City Clerks Office Under Construction

Looks like the city clerks office is undergoing a remodel project. The old building is in need of remodel but what is our $203, 710 getting us?

In the mean time the City Clerks Office will be relocated to 114 S Riverside Ave.

Below was taken from the last city council meeting of 2013.



Request City Council to Award a Construction Contract to Rasmussen

Brothers Construction, Inc., in the amount of $203,710 for the City Clerk

Building Remodel, City Project No. 140204; and Request City Council to

Authorize a Purchase Order with Willdan Engineering in the amount of

$20,715 for Construction Administration and Support Services.




Motion by Mayor Pro Tem Palmer, second by Council Member Baca Jr.,


and carried by a 4-0 vote to approve Tab 9. Council Member O’ Connell


was absent.

City Clerk Office


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