Review of Sunrise Church Fall Fest 2013

Sunrise Church has been a staple in Rialto for YEARS. Originally named Rialto Community Baptist Church now Sunrise Church has two locations in the city of Rialto. Fall Fest was held at their main church campus on the corner of Riverside and Ayala Avenues.

Fall Fest is the churches way of giving the community a safe alternative to Halloween and trick or treating. The event was very well attended and had a lot of great activities they even involved the Rialto Police department and 2 food trucks and Handels Ice Cream.

Below are some pictures we took of the event:

Fall Fest 1 Fall Fest 2 Fall Fest 3 Fall Fest 4 Fall Fest 5

Food Trucks were Food Frenzy and The Rolling Sushi Van

They had a like music and performance stage

Candy and Back Pack Giveaways

A Field of jumpers and inflatable obstacle courses

Trackless Train

Rock Wall

Rialto Police Department SWAT & SCAT vehicles and demos

It was a great event don’t miss out we have three big events going on in Rialto on Halloween check out our Halloween post.

Walmart Neighborhood Market

Who remembers the old Builders Warehouse? Does that take you back too far, how about the movie theatre?

Builders Warehouse was a home improvement store in the late 80’s and early 90’s that closed down. Then came the movie theatre in the summer of 1997 and lasted until 2010. Now we have a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market where these other two businesses once stood. As each business took residence of this anchor spot they made it their own by totally changing the look of the building. Now I must preface this post with a disclaimer I am not a fan of ANYTHING Wal-Mart does. With that said when I cruised through the Shopping Center it is clear this is going to be an interesting social experiment. Then I saw the front of the building and I was shocked! This picture looks like it has been photo shopped but promise it is as real as it gets.

Walmart Rialto Neigh

So here it is from the outside it almost looks exactly the way it was when it was a movie theatre. So instead of telling you what I think about this look I want you to share what you think about it? So post here, Facebook or Twitter and tell us what you think. Also will this new market concept find success where Fresh and Easy failed?