Robert Eizenbiez Sounds Off On Rialto Water Restrictions

Rialto Water Con

In a phone conversation with Robert Eizenbiez the Public Works Director of the City of Rialto we learned a lot about the goals and intentions of the new water restrictions.

Rialto Now – How will water users know they are in violation of the new restrictions?

Eizenbiez – Once we get through the water education portion of the new regulations everyone will know and then thats when the enforcement method kicks in.

Rialto Now – Will the consumers water bill be used as a sole source of determining a violation?

Eizenbiez РA consumers bill will be a good determination of a consumers use and whether they are adhering to the water  conservation efforts or not.

Rialto Now – Will you need proof to start fining people?

Eizenbiez – Yes we will need proof and we will reach out to the consumer and verify that the information is correct but if you have a green lawn you are in violation of the ordnance.

Rialto Now – Wait so my lawn is 2/3 green does that mean I am 2/3 in violation of the law?

Eizenbiez – Well how can you have a green lawn only watering 2 times a week?

Rialto Now – How much turf is the City of Rialto lossing will we be holding community events on dirt and cactus?

Eizenbiez – We are working to be strategic about the amount of turf we eliminate, were losing some but not all.

Rialto Now – What are your thoughts on the move that the City of Riverside has done to sue over the massive water reduction requirements?

Eizenbiez – It’s interesting but a loosing battle. I feel they will waste money fighting the regulations and then find themselves behind the ball when they need to show their overall reduction. Also when you fight the State and Federal Governments you loose out on access to vital grant funds to entice people to conserve.

Rialto Now – So Rialto would never try such an effort to show solidarity with struggling rate payers because it would make obtaining grants more difficult?

Eizenbiez – I wish Riverside luck but its not a great case to jump on.

Rialto Now – Who will be policing this new ordnance?

Eizenbiez – We will be counting on residents to let us know when they see people around the city breaking the new rules. We also will be working with volunteers to do audits.

Rialto Now – In the presentation Tuesday the message to TARGET the Schools and Local Businesses was key to Rialto’s Success would you care to elaborate?

Eizenbiez – These are the largest water users and have the ability to change or pay the fines.

Needless to say it looks like a rocky road ahead. Questions that have not been answered are:

* What happens if my family has grown since 2013 the year that your using to determine if I am reducing my water consumption?

* People who live here in Rialto yet don’t plug in with city hall or attend city functions how are they being educated in the new water rules?

* What about the families who have young kids? We tell kids to get outside and now were telling families to kill their lawns? How does that make sense?

* Who will enforce these restrictions? Officials at Rialto PD have already stated that there is no staffing for Code Enforcement or Police to enforce these new restrictions?

* Less than a year ago the Green Lawn Police were out in force, make Rialto a greener place to be. Even Mayor Robertson was documenting all the wonderful green lawns in Rialto. Now you want people to let their hard work and $$$$$$$ die!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday June 23rd is the public hearing for these new water restrictions the community must come out and voice their opposition to these new restrictions and demand better accountability.

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