Rialto Power Outage Not Planned

Yesterday power was out in the city of rialto from Cactus and Merrill to beyond Linden Avenue. A recording went out to parents of Dollahan Elementry School parents a school located in the Flores Park area of Rialto. The recording was to tell parents that they would need to pick up thier students early from the after school program Think Together due to power loss at the school.


**After the fact we found out that the power outage did damage to the schools computers and internet. Also it looks like the power outage also hurt the city of rialto as thier websites are down.**

According to SCE officals in the field Wednesday the power outage that effected thousands of residents and lasted more than 3 hours was caused by a failure in underground lines. Field officals said that underground lines are harder to asses so finding the problem takes longer.