Rialto City Council Addresses Cuba & A $500,000 Giveaway


March 24th at 6pm Rialto City Council will address many issues on the nights agenda. The public will be given an opportunity to see five presentations, three more approvals for more training, discussion on Fireworks and a $500,000 giveaway. If you only attend a few Council Meetings this one will be one you don’t want to miss here is what we see are the highlights:

Presentations & Proclamations:

Out of the five items under this heading we see three that stand out.

  • Rialto resident Don Griggs as Assembly Member Brown’s 2015 Unsung Hero.
  • Cuba Sister City Presentation
  • Introduction of new Rialto Police Officers

There are a lot of questions over the Mayor and Councilmember Scott pushing Rialto into a position that should be left up to our Federal Government. Also it will be nice to meet the three new police officer that Rialto recently graduated from the academy.

Consent Calendar & Miscellaneous:

The Consent Calendar is the place where large amounts of money is spent, more and more people are being sent to travel all over the country on the cities dime and policy can be changes without a serious vote. Items to watch for include:

  • $23,213.95 for purchase of office furniture for Rialto Police Detectives.
  • Travel request for City Clerk Barbara McGee.
  • Travel request to Vegas for two planning commissioners.

The office furniture for the Rialto Police Detectives what is a problem is $67,935 is being spent from within the Miscellaneous portion of the agenda. Many times this portion is quickly approved with little oversight so unless someone catches an item that is not in line with the communities needs. The travel on the other hand is getting out of control once again. Two years ago a special audit was done to find that Rialto officials were abusing travel in regards to public funds. The two years following travel has been at a minimum and under control. Now that Ed Scott is back on council it seems every single agenda has travel requests inside. We can’t afford to fix our own water system without jacking up water rates or fix our roads but we can spend thousands to send elected officials all over the country.

Tab Items:

This is a longer meeting agenda with 12 tab items this meeting won’t be short by any means. This agenda includes a discussion of Fireworks Enforcement in the city of Rialto, a $500,00 one time giveaway, road contracts and a contract to develop an affordable housing project.

Fireworks in Rialto are out of control and for some reason the city claims to be doing more but the community never sees any results. Last year there was talk of more money and resources that were utilized to reduce illegal Firework use. Even though the police and fire departments held their heads high our community suffered. Veterans suffer from serious reactions to the popular 4th of July activity as seen here in this news story.

The addition of Safe And Sane fireworks was to replace the aerial Fireworks that can be so dangerous. So when people decide to stay home from the major aerial displays they should not have to be bombarded with fireworks falling on their heads and military grade explosives shaking their homes. Many of the people who complain year after year have the same people breaking the fireworks law each year yet police seem to not be able to get them in line. Last year the community was further insulted by the addition of a special hotline where senior citizens that could not hear you or understand you feilding calls. Police dispatch would transfer you or just hang up!!!!! The main reason they give for not being able to shut them down is we can’t prove that they have illegal fireworks because they put them away when we arrive. So how are they going to cite property owners for what they claim they can’t see?

  • One time $500,000 give back.

For those employees that gave and sacrificed during the tough years of Rialto recovering from the housing recession the city is going to show them that their efforts did not fall on blind eyes well almost all employees. FULL TIME employees that are not currently on probation will receive a one time bonus.

Rialto City currently has 134 part time employees & 268 full time employees that are eligible for this one time bonus of 1,838.62.  If employees have been with the city for less than 1 year as a full time employee ( which means you are on probation), they would not be eligible for the bonus.

This comes from six departments (excluding the City Administrator, City Attorney, City Treasurer and City Clerk.  They are Police, Fire, Development Services, Administrative and Community Services, Management Services & Public Works. City Council, City Treasurer, City Clerk, City Attorney, City Administrator and department heads will not be receiving  the bonus.

Why are the Part Time employees being overlooked? We reached out to Councilman Shawn O’connell and asked this very question. His response was that the original reason to give this to full time employees is they took pay cuts, paid more towards retirement & paid more for their benefits to help the city in a hard time. What people who have not worked in todays part time environment is we have part time staff doing the work of a full time staffer. When full time staff get squeezed full time staff dumps more work on an already underpaid, under compensated part time staff member. Also Rialto part time staff are at the lowest end of the pay scale. Rialto part time staff make minimum wage and climb up a small payscale ladder very, very slowly. Many of the people we depend on the most daily are part time staff from recreation, child services and senior center staff are part time but we count on them to provide us with top notch professional service.

  • Road Contracts

There are two different road contracts on the agenda tonight. What makes this stand out is Monday their was a information meeting for a road contract and it appears nobody was notified until after it was already started. Proving once again Rialto is behind in notifying the community.

  •  New affordable housing projects

TAB Seven is a request to give some select companies access and ability to build a new low income project in the city of Rialto. Watch tonight as certain people are connected to these companies that may not be illegal but they look really bad and raise some serious questions.

These are the items that stand out to us here at Rialto Now but this is in no way a complete list of the entire agenda. We encourage everyone to go to http://www.rialtoca.gov and look at the entire agenda for themselves.


How To Deal With Storage Costs


“The jury is still out for Inland law enforcement agencies embracing body-mounted officer video cameras on a related issue surfacing across the country: the cost of storing data from the cameras.”

Rialto, is more heavily invested. At community events in early 2015 Rialto Police Command staff were touting the camera program and the storage program saved the city money because it reduced the need to have a officer take files back and forth. Rialto Police and the DA are on the same system meaning the DA’s office has more immediate access to officer recorded footage according to commanf staff at a Coffee With The Chief event.

Rialto does have the newly aquired measure “U”  revenues that the tank farms have not yet paid. They also now have a functional budget and have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by removing City Attorney Jimmy Gutierrez and replacing him with Fred Galante early in 2014.

“That city’s police force was one of the first in the country to embrace body cameras in 2011. All 103 of its sworn officers now wear the cameras under terms of a contract due to expire in the next year.”

“That contract provides just under 3 terabytes (a terabyte is the equivalent of 1,000 gigabytes) of data storage by TASER International, the company made famous by selling stun guns used by police as nonlethal weapons.”

“When the contract expires, Rialto police Sgt. Josh Lindsay said, the city will have to decide how much data it wants to store under a different pricing system: a more expensive system that provides immediate cloud access and a cheaper cold storage system that would require about 24 hours’ notice to access data.”

“The cost of the cold storage system would be “pennies on the dollar” compared with immediate access, Lindsay said.”

“TASER spokesman Steve Tuttle said the 1,200 departments nationwide that contract with his company pay $15 to $95 per officer per month for storage.”

“He said he was not aware of the split pricing structure mentioned by Lindsay.”

“Demand for the devices is booming after the controversy in Ferguson and would accelerate further if Congress adopts President Barack Obama’s request for $75 million to help communities buy 50,000 more body cameras.”

“Already, cities are wrestling with whether they can afford to equip all their officers and how often the cameras should be turned off to reduce the video recorded.”

“With an average officer uploading several videos per shift, it doesn’t take long for data — and the associated expense – to add up.”

Portions in ” ” were taken from the Press Enterprise article http://m.pe.com/articles/cameras-762583-data-storage.html

Dairy Queen In Rialto Gives Away Free Ice Cream #conewithme

Free Cone Day

Dairy Queen’s all over the country are giving you a FREE cone in hopes you would show some generosity and make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network. Below is a little bit about the Children’s Miracle Network.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is an international non-profit organization that raises funds for children’s hospitals, medical research and community awareness of children’s health issues.

Your support helps provide 32 million patient visits for 10 million kids every year.

One in 10 kids in North America is treated by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals each year.

Every day, member hospitals treat 16,000 children in emergency rooms.

Every hour, member hospitals provide surgery for 97 children.

U.S. members hospitals provided $3.4 billion in charity care in 2012.

Below is where you can find this event in Rialto:

Rialto – 222 S Riverside Ave Rialto, CA (909) 875-0540

Tag us in your Free Ice Cream Selfies using #rialtonowcovers on your favorite social media platform.

Coffee With The Chief Rialto

Coffee chief 2015 image

Tomorrow March 10th from 8:00am to 9:00pm come out and join us for coffee with Rialto’s Top Cop.

Rialto City Council Meeting March 10th


Well tomorrow is another regular meeting for the Rialto City Council. Below we are highlighting some areas of interest and potential items to keep a look out for.


Presentation-Update on Rialto Jazz Festival-George N. Harris II

Director of Administrative and Community Services

I am not against raising money for our youth and our music programs. I regularly support our youth, their programs and fundraisers what I am against is the following:

  • The Special Events Committee isn’t playing fair with all parties in the city of Rialto. To allow the Mayor, Administration Director and other powerful leaders shut down a public park for a private event. Other people in Rialto have been told no by this committee so why doesn’t everyone have to play by the same rules?
  • Raising money for youth and making Alcohol the back bone of the efforts. Don’t we have enough places for alcohol to flow freely? Why must we bring 3 thousand people to get drunk then drive away to get into an accident? What message is this sending to our youth?
  • Not city sponsored says city staff but city resources are being used and will be used that day. I’m sorry but its hard to see the separation between the city and the event.

Presentation-Fire Success Story: Saving Starbucks-Mat Fratus

Fire Chief

Introduction of new Public Works Director/City Engineer:

Robert Eisenbeisz- Mike Story, City Administrator


D.1 15-120 Request City Council to Set a Public Hearing for March 24, 2015, to

Consider Adopting an Ordinance Amending Chapter 5.20 of the Rialto

Municipal Code Imposing Strict Liability on Property Owners or Persons

in Control of Property who Violate Fireworks Possession or Discharge


Its wonderful that they created a harsher fireworks penalty but who is going to enforce it? Our public safety agencies have not shown people here in the city that they can make a sizeable dent in the situation. I’m sorry but telling us about all the raids they did doesn’t compute on July 4th when our city is lit up like a war zone. I think the bad guys want them to find those stashes so that the public safety agencies can declare a victory and the bad guys can still profit from illegal fun.


TAB2 15-131 Request City Council to Continue the Public Hearing to March 24, 2015

to Consider: (1) Adoption of Resolution No. 6692 Approving a Mitigated

Negative Declaration (Environmental Assessment No. 12-23); (2)

Approving Conditional Development Permit Nos. 712 and 720 for West

Colton Rail Terminal, LLC (WCRT) and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners,

L.P. (KMEP); and (3) introduce Ordinance No. 1557 “An Ordinance of

the City Council of the City Of Rialto, California, Granting to West Colton

Rail Terminal LLC, the Nonexclusive Right, Privilege, Authority, and

Franchise to Lay and Use Pipelines and Appurtenances for Transmitting

and Distributing Ethanol for any and all Lawful Purposes under and

along the Public Streets, Ways, Alleys and Places, as the Same Now or

May Hereafter Exist, within Said City”.

This is an issue from the February 9th meeting where nobody knew who owned the existing line or if it was still any good. Also the issue of the tank farm storage fee was also a cause for concern lets see what 60 days has done for the situation.

TAB4 15-136 Request City Council to Adopt Resolution No. 6704 to Budget

Anticipated Land Sales Proceeds in the amount of $14,510,568 from the

Sale of Airport Property and to Budget Contracted Distributions in the

amount of $4,153,664 for Fiscal Year 2014/15.

  • Medline & Niagara Proceeds 610-400-7150-7711 $14,510,568

    LHR Note 610-500-7150-2011 ($ 2,561,115)

    SBIAA 610-500-7150-2011 ($ 1,592,549)

    City of Rialto 610-500-7150-5010 ($10,356,904)

    City of Rialto 010-400-0001-9610 $ 10,356,904

Why are we taking 4,153,664 from these two land sales and putting it into a budget that is almost over? Were waiting for an answer from the city.

These are the items that stand out to us here at Rialto Now but this is in no way a complete list of the entire agenda. We encourage everyone to go to http://www.rialtoca.gov and look at the entire agenda for themselves.