We would like to say Thank You

When I first started this blog I didn’t have a real clear idea where it would go or how big it would get. We started this site because of the massive gap that the local and regional media left when covering rialto. This site has morphed into a growing powerhouse of information and dialogue. We have had some awesome support from some awesome people and what is funny is most of the support has come from outside the city of Rialto. Below is a list of some of the supporters that agreed to be listed:

  • Lisa Sparks Watson – Realtor at Nations Realty in Rancho Cucamonga find her at http://www.realtorwatson.com/
  • Rejuvenate Chiropractic – Dr.Kirk and his team offer our fans a $49 special $300 value just go to http://www.drkirkpromo.com/
  • Covered California – If you don’t have insurance don’t miss out open enrollment ends on 2-15-15

We have a large number of silent supporters they know who they are and read and follow the blog regularly so thank you to the SILENT PARTNERS.

Here is a fun fact did you know that Rialto Now has had 3 offers to buy this site? Yet we didn’t sell for these reasons:

  • Each buyer wanted to buy complete control of content but not tell the readers who was behind the content. Meaning they wanted you to believe I agreed with their thoughts on any given topic.
  • Loss of the ability to be straight forward and honest with the community.
  • Evil desires would have won out.

We now can embed video in our posts so get ready to not have to read everything and get to see people recorded reactions to any given situation. Here is a video of my friend Chris Seals who wrote a song back when we had an actor running for Governor.


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