Coffee with the Chief of Rialto Police Department

Coffee with the Chief is this coming Tuesday at Coffee Nutz. Come out and hear what our police have been up to, ask questions from Rialto’s Top Cops as well as meet other people in the community committed to safety for everyone.

Coffee Nutz

From the Murder of a Father in Flores Park to a Family shooting at Trapp Elementary School
Chief Farrar normally is joined by other members of the command staff.

With the recent major crimes that have accorded in our city it is important to show up and take advantage of this opportunity. Bring the kids and enjoy coffee & information coloring books and comic books supplied by IEHP will be available to keep the little ones busy.


Coffee Nutz is located on Foothill just East of Riverside Ave. Owner Andy Carzaeles is a strong community advocate and supports a strong line of communication between the community and police. Andy opens up his restaurant and offers excellent service from his friendly staff.

Come out and get informed. Bring the kids we will have FREE goodies to keep them busy.

Coffee Nutz Location

Coffee Nutz Location

Fireworks Safety


Whether it is the sparkle of the bright lights, or the thunderous boom of the explosion, there is no denying the thrill that fireworks can bring to an Independence Day celebration. Unfortunately, when fireworks are misused, injuries and property damage can occur. A special study conducted by the Consumer Products Safety Commission found that 65 percent of all fireworks injuries in 2011 were sustained during the 30 days surrounding the Independence Day holiday. More than half of these injuries were the result of unexpected ignition of the device or consumers not using fireworks as intended.


In addition, non-Safe and Sane fireworks are ILLEGAL for use by anyone other than licensed, trained professionals that are permitted to discharge them. Safe and Sane fireworks stands will be open throughout Rialto from June 28th through July 6th. Safe and Sane fireworks are defined as those fireworks that don’t fly, travel or explode. Fountains, sparklers, snakes and smoke effects, ground spinners, snap pops and other novelty fireworks fit this description.

However, firecrackers, rockets, roman candles, shells, and other aerial effects are NOT considered safe and sane fireworks. Anyone found with these illegal fireworks will be cited and the fireworks confiscated. The Fire and Police departments will be patrolling the City throughout the holiday period to ensure compliance with our rules on fireworks use.

IF YOU SEE ANYONE LIGHTING WHAT APPEARS TO BE ILLEGAL FIREWORKS DURING THE 4th, please call the Fire Department immediately using our Fireworks Hotline at (909) 421-7245. Operators there will take the information and dispatch personnel to investigate and take appropriate action. Please DO NOT call 9-1-1 to report illegal fireworks unless you also suspect a fire, injury, or serious crime.




So summer is almost here and we know what that means to the IE right heat and tons of events. Well we have two events I would like to highlight this weekend that I thought you might like.


7th Annual Community Garden Open House

Saturday, May 18th

From 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

539 N. Acacia Ave.

(Behind Grace Lutheran Church)

FREE MULCH! Donated by BURRTEC Waste (Bring your own bags & shovel!)

There will also be:

Plant and Vegetable Sale, Information Booths, Garden Tours, Free Kids Craft, Butterfly Lady & Orchid Society. For more information call 421-7222.

Children’s Safety Fair — May 18th, 2013


This event takes place Saturday, May 18th from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Rialto Racquet and Fitness Center, 1243 S. Riverside Ave, Rialto. For an appointment, please call 820-8025.



"CITY VIEW TAXI"  24/7 Taxi Dispatch 951-473-7056 or 951-296-5667

24/7 Taxi Dispatch 951-473-7056 or 951-296-5667