Rialto City Council Meeting March 10th


Well tomorrow is another regular meeting for the Rialto City Council. Below we are highlighting some areas of interest and potential items to keep a look out for.


Presentation-Update on Rialto Jazz Festival-George N. Harris II

Director of Administrative and Community Services

I am not against raising money for our youth and our music programs. I regularly support our youth, their programs and fundraisers what I am against is the following:

  • The Special Events Committee isn’t playing fair with all parties in the city of Rialto. To allow the Mayor, Administration Director and other powerful leaders shut down a public park for a private event. Other people in Rialto have been told no by this committee so why doesn’t everyone have to play by the same rules?
  • Raising money for youth and making Alcohol the back bone of the efforts. Don’t we have enough places for alcohol to flow freely? Why must we bring 3 thousand people to get drunk then drive away to get into an accident? What message is this sending to our youth?
  • Not city sponsored says city staff but city resources are being used and will be used that day. I’m sorry but its hard to see the separation between the city and the event.

Presentation-Fire Success Story: Saving Starbucks-Mat Fratus

Fire Chief

Introduction of new Public Works Director/City Engineer:

Robert Eisenbeisz- Mike Story, City Administrator


D.1 15-120 Request City Council to Set a Public Hearing for March 24, 2015, to

Consider Adopting an Ordinance Amending Chapter 5.20 of the Rialto

Municipal Code Imposing Strict Liability on Property Owners or Persons

in Control of Property who Violate Fireworks Possession or Discharge


Its wonderful that they created a harsher fireworks penalty but who is going to enforce it? Our public safety agencies have not shown people here in the city that they can make a sizeable dent in the situation. I’m sorry but telling us about all the raids they did doesn’t compute on July 4th when our city is lit up like a war zone. I think the bad guys want them to find those stashes so that the public safety agencies can declare a victory and the bad guys can still profit from illegal fun.


TAB2 15-131 Request City Council to Continue the Public Hearing to March 24, 2015

to Consider: (1) Adoption of Resolution No. 6692 Approving a Mitigated

Negative Declaration (Environmental Assessment No. 12-23); (2)

Approving Conditional Development Permit Nos. 712 and 720 for West

Colton Rail Terminal, LLC (WCRT) and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners,

L.P. (KMEP); and (3) introduce Ordinance No. 1557 “An Ordinance of

the City Council of the City Of Rialto, California, Granting to West Colton

Rail Terminal LLC, the Nonexclusive Right, Privilege, Authority, and

Franchise to Lay and Use Pipelines and Appurtenances for Transmitting

and Distributing Ethanol for any and all Lawful Purposes under and

along the Public Streets, Ways, Alleys and Places, as the Same Now or

May Hereafter Exist, within Said City”.

This is an issue from the February 9th meeting where nobody knew who owned the existing line or if it was still any good. Also the issue of the tank farm storage fee was also a cause for concern lets see what 60 days has done for the situation.

TAB4 15-136 Request City Council to Adopt Resolution No. 6704 to Budget

Anticipated Land Sales Proceeds in the amount of $14,510,568 from the

Sale of Airport Property and to Budget Contracted Distributions in the

amount of $4,153,664 for Fiscal Year 2014/15.

  • Medline & Niagara Proceeds 610-400-7150-7711 $14,510,568

    LHR Note 610-500-7150-2011 ($ 2,561,115)

    SBIAA 610-500-7150-2011 ($ 1,592,549)

    City of Rialto 610-500-7150-5010 ($10,356,904)

    City of Rialto 010-400-0001-9610 $ 10,356,904

Why are we taking 4,153,664 from these two land sales and putting it into a budget that is almost over? Were waiting for an answer from the city.

These are the items that stand out to us here at Rialto Now but this is in no way a complete list of the entire agenda. We encourage everyone to go to http://www.rialtoca.gov and look at the entire agenda for themselves.



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