AARP State President to Present Assemblymember Brown Capitol Caregiver Award

Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown (D-San Bernardino), chair of the Assembly Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care, will be honored with The Capitol Caregiver Award by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) on Friday, February 27, in Fontana. The award will be given by AARP California State President Patricia Perez.

Now serving in her second term, among her greatest priorities have been addressing senior care issues. Her key legislative victories among senior care issues include the passage of AJR 29, which memorialized the Congress and president of the United States to restore federal funding cuts made to senior nutrition programs, and AB 1899,  which ensures that a licensee who abandons residents and their residential care facility be prohibited from operating in California indefinitely.

“I’m extremely honored and privileged to receive The Capitol Caregiver Award by AARP,” said Assemblymember Brown. “This award is special to me because I am a caregiver and I understand the significance of this enormous responsibility. It requires a lot dedication to the people who depend on us. I am truly grateful for this recognition and will continue to support the needs of caregivers across the state.”

The Capitol Caregiver Award recognizes elected officials who advance and support policies that make it possible for older Californians to live independently in their homes.

Assemblymember Brown was selected for the award based on her leadership in introducing AB 1744, also known as the California Caregiver Act of 2014, which was vetoed by the Governor.

AB 1744 would have required the California Department of Aging (CDA) to establish a blue ribbon task force committee on unpaid family caregiving and long term care support services. The blue ribbon task force, consisting of 13 members, would have been responsible for identifying and compiling an inventory of resources and programs available for family caregivers and provide to the Legislature a report of its findings and recommendations.

“On behalf of AARP’s more than 3 million California members, I want to thank Assemblymember Brown for authoring and championing AB 1744, the Family Caregiver Taskforce bill,” said AARP California State President Patricia Perez. “Had it not been vetoed by Governor Brown, AB 1744 would have represented an important step toward easing some of the burdens that face California’s family caregivers. That’s why I am so pleased to present Assemblymember Brown the inaugural Capitol Caregiver award in acknowledgment of and appreciation for her leadership in helping to make life better for California’s family caregivers and their loved ones.”

The award presentation honoring Assemblymember Brown will be held from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Fontana Senior Center in conjunction with her senior scam event.

For more information, contact Ashley Jones at 909-381-3238

Fate of Rialto Police Dog Is Now Known

I have a relationship with Rialto Police and I just happen to know the officer and his dog pretty well. So when the SB Sun printing the story of the Police Dogs fate the comments on social media made me sick. My wish is that the SB Sun would do everyone a favor and stop using Social Media if they don’t plan to monitor the response their posts get.

According to the story in the SB Sun article written by Greg Cappis:

“Jango, a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois, will be returned to Adlerhorst International Inc. — a police dog training facility in Jurupa Valley — which will look after him for the rest of his life.

Adlerhorst officials signed a memo of understanding, agreeing to care for the dog, according to Rialto police Capt. Andrew Karol.

He said the department purchased Jango from Adlerhorst and wanted to make sure the dog would retire to a comforting and caring home.”

According to the same story Captain Andy Karol stated:

“Mastaler has not been punished and, per procedure, will undergo an administrative investigation, which has not been launched, according to Karol.

Jango’s retirement reduces Rialto’s K-9 force to three dogs.

No decision has been made yet as to whether he will be replaced.

“It’s not really creating a lag for our department but at some point we may determine that we may want to increase that back up to four,” Karol said.”

As you can see from the video above Officer Mastaler has excellent control of the dog as displayed at the Rialto Family Festival in 2014 (See video above).



City Council Meeting Items To Watch For

Yes today is yet another Council Meeting brought to you by the Rialto City Council. This new council session has not kicked off in a smooth manner. The first meeting of 2015 was kicked off by community members being skipped when they submitted intention to speak on given items, council member yell at community members when campaign contributions were brought into the conversation and transparency has gone from a goal to a joke among a majority of the seated council.

Set Public Hearing

D.2 is a public hearing to adopt another landscape and lighting district. We anticipate Mayor Robertson having to step aside on this one because she lives so close to one of the districts. Public Hearing will be held March 10th.


E.3 & E.4 are items having to do with the payments to the escrow accounts for the FAILED WATER DEAL of the Century. We have a team combing over past documents and have yet to get to these yet.

E.7 is yet more traveling requests that we doubt anyone but us are willing to question. Mr. Scott has been on council less than 3 months & has had travel requests on the agenda that have included him almost every single time. Also for some reason Mr. Scotts travel costs exceed the Mayors on this trip to Lake Arrowhead. The destination is only labeled as a City-County Conference and nothing else. What is most interesting is it looks like for this travel opportunity they will be going back in time. As you can see below it appears they are traveling from March 26th and going back to March 17th:

Council Travel


If they can’t fill out a simple form right should we trust them to speak on behalf of 100,000 people?

E.8 So it looks like the most expensive Jazz Fest to hit the IE is now requesting their Liquor license. The event online shows ZERO tickets sold and no performers slated to preform:

RIALTO "DROP IN" JAZZ FESTIVAL Rialto, California – February 10, 2015 - In appreciation of International Jazz Month, the City of Rialto will be hosting the 3rd Annual “Drop in” Jazz Festival, presented by Mayor Deborah Robertson.  Intertwining jazz and art, this one day festival will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2015, beginning at 12 noon inside Frisbie Park, 598 E. Easton St. Rialto, CA 92376. The festival will showcase a wide array of jazz talent with performances and activities that feature an “All-Star” band, smooth R&B, the City’s finest food vendors and a wine and beer garden. Cost: Payment required - $85/General Admission $135/VIP $500/Cabana

Online the tickets start out at:


“Rialto, California – February 10, 2015 – In appreciation of International Jazz Month, the City of Rialto will be hosting the 3rd Annual “Drop in” Jazz Festival, presented by Mayor Deborah Robertson. Intertwining jazz and art, this one day festival will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2015, beginning at 12 noon inside Frisbie Park, 598 E. Easton St. Rialto, CA 92376. The festival will showcase a wide array of jazz talent with performances and activities that feature an “All-Star” band, smooth R&B, the City’s finest food vendors and a wine and beer garden. Cost: Payment required – $85/General Admission $135/VIP $500/Cabana”

Rialto Jazz Fest Flyer

Now the city flyer shows lots of acts and old celebrities and a different general admission price so once again the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. I am not against music or raising money, what gets me is when a Neighborhood Watch Association wanted to bring a Skateboard event for local youth to their park the city shut them down and forced them to move it far away from their community. They did this under the guise that they could not use a majority of a public park for something other than its intended purpose. Last time I checked Frisbee Park was not a Concert Hall. Three quarters of the park is sports fields. So once again the rules only apply to the community but not the elected officials.

Tabs Unfinished Business

TAB 2 looks like the city wants to spend 1.3 million to expand the Metrolink station parking lot. Sounds like a lot to me but what I want to see happen tonight is the council send a message to the Contractor that their will be no last minute increases to the cost. As has happened with the In & Out retail pad and the Rails to Trails project we end up spending hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in last minute costs.

TAB 4-6 have to do with the Water & Waste Water Concession agreement for the last few months and the next six months.

We need to watch, engage and make our voices heard Rialto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Rialto Community Forum Results and Break Down

Rialto Comm Forum

On January 29th the city held a community forum on a wide range of topics that matter to Rialto. The layout was different from other forums being people were given an opportunity to vote and speak on each topic. The evening wrapped up with Mayor Robertson asking if anyone from the crowd had any additional questions. The event was simple each person was given a clicker and was able to vote with multiple choice selections then make comments afterwards.

Looking back there were no questions on the failed water deal, on the distribution of Community Development Block Grants, on City Councils performance or on how the Measure “U” money will be spent. Why? Because the Mayor and her cohorts don’t want to hear what you feel on those issues. Well we want to know how you feel on one of those questions:

I was not able to attend due to my commitment to the Communities United Meeting that was the same night in Redlands but thanks to You Tube and Mr. Felton at Rialto Network we were able to see the results here:

Thanks to Mike Story you too can make your voice be heard in this online survey and answer the same questions that the people who attended to meeting did her:

Now to the nights results:

RCF Results 1

Notice how none of the regular city people even gave them all excellant. Ask people this same question now that they see travel spending out of control, taxes being wasted and corruption poking its ugly head once again.

RCF Results 2

Here nobody gave the quality of life here in Rialto an excellent this is beyond sad because when I was a kid Rialto was a great place to be and live.

RCF Results 3

Yes shopping and eating are the greatest priorities to Quality of Life here in Rialto. So what does Rialto do they shove all the eateries into one small spot creating a traffic nightmare and further frustrate Rialto residents you see our City Council isn’t happy if you’re not upset.

RCF Results 4

This result worries me because with more warehouses comes more truck traffic and trucks don’t follow the rules of the road and they do major damage to our streets that will create another fee (TAX) and punish us because they refuse to allocate the proper funds to fix our roads.

You can’t read it but sit down restaurants once again led in the voting and I guess that is fine. You can only have so many restaurants before you need other business options to feed those businesses. I don’t know about you but I will shop at Target before I ever step foot in a Walmart or even a Super Walmart. With rude shaggy staff, dirty shelves and story after story of the crime a walmart brings due to their lazy policies on Loss Prevention. Oh and don’t forget even though San Bernardino leads the IE in deadly crime and gang activity they are getting a Golden Coral Restaurant later this year. Yes a restaurant that would do well in Rialto goes to San Bernardino.

RCF Results 6 Until the city figures out how to create a sales tax base for warehouses in Rialto I agree with None of The Above. The city wants to tax the residents to death because they see us as easy marks.

RCF Results 7

Rialto is easier to work with than most other cities and recent business owners to open up shop in Rialto attest to this fact. I’m sure after the recent elected officials settle in they will change that overnight.

RCF Results 8Yes we think you should enforce property maintenance this is a silly questions. I love how someone doesn’t want to do their job they pass it off on the community to see if they need to enforce the rules or laws.

RCF Results 9I would like to know what the city thinks Active Adult Community Housing is? Here is what google says it is:

Active adult communities are real estate developments that offer independent, relatively maintenance-free living to residents aged 55 and over. In “age restricted” active adult communities, 80% of homeowners must be 55 and over, while “age-targeted” communities simply market to the 55+ crowd. Many of the residents continue to work part or full time, which is why the term “active adult retirement communities” is less accurate. The residents are not opposed to children (or grandchildren!) either. Rather, the 55+ component simply assumes that people at the same stage of life probably share a few leisure-time interests and pursuits.

Not surprising that the largely elderly group voting would vote this way.

RCF Results 10Wow you mean Rialto streets need to be worked on? Well of course they do but it seems like with the balance of power shifting to the side of corruption, money shifting and lavish traveling at the cities expense. Its so bad Councilman O’Connell had to eat his words when citizens told the council that the Trash Tax would not be an addition to current money spent on roads but a way to shift road money into pet projects to pay off favors to special interests.

RCF Results 11Once again Street Maintenance wins out but good luck getting this council to do good things that will improve our lives here in Rialto.

RCF Results 12

If the 22 people want more free community events they need to bring their friends with with them our market nights had very low turnout numbers and our city refuses to work with anyone else to help make the Market Nights more appealing. Some of the community events are awesome and some are lame the lame ones tend to be the ones where outside help is not excepted at all.

RCF Results 13

Here is Joe Baca Jr. go to place he is Mr. Parks and he was MIA. The rails to trails is underway and costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars more than originally planned.

RCF Results 14

I would agree ask me about dispatch and thats a whole different story.

RCF Results 15

NO I don’t feel safe in Rialto. We are holding onto a low crime rate by holding back a flood with a bed sheet. We need to bolster our staffing within the police department, get our bars under control and finally get serious about the issues of San Bernardino crime rolling into our city.

RCF Results 16

Yes our police department is in a much better place with Chief Tony Farrar at the helm. He is an approachable person, a good leader and a great cop. One of the things I like most about Chief Farrar is that he doesn’t seem like he is on a fast track to a cushy political career like others that have recently left Rialto Police Department he is busy making our police department the best it can be with the resources he is given. Even as a big PD Supporter there are times I don’t see eye to eye with the police but the command staff isn’t against sitting down and hashing it out and talking about issues. In the end sometimes we have to agree to disagree but the respect remains because they took the time to hear you out.

RCF Results 17

I would agree with the 22 people that voted on this question. My question is why do we compare ourselves to other cities when it comes to safety or a justification to raise illegal taxes on the people of Rialto? Yet when you ask them to do a simple thing like figure out how to create a sales tax base opportunity from the numerous warehouses that are being forced on the community they throw thier hands up and claim they are trying their best? Well I’m sorry your best isn’t good enough anymore. If San Bernardino can get their warehouses to pay a separate tax to the city why can’t Rialto?

RCF Results 18

I believe our fire services are great. We use our own ambulances in most cases, fire fighters are kind men and women and Chief Mat Fratus is constantly working to make  Rialto Fire an innovative part of Rialto.

RCF Results 19

I do believe one thing we need is a FREE class that teaches Basic CPR & First Aide because many people have no idea what to do when a friend or family member falls ill or is the victim of an emergency.

RCF Results 20

The Fireworks Enforcement in Rialto is horrible. The people we have working the Fireworks hotline could not hear or understand the callers, hung up on the callers and did not give the community confidence that our concerns were getting through. Then you have Rialto PD Dispatchers that kept pushing you off onto the deaf fireworks hotline operators it was a major fail. We owe it to our community and veterans to work much harder to:

  1. Eliminate the use of illegal fireworks in the city by hitting our gang areas early and then looking at places where over the years there has been a constant flow of calls for service on a house or specific street. My street is a WAR ZONE every year with illegal fires, illegal fireworks and excessive drinking and drug use. Needless to say its not a family environment on my street the first week in July.
  2. Create a major community event like Redlands does where the entire day is dedicated to family and community with a parade and fun zone ending with a massive fireworks show. We have massive stadiums at our High Schools and we can put together a quality event that people want to attend.

The Mayor made a statement that she is fine with taking the input of 22 people most of them city employees over looking for ways to get more input from more people. I can tell you why the numbers were so low:

  1. No sense of urgency among the elected officials to get their camps excited about spreading the word about this forum. When the council wants something from you like funds for their campaign or your vote you can’t get them out of your face.
  2. The Mayor and her council members don’t want to hear what you have to say unless its agreeing with them. If you disagree with them in any fashion they bark at you, make fun of you or try and shut you up.
  3. It sucks but if you want people to show up you need to entice them with food and have their children involved in the event. They could have the recreation staff have a series of group activities for kids so parents could go and if we have some of our awesome young leaders involved in the process we could begin to expose them to the process and hear what they think Rialto needs.

To end it all you have Mr. Scott slamming Fontana saying that “they (Fontana) doesn’t care” he says this at 2:02 towards the end of the meeting well maybe they are not working with us because of comments like that Mr. Scott.

We need to get involved and show the Council that Rialto cares because if we don’t we will be on the fast track to being just like San Bernardino.


Major Brain Freeze Opens Up In Loma Linda

Major brain freeze FI

As we prepare for the opening of the Rialto Major Brain Freeze we wanted to let you know you can check them out before they land in Rialto in about two months according to the owners.

Major brain freeze is celebrating another store opening in Loma Linda on February 13th 10am to 10pm

Loma Linda Major Brain Freeze Yogurt, GRAND OPENING, tomorrow, Friday the 13th! Yaee! Ribbon Cutting at 10am and fun give always all day long till we close at 10pm. Come celebrate our beautiful new location. We cant thank you enough for all the love and support. On the corner of Mt View and Barton Road.

Officer Mastaler Family Needs Your Support


Reports from ABC 7 News are reporting that a son of a Rialto Police K9 officer was attacked by his dog in his home. Reports from the ABC 7 News report that the officer had just let the dog out of his kennel and shut the backyard slider and went upstairs. After that his son went into the backyard looking for his mom when the dog attacked him. Neighbors and Officer Mastaler removed the dog from the boy but not before doing enough damage to cause doctors to amputate his foot at the ankle according to ABC 7 News. Read the ABC 7 story here

We found the officers name through a Go Fund Me account set up for the boy shared by fellow officers. We urge everyone to give to this account if even $5 its money this boy will need for a long road ahead of him. Here is the link to the account

We recently saw these powerful dogs in action and knowing the officer very well I feel sorry for everyone involved.

Rialto PD K9 Demos(2):

We would like to say Thank You

When I first started this blog I didn’t have a real clear idea where it would go or how big it would get. We started this site because of the massive gap that the local and regional media left when covering rialto. This site has morphed into a growing powerhouse of information and dialogue. We have had some awesome support from some awesome people and what is funny is most of the support has come from outside the city of Rialto. Below is a list of some of the supporters that agreed to be listed:

  • Lisa Sparks Watson – Realtor at Nations Realty in Rancho Cucamonga find her at
  • Rejuvenate Chiropractic – Dr.Kirk and his team offer our fans a $49 special $300 value just go to
  • Covered California – If you don’t have insurance don’t miss out open enrollment ends on 2-15-15

We have a large number of silent supporters they know who they are and read and follow the blog regularly so thank you to the SILENT PARTNERS.

Here is a fun fact did you know that Rialto Now has had 3 offers to buy this site? Yet we didn’t sell for these reasons:

  • Each buyer wanted to buy complete control of content but not tell the readers who was behind the content. Meaning they wanted you to believe I agreed with their thoughts on any given topic.
  • Loss of the ability to be straight forward and honest with the community.
  • Evil desires would have won out.

We now can embed video in our posts so get ready to not have to read everything and get to see people recorded reactions to any given situation. Here is a video of my friend Chris Seals who wrote a song back when we had an actor running for Governor.


Rialto City Council Meeting Tonight

jersey mikes logoTonight is yet another page in the soap opera called the return of the unwanted. Every time our Mayor goes to make a decision one particular councilperson steps in and seems to twist the Mayors arm. We also now know that we have a councilmember that is trying to be the GATE KEEPER for development. It also looks like we are wasting more money to send people to far away places with no real payoff to the city. Here is a breakdown of what is on tap that stood out to me.

  • D.4 – Were going to send Councilman Ed Scott to Washington DC for a cost of over $2,900 for league of cities training? Mr. Scott has been on council before he knows how things work and this is just a waste of money and Mr. Scott using city money to travel nothing more.
  • D.6 – Daley systems wants to offer website marketing to the city for $45,000 for a year. Now as someone who knows digital marketing this is a lot of money for that they are offering to do.

Payment and Term

– $5,000 per month ($3K for weekly archival back up, maintenance and hosting, $2K for content

editing and marketing/ image revises and updates)

– $30,000 (6-month term); hosting for a 12-month at discounted rate

  • I’m confused the Consent Calendar item says not to exceed $45,000 but if the contract is for 6 months or 12 the price exceeds the contract.
  • D.7 – I always wondered what June Hayes got out of being a Utilities Commission Vice-Chair? I thought that she liked the attention or maybe it helped her find a job. I never knew the City paid for her to travel but this item has the city paying $1,802 to travel to Indiana. Wow that money could be used to hold and event, teach our school children about drug and alcohol dangers but to waste it on her travel blows my mind.
  • TAB 2 – This is a PUBLIC HEARING looking for your input on if we should allow Kinder Morgan and other energy providers to place natural gas lines under our streets. What’s funny is Kinder Morgan is fighting the Measure “U” that would infuse millions into the city of Rialto to rebuild our infrastructure. I say we deny this project until they stop fighting what the voters approved.
  • TAB 8 – This is approving the sale agreement between the city of Rialto and Fountainhead Shrugged, LLC which plans to bring a Coffee Bean & Tealeaf to the In & Out development area. Now normally I would be super excited about this type of development but what are they going to do about parking? Wing Stop & Major Brain Freeze haven’t even opened yet and parking and traveling is horrible. Once again our city leaders lack foresight and they don’t seem to care about how difficult if is for you to get to your favorite restaurants. I say the empty pad on the corner of Easton and Riverside Ave be turned into overflow parking. The city is making $942,879.00 on this land sale we shall see how much Fernando Acosta will be paid on this last land sale.
  • TAB 11 – Looks like more money is going into the Pacific Electric Trail and we have yet to hear how they are going to pay to secure this walking path for the residents.