Fate of Rialto Police Dog Is Now Known

I have a relationship with Rialto Police and I just happen to know the officer and his dog pretty well. So when the SB Sun printing the story of the Police Dogs fate the comments on social media made me sick. My wish is that the SB Sun would do everyone a favor and stop using Social Media if they don’t plan to monitor the response their posts get.

According to the story in the SB Sun article written by Greg Cappis:

“Jango, a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois, will be returned to Adlerhorst International Inc. — a police dog training facility in Jurupa Valley — which will look after him for the rest of his life.

Adlerhorst officials signed a memo of understanding, agreeing to care for the dog, according to Rialto police Capt. Andrew Karol.

He said the department purchased Jango from Adlerhorst and wanted to make sure the dog would retire to a comforting and caring home.”

According to the same story Captain Andy Karol stated:

“Mastaler has not been punished and, per procedure, will undergo an administrative investigation, which has not been launched, according to Karol.

Jango’s retirement reduces Rialto’s K-9 force to three dogs.

No decision has been made yet as to whether he will be replaced.

“It’s not really creating a lag for our department but at some point we may determine that we may want to increase that back up to four,” Karol said.”

As you can see from the video above Officer Mastaler has excellent control of the dog as displayed at the Rialto Family Festival in 2014 (See video above).



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