Synthetic Drug Sweep in Rialto

We have received reports that Rialto Police Department SCAT team conducted a sweep of local businesses known to sell synthetic drugs like SPICE & BATHSALTS. Cpl. Nelson Rialto PD gives overview of what spice is.

A Press Release from Rialto Police Department has now come out.


What we do know that we can release is this week at Eisenhower High School a package of the Synthetic Form of Marijuana called SPICE was found in a classroom. Pictured below is the brand of Synthetic Marijuana that was found this week in a classroom on the campus of Eisenhower High School. The three businesses that were found in possession of the banned substance for sale all were right next to Eisenhower High School. There have been talks in the community that banning these types of stores within a comfortable radius of our schools.

Found in a Eisenhower classroom this week

Found in a Eisenhower classroom this week

Last year a young male almost went into cardiac arrest after consuming the Synthetic Marijuana on campus. If not for the quick response of his teacher and campus security the outcome would have had a horrible ending.

School officials and staff have yet to comment on this issue for the drug being found once again on their campus.


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