Rialto City Council Meeting Tonight

jersey mikes logoTonight is yet another page in the soap opera called the return of the unwanted. Every time our Mayor goes to make a decision one particular councilperson steps in and seems to twist the Mayors arm. We also now know that we have a councilmember that is trying to be the GATE KEEPER for development. It also looks like we are wasting more money to send people to far away places with no real payoff to the city. Here is a breakdown of what is on tap that stood out to me.

  • D.4 – Were going to send Councilman Ed Scott to Washington DC for a cost of over $2,900 for league of cities training? Mr. Scott has been on council before he knows how things work and this is just a waste of money and Mr. Scott using city money to travel nothing more.
  • D.6 – Daley systems wants to offer website marketing to the city for $45,000 for a year. Now as someone who knows digital marketing this is a lot of money for that they are offering to do.

Payment and Term

– $5,000 per month ($3K for weekly archival back up, maintenance and hosting, $2K for content

editing and marketing/ image revises and updates)

– $30,000 (6-month term); hosting for a 12-month at discounted rate

  • I’m confused the Consent Calendar item says not to exceed $45,000 but if the contract is for 6 months or 12 the price exceeds the contract.
  • D.7 – I always wondered what June Hayes got out of being a Utilities Commission Vice-Chair? I thought that she liked the attention or maybe it helped her find a job. I never knew the City paid for her to travel but this item has the city paying $1,802 to travel to Indiana. Wow that money could be used to hold and event, teach our school children about drug and alcohol dangers but to waste it on her travel blows my mind.
  • TAB 2 – This is a PUBLIC HEARING looking for your input on if we should allow Kinder Morgan and other energy providers to place natural gas lines under our streets. What’s funny is Kinder Morgan is fighting the Measure “U” that would infuse millions into the city of Rialto to rebuild our infrastructure. I say we deny this project until they stop fighting what the voters approved.
  • TAB 8 – This is approving the sale agreement between the city of Rialto and Fountainhead Shrugged, LLC which plans to bring a Coffee Bean & Tealeaf to the In & Out development area. Now normally I would be super excited about this type of development but what are they going to do about parking? Wing Stop & Major Brain Freeze haven’t even opened yet and parking and traveling is horrible. Once again our city leaders lack foresight and they don’t seem to care about how difficult if is for you to get to your favorite restaurants. I say the empty pad on the corner of Easton and Riverside Ave be turned into overflow parking. The city is making $942,879.00 on this land sale we shall see how much Fernando Acosta will be paid on this last land sale.
  • TAB 11 – Looks like more money is going into the Pacific Electric Trail and we have yet to hear how they are going to pay to secure this walking path for the residents.

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