City Clerks Office Under Construction

Looks like the city clerks office is undergoing a remodel project. The old building is in need of remodel but what is our $203, 710 getting us?

In the mean time the City Clerks Office will be relocated to 114 S Riverside Ave.

Below was taken from the last city council meeting of 2013.



Request City Council to Award a Construction Contract to Rasmussen

Brothers Construction, Inc., in the amount of $203,710 for the City Clerk

Building Remodel, City Project No. 140204; and Request City Council to

Authorize a Purchase Order with Willdan Engineering in the amount of

$20,715 for Construction Administration and Support Services.




Motion by Mayor Pro Tem Palmer, second by Council Member Baca Jr.,


and carried by a 4-0 vote to approve Tab 9. Council Member O’ Connell


was absent.

City Clerk Office


New Years in Rialto

Well we tried. We reached out to every bar and restaurant in the City of Rialto and nobody responded so if your looking to stay close to home and you live here in Rialto this sounds like a great bet. If your into traveling to a neighboring city visit for some other great ideas.

Also Rialto Police Department has put out a flyer on the Tipsy Tow program put on by AAA. Simply call 1-800-400-4AAA and get a free Tow to your LOCAL Home.

So to our fans and readers have a happy New Years and see you in 2014.