Rialto Community Forum


The Mayor and City Council are inviting community members to attend this special forum regarding what Rialto is doing about the Water Conservation issue. Speakers from water agencies that are touched by Rialto will be in attendance to help residents understand what we are doing and why we need to conserve. This forum takes place Thursday, July 30 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Rialto City Hall Council Chambers, 150 South Palm Ave, Rialto, CA. For additional information, please contact the Administration Office at  (909) 421-4991.

Should Election Candidates Be Responsible For Election Trash

One of the biggest problems with candidates with more money than they know what to do with is the pay people to place thousands of signs all over the city. The Baca family has prescribed to the election technique of the person with the most signs wins not the quality of work you do for the community. The problem with this is when you ask them why their signs are placed on private property without permission, attached to leasing signs or left up after the election to litter our city streets they say I didn’t put up the signs so I am not responsible.

Well I’m not sure about you guys but as we approach a presidential election year where here locally we will also be electing a Mayor, Two Council Members, City Clerk and other more regional elections the time is now to say candidates need to be more mindful about the placement of their signs and making sure they are removed in a timely fashion.


Third Birthday, Meetings and Other Fun Stuff In Rialto

This Week RN FI


Rialto Farmers Market





Farmer’s Market — 3rd Birthday

Please join us July 22 to celebrate the 3rd Birthday of the Rialto Certified Farmer’s Market. Healthy Rialto giveaways will be provided to the first 20 people. The Rialto Certified Farmer’s Market takes place every Wednesday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm located at 150 So. Palm Ave. EBT and WIC are accepted. For more information, please contact the Rialto City Clerk’s Office at (909) 820-2519 or cityclerk@rialtoca.gov.

Economic Development Committee Meeting

We must monitor this Committee, you think that your city council collectively makes decisions. No committees like this one and others make decisions then put together staff reports that help their special interests and city council blindly makes a motion, a second then passes staff reports that they don’t know anything about or don’t understand.

Also watch Public Works Director Robert Eizenbiez give a private Toll Lanes presentation to a select few skipping the people who pay his salary the PEOPLE.

On the Coffee Bean potential site in the In & Out shopping center there is a lot going on there. First there is the option to allow Coffee Bean build a coffee shop in the last remaining pad there, In & Out has offered to purchase the pad to build a In & Out Exclusive parking lot. Remember this Committee is made up of people who benifit from the most lucrative deal not the best deal for the city. Councilman Ed Scott has a financial relationship with the person brokering these deals, Mayor Robertson who is on this committee has close ties to Ed Scott now and will be running for Mayor next year.

Also the city is still using the old tired line of off peak use who has been to Starbucks is there ever a time the parking lot and drive thru isn’t busy? How about the Coffee Bean in North Fontana or Victoria Gardens do they have a down time? How about instead of allowing McDonald’s to build a fifth fast food restaurant on the corner of Cedar & Foothill why not put the Coffee Bean there? Because the people running this city lack vision.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

City Council Chambers – 150 S. Palm Avenue

I. Call to Order / Roll Call / Review of Agenda Items 1:00 PM

II. Review/ Approval of Minutes – June 17, 2015

III. Review / Modification of Agenda Items for Discussion

IV. Reports/Discussion Items

1. KORE Infrastructure (Robb Steel)



2. Consideration of Participating in Delinquent Property Tax Program and Amendments to Fiscal Agent Agreements (George Harris II)

3. Purchase of CRW TRAKiT – Land Management System (John Dutrey)

4. Proposal to Increase to Optional Method to Calculate Business License Fees for Distribution Centers (Greg Lantz)

5. Amendment to the Coffee Bean PSA (Greg Lantz)

6. Appointment of Ad-Hoc Committee to Negotiate Changes to the Contracts of Sale and Terms of a Development Agreement for Renaissance Rialto Project (Robb Steel)

V. Updates

1. Successor Agency/Oversight Board Updates (John Dutrey)

2. SANBAG Update (Robert Eisenbeisz)

VI. Upcoming Meetings / Other Discussion Items

VII. Adjournment

The Healthy Rialto program is looking for your input to make sure that the program represents the community here in Rialto. Join the team from Inland Empire Youth 4 Today, Inland Valley Drug Free Coalition, the Tobacco Control Program and many many more

healthy rialto logo



Healthy Rialto Collaborative Meeting

The next Healthy Rialto Collaborative Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 23, at 6:00 pm, at the Rialto City Clerk’s Office, 290 W. Rialto. During this meeting, we will be discussing key components of building a healthy community. Your feedback and participation is greatly appreciated. For more information, please contact Kiara Brown in the City Clerk’s Office at (909) 820-2519 or kibrown@rialtoca.gov.

What Does Assembly Member Brown Have To Hide?

cheryl brown rec

Saturday July 11th at 10pm Coffee Nutzz on Foothill Blvd was full to the brim. Were they having an awesome sale? Releasing a new coffee flavor? No they were hosting Assembly Member Cheryl Brown’s Coffee with the Constituents. That’s awesome right? Well it was great for Andy the owner of Coffee Nutzz to open his business for this event what wasn’t so awesome were the shady ground rules Assembly Member Brown laid out for the community.

Here is the video of the shutting down of the media by a staff member:

On July 2nd Congresswoman Norma Torres held a event where people could get to speak with the congresswoman and speak to the congresswoman about issues important to them. We attended this event and it was odd everyone was pushed off into a large room and were taken into the Congresswoman one at a time. As I stood there in the room of people I knew and didn’t know I spoke to two of Cheryl Browns Representatives and asked them if the coffee event on July 11th will be this way and they said no. Well that turned out to not be true………. When I spoke to Congress Woman Torres I explained that I didn’t agree that one on one events like this were always the best course of action. Having an open discussion gives everyone and opportunity to hear and learn from each question and hear the given answer. She agreed that would be a good way to address people but she was holding this type of an event for people that wanted to speak to her about personal issues that were sensitive in nature. We both left the conversation happy and exchanged ideas and wisdom I left the experience with a new found respect for Congress Woman Torres.

So I arrived at Coffee Nutzz and saw a mixture of well known Rialto residents as well as a collection of people I have never met before. Cheryl Brown was working the room saying hello to people in attendance and it looked like the open forum that was promised. So as Cheryl Brown began to address the crowd I began recording the Assembly Members opening remarks to later post here and I got shut down by Daniel Garcia on of the Assembly Members legislative aides. According to this aide there was no recording allowed, so wait how were all the sleeping mothers and people who work nights and weekends supposed to be able to hear the words of the Assembly Member if nobody could make a recording of them? Then what happened next was an additional slap in the face she said she would be pulling people into special side meetings, wait what????????

When I spoke to Assembly Woman Brown I explained that I didn’t agree that one on one events like this were always the best course of action. Having an open discussion gives everyone and opportunity to hear and learn from each question and hear the given answer. Mrs. Brown was very rigged in her position and would not even entertain the option that an open forum would benefit anyone else. Of course it didn’t help that I had issues with Mrs. Browns Local Staff and their lack of ability to help bring resolution to a range of given situations. I decided well into the conversation that my time and Mrs. Brown’s time was being wasted so I posed for a photo that a staff member took and exited stage left.

After to talking to others about the event they too were wondering why it wasn’t a more open forum type of event.


Dedicated City Administrator Gets A Well Deserved Recognition


A large group of city officials, elected officials, community members and family gathered at the Johnson center meeting room to honor Mike Story city of Rialto City Administrator for his recognition of Mr. Story’s dedication to the community of Rialto.

Story after story was told about the Rialto Man of Distinction award recipient and they all spoke to a man of high moral character and a work ethic that never made Mr. Story feel like he was too good to help out his fellow city employee. Mayor Deborah Robertson spoke about Mr. Story and his dedication to making sure that Frisbee Park host site for the Rialto Jazz Fest be kept looking nice. Something very odd happened at this event that you would not normally see. Elected official after elected official gave Mr. Story the credit for bringing Rialto into a functional balanced budget something not all cities can say in todays climate.

As each speaker came to the podium a slide show played in the background showing Mr. Story in his various roles around Rialto. Many of the speakers spoke of Mr. Story wearing many different hats in his employment with Rialto and looking at the pictures he has worn a lot of aprons too!!!!


Mike story speaking to Greta Hodges long time Rialto resident and chair of the Friends of Rialto K9 Association.


Mike Story speaking with City Councilman Shawn O’Connell both men were smiling and having a good conversation. Councilman Shawn O’Connell spoke about Mr. Story’s character and dedication to being ethically balanced. Councilman Shawn O’Connell also spoke to Mr. Story being a person that works to make sure that city government is transparent and fair.


Mr. Story with Councilman Shawn O’Connell and Fire Chief Matt Fratus prior to the event beginning. Rialto Fire Chief Matt Fratus said he is newer to rialto but having worked in other cities under a lot of other city administrators that Mr. Story’s character makes working for the community a lot easier.

So next time your out and about say hello to Mr. Story and tell him how thankful you are that he is working so hard to make Rialto a better place to be.