What happens when the “I Love San Bernardino” radio show leaves San Bernardino residents out of the conversation

So if your not aware you must not of been around the blog this week but there is a radio program on Sundays at 4pm called “I Love San Bernardino” on KCAA AM 1050. Well apparently if you call you will not get through if you live in San Bernardino. On the show on the August 23rd show Host Robert Porter had Congressional candidate for the 31st district Paul Chabot on as his guest. As someone who has worked with Paul & someone Robert Porter asked to come on the show this week I asked if I could Call in. As someone who works in drug prevention I knew Mr. Porter was going to ask Mr. Chabot at least one question in regards to Marijuana. Mr. Porter does this on his show by inviting in a person named Elmo Green Meds who has given himself the label of the “POT AMBASSADOR” for the city of San Bernardino. Well Mr. Porter told me Marijuana would not be one of the questions and that Mr. Chabot did not have time for any callers.

So I informed Mr. Chabot of what I thought was a lie and watched and waited………..

Low and behold Mr. Porter did ask a Marijuana question and he did usher Elmo Green Meds into the studio to talk Marijuana. When I saw this on the online stream I called in and got through. Now I was a little bit behind the conversation because the U Stream Feed was a few minutes behind the radio feed. I was able to call in and call Mr. Porter out for lying about content and the ability to take calls. What I found interesting was many people from the I Love San Bernardino Facebook Group wanted to call in and were not allowed through.

Now I don’t live in San Bernardino and the only reason were writing about this is:

  1. Every time we write a story along these lines the readers flock to the site.
  2. If San Bernardino doesn’t enforce their ordnance their drug problem will become ours.
  3. Even though the people that tried to call in all dislike me I don’t think its right for me to get through but not them.

So as we say on issues like this To Be Continued………


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