by the council PRIOR to going over the limit. So due to the fact that the subcommittee that she was a part of brought this forward Lynn Hirtz & Joe Baca Jr moved and seconded the motion. She never thought of a situation where Jimmy Gutierrez would go over the 160 hours he was allotted by the temporary extension so she wasn’t sure why it was even an issue. Lynn Hirtz said she wasn’t a fan of the extension but went along with Joe Baca Jr. who was the biggest proponent of the city attorney extension. Lynn Hirtz also commented that Jimmy Gutierrez was upset that he would no longer be able to “ITEMIZE” for extra costs the gimmick he has exploited to bump up his compensation over the years.

Shawn O’Connell said July 23rd meeting I approved the contract the way it was written was never vetted by an attorney I instructed our city attorney to spend no more than 160 hours. This contract offers no way to control his ability to charge more and put the citizens at further liability which was what I was trying to convey on July 23rd. Mayor Robertson’s motion which I voted for instructed Jimmy Gutierrez to inform Mike Story before he went over the allotted 160 hours, My fear is this isn’t the way its going to work out.

The second issue is with the time line for releasing the RFP and beginning to look for other options for our city attorney. The proposed timeline for releasing the RFP begins releasing on October 1st. Mayor Pro-tem Ed Palmer asked why were we waiting until the bitter end to release the RFP. Mayor Pro-Tem said that if we run into issues like we did with security contract where there is a bump in the road. The issues was with the original RFP release schedule it would leave us without attorney services the first 14 days of January. Joe Baca Jr. refuses to look at the fact that Jimmy Gutierrez is out as our city attorney. Councilman O’Connell & Mayor Pro-Tem Palmer want to keep us from keeping someone on as our attorney that will act as a disgruntle employee.

What was most frustrating was that even though Lynn Hirtz saw an issue with the late releasing of the RFP she voted for it out of pressure to do so by Mayor Robertson & Councilman Baca Jr. because she was on the subcommittee. When I asked her over the phone about it she said she wanted to vote with Councilman O’Connell and Mayor Pro-Tem Palmer but she felt obligated to vote with her subcommittee co-member. I asked her if she thought Jimmy Gutierrez was going to mail it in these last months and try and collect as much money as possible. She said she never thought about that but since I brought it up she was so worried I was right and she may have made a poor decision.

I spoke to Councilman O’Connell prior to posting this story. Councilman O’Connell stated that the city attorney has yet to sign this contract offering the council and COMMUNITY the unique opportunity to revisit the contract and make the appropriate changes. The ACTIONABLE item is TAB 6 on the upcoming council meeting this Augsut 27th meeting at 6 pm.

So the question is do you agree with Councilman Joe Baca Jr. is the amount of the contract the ONLY issue you have with the city attorney contract? If it is do you believe that Jimmy Gutierrez waiting until the last moment to reluctantly agree to a reduction in fees then not sign the contract after a month does that sound like someone that is willing to work on price? Why does Councilman Joe Baca Jr. appear to run to Jimmy Gutierrez’s defense at every turn? What does that relationship pay the Baca family back? Where is the value for such a vigorous defense? Councilman O’Connell is right we have a unique opportunity here.

Watch the council meeting for yourself these tab items are at the end

Jimmy Gutierrez can charge $225 an hour for attorney services and $75 an hour for paralegal services.

Relay For Life Rialto

Going on right now until 9 am Sunday 24 straight hours

Relay For Life Relay For Life2

Relay for Life of Rialto

Relay for Life of Rialto

Eisenhower High School

August 24-25, 2013

9:00 AM Saturday – 9:00 AM Sunday

Imagine a World with more BIRTHDAYS!

Survivor Registration Opens: 7:00 AM

Survivor Ceremony: 9:00 AM

Luminaria Ceremony: 8:00 PM

Closing Fight Back! Ceremony: 8:00 AM

For more information, please contact Delynda Kobbe, Event Chair (909) 816-3364,

To Form a Team: Kathleen Holm-Team Development Chair (909) 644-1902,

For cancer information, please call the 24-hour hotline: 1-800-ACS-2345.

Road Rage Turns Deadly

RIALTO — A man and woman were killed and two children were seriously injured early Thursday in a car crash police allege was due to road rage.

Rialto police say Yvette Pulido, 31, of Fontana got into a dispute with another driver at Cactus Avenue and the 210 Freeway at 12:16 a.m. That dispute continued southbound until the drivers reached the railroad tracks when a train was coming through, said Rialto police Capt. Randy DeAnda.

“The victim tried to flip a U-turn and (Pulido) intentionally collided into them,” DeAnda said.


Pulido then sped away and lost control on Cactus, sliding nearly 300 feet into a tree. The impact knocked out a large hole in the block wall behind the tree.

Pulido’s fiance, Martin Serrano, 32, of Bloomington was thrown from the car. He and Pulido were pronounced dead at the scene.

Rialto firefighters worked frantically to rescue Pulido’s 1 and 6-year-old sons, who became pinned in the back seat.

“We had to take off the whole roof and we had to move the front seat back to the front to access the kids in the back,” said Rialto firefighter paramedic Matt Payne.


Police said it appeared Pulido was trying to make a left turn onto Alru Street when she lost control. DeAnda estimated she was driving at least 80 mph.

“She was going way too fast,” DeAnda said.

The 6-year-old boy suffered broken legs in the crash and the 1-year-old received cuts and scratches.

“It’s a miracle that those children survived the crash,” DeAnda said. “The 1-year-old should have been in a child seat. He had just a seat belt on.”

Maryann Pabon and other neighbors gathered near the crash scene after San Bernardino County coroner’s personnel picked up Pulido and Serrano.


She said she heard the crash from her house nearby.

“We just heard a bang,” she said. “What really made me know something was wrong was my dog and my neighbor’s dog started going crazy with the sirens.”

Robert Hernandez, a friend of Serrano and Pulido, said the couple had been heading home, but didn’t know where they were coming from.

“They were going to get married and asked me to be the best man,” he said.

They had been engaged three months. Thursday was Pulido’s birthday.

He described Serrano as a hard worker who loaded and unloaded trucks for Kuehne and Nagel in Rialto. He got the job through an Ontario employment agency where Hernandez works.

Pulido was a homemaker.

“She was a beautiful person,” Hernandez said.

Story provided by SB Sun Newspaper at the following link

Coffee with the Chief Re-Cap


With yet another coffee with the chief coming and going I thought it would be nice to highlight what was talked about at the August meeting at Coffee Nutz.

Twenty four people attended the event and we had people from all walks of life and various organizations that serve various purposes for the community.

In attendance (of note) were Linda Chapman Humans Relations Commission, Michael Townsend from the Department of Mental Health, Phyllis and John Hangman from Friends of the Rialto K-9’s, Joe Britt Park and Rec commissioner, Andy Carzales Rialto Beatification Commission. As well as Captain Randy Deanda and Chief Farrar from Rialto PD & two raido personalities from Q104.7 were doing a live remote in the parking lot and decided to join us.

Chief Farrar began by thanking everyone for coming. He then began talking about the extreme success of Rialto’s National Night Out event on August sixth. Chief Farrar stated they had just over five thousand people come out to this years event two thousand more than last year. He commented on how well the event went and that it was the best National Night Out event the city or county had ever put on. He said there was room for improvement but that overall the event was top notch. The highlight was for the people who hung around to see the police helicopter lift off from the event. Chief Farrar asked the people in attendance what they thought could be improved for next years event.

The next topic of conversation were the upcoming Area Command meetings. These meetings offer the community, city and police department a opportunity to connect and dialogue. Various city departments come out and give you the information you need to easily live here in the city. For info on the meeting dates, times and locations just look for the link on the right hand side of our page.

The topic of the AB 109 Early Release program came up due to the courts ordering Governor Brown to release another ten thousand inmates. Chief Farrar told the community that Rialto PD has been working to stay one step ahead of the criminals. These ways include an full time probation officer that works at Rialto PD, using electronic advances to track criminals, applying for more grants and working with other local agencies.

The last topic spoke to who our Police Chief really is it spoke to his heart. Chief Farrar spoke about a strong passion to reach our youth. Not just the good kids that have normal nuclear families that don’t have negative contact with the police but all youth especially the under privileged youth that shy away from telling police officials their true fears and concerns. This desire chief Farrar has isn’t a fishing expedition to lock up more criminals but a true heart felt desire to show the entire community that his department truly cares. What was awesome is everyone there bought right in and began talking out the idea of how to involve our youth. This is where Annette Pulido the promotions person from Q104.7 spoke up and offered to assist the city and police department with this and other outreach opportunities.

One thing that is missing is a constant presence by School District Official. Every single meeting there are constant questions about our children’s safety. This is just an observation by me but it seems Rialto Unified really doesn’t care how we feel about school safety or our children’s safety. It is sad because Edgar Montes has attended a few times but beyond that nobody. Rialto Unified has a School Safety Department and their office can’t send down one official to listen and log the long list of issues the community has with school safety.

Here is what else is awesome when I brought up the response some of our readers had to the time of the meetings and how morning meeting during the week excludes a portion of the community. Chief Farrar said lets make it happen so all you that commented on the time of the meetings here you go.

There is a lot going on in Rialto and everyone is working hard towards making this a community to be proud of. But it takes everyone working towards the same goal. So ask yourself what are you doing to help make this city a better place and can you do more?


Coffee with the Chief of Rialto Police Department

Coffee with the Chief is this coming Tuesday at Coffee Nutz. Come out and hear what our police have been up to, ask questions from Rialto’s Top Cops as well as meet other people in the community committed to safety for everyone.

Coffee Nutz

From the Murder of a Father in Flores Park to a Family shooting at Trapp Elementary School
Chief Farrar normally is joined by other members of the command staff.

With the recent major crimes that have accorded in our city it is important to show up and take advantage of this opportunity. Bring the kids and enjoy coffee & information coloring books and comic books supplied by IEHP will be available to keep the little ones busy.


Coffee Nutz is located on Foothill just East of Riverside Ave. Owner Andy Carzaeles is a strong community advocate and supports a strong line of communication between the community and police. Andy opens up his restaurant and offers excellent service from his friendly staff.

Come out and get informed. Bring the kids we will have FREE goodies to keep them busy.

Coffee Nutz Location

Coffee Nutz Location