Officer Mastaler Family Needs Your Support


Reports from ABC 7 News are reporting that a son of a Rialto Police K9 officer was attacked by his dog in his home. Reports from the ABC 7 News report that the officer had just let the dog out of his kennel and shut the backyard slider and went upstairs. After that his son went into the backyard looking for his mom when the dog attacked him. Neighbors and Officer Mastaler removed the dog from the boy but not before doing enough damage to cause doctors to amputate his foot at the ankle according to ABC 7 News. Read the ABC 7 story here

We found the officers name through a Go Fund Me account set up for the boy shared by fellow officers. We urge everyone to give to this account if even $5 its money this boy will need for a long road ahead of him. Here is the link to the account

We recently saw these powerful dogs in action and knowing the officer very well I feel sorry for everyone involved.

Rialto PD K9 Demos(2):

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