Local Ratepayers Call For Leadership On The West Valley Water Board

WVWB needs leadership

If you were not aware a lot of issues have been brewing on the West Valley Water Board. From rate increases to political positioning it looks like the trouble has boiled over into ratepayers actually attending meetings and calling out into the light some issues that appear to be more serious than anyone first thought. Over the last three years there has been a series of regular rate increases that have set off a firestorm of controversy and led certain people to act in ways that now that have people questioning certain board members agendas.

Board Director Linda Gonzalez, Recently Appointed Board Director Rafael Trullio & Vice President Clifford Young are leading the charge that they are the voices of reason and will be the team to lower WVWD ratepayers rates. Current President Betty Gosney said the rates were increased to make sure that WVWD could afford to deliver water to it’s customers.

Fast forward to today and the WVWB has approved the use of PUBLIC funds to investigate current Board Member Alan Dyer on his residency and former WVWD General Manager Butch Ariza on his ability to run for the water district. Clifford Young, Linda Gonzalez and Rafael Truillo are also calling into question where Mr. Ariza’s campaign funds came from. Clifford Young, Linda Gonzalez and Rafael Truillo claim that election funds came from people who currently hold contracts with WVWD. Well if this isn’t ok then someone better tell every other political person because sadly this is all to common take the money out of politics and this won’t be an issue.

There are two sides to every story and were asking for everyone for their statements. On the residents side of things Mr. O’Connell the Author of this flyer (see above) has gone on record See Below:

“I have said numerous times and I will continue to say it, the public doesn’t trust politicians and there are reasons why. You need to earned that back.
Some of the reasons were clearly visible at the West Valley Water District Board meetings that I attended on 10/12/15-noon and 10/15/15. 
The first thing I noticed was a clear lack of effective leadership, poor decision-making and a form of bullying going on.
After exiting from close session, the first thing the board did was fire their attorney by a vote of 3 to 2 (YES – Young, Gonzalez and Trujillo).
Instead of having another attorney available to step in or even closing the Special Meeting until the next regular meeting – 3 days later, the board members continued without any legal help. Normally this shouldn’t be a problem but this board kept stepping into quicksand -potentially violating the Brown act. 
On at least two occasions, myself and another citizen informed the board that they were violating the Brown act. (Brown act – a law that effectively states that elected officials must do their business in public. There very strict requirements and significant penalties for failing to follow it.)
I was surprised at what they were doing, since every elected officia has to take a class that teaches the Brown act.
This flyer is based on two meetings that I recently attended at the West Valley Water District. (10/12/15, 10/15/15)
I, along with 50+ private citizens were stunned buy what we witnessed by our elected WVWD Board members. We pay to much money to see it wasted at their level. Whether it’s them spending money on things that they have no mandate or  doing things in such a reckless manner as to open the district up for Financial loss. They need to be good stewards of our money.
Not all was loss. I appreciated Director Gonzalez coming down and providing snacks for the children, as well as speaking with all of us. That showed a small level of commitment to community that I respected.
What I wrote below is just a small sample of the problems facing this board. I will be starting a Facebook page to link the YouTube videos, so you can see for yourself. Shawn O’Connell”
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