Brown Act Violation Rumors Swirl Around Closed Session Information

According to SB Sun Reporter Ryan Hagen the city council in a closed session decided to terminate City Manager Allen Parker’s employment with San Bernardino. According to Ryan Hagen’s story and comments to Rialto Now we see some major Brown Act Violations. First is the fact that the City Attorney never reported the closed session report and second that Ryan Hagen’s source decided to take Closed Session information out of the room and divulge it to the public.

As your used to reading here the Brown Act is used as more of a tool to keep information away from the public rather than make sure that public officials are playing by a set of rules that keeps them accountable before the people. Below you will see the various times local elected bodies have violated this act:

  • San Bernardino City Council Members divulging closed session information.
  • West Valley Water use of private counsel to investigate other members and report back to the entire board.
  • Rialto City Council members walking into June Hayes public comment trap.

The list can go on and on…….

The issue here is that San Bernardino City Council seems to think they are above the law. I don’t fault Ryan Hagen too much for allowing someone to go off the record but….. normally when I allow someone to go off the record I find another source that is willing to go on the record so I can show proof that I am not fabricating information. Leticia Garcia posted the following statement on the “I Love San Bernardino” Facebook page:

“As an FYI. It is a violation of the Brown Act to divulge closed session information. The Sun is irresponsible to condone and report the information without also reporting the offense to the DA Public Integrity Unit.

Why do the residents of this city allow their elected officials to be corrupt unchecked?

I want to know who divulged this? A person in the room is beholden to the Brown Act and as such, would only be an elected or the City Manager. This person should RESIGN from office or Administration immediately!

According to Mrs. Garcia “We should demand from Ryan Hagen that he divulge the name of his source!!!” We called Ryan Hagen and he was not prepared to divulge his source but did say that “he believed it was appropriate to report the communication because it was an informational item and not an item that had anything to do with litigation.”

“Allen Parker’s last day as city manager will be Dec. 31, after the City Council agreed Monday to modify his contract to include a year’s severance pay in exchange for his resignation, according to a source who was in the room for the closed-session vote. However, Monday’s vote was not to dismiss Parker. Instead, according to the source, the City Council agreed to give him a year’s salary — $221,976 — and benefits for himself and his wife.”

So what do you think? Should the press have to follow the same laws that elected officials are supposed to? When will the DA and his defunct Public Integrity Unit start requiring that local elected bodies start following the very set of rules that are there to level the playing field for the public?


Marijuana Legalization Activists Want People Driving Under The Influence

The Pro Drug Legalization folks have stretched the truth when it comes to calling Marijuana a wonder drug that will cure ANYTHING that bothers you sounding like the snake oil salesmen of the old west days. The San Bernardino We Love Marijuana show on Sunday brought in the normal cast of characters plus a defunct former drug cop from LA to talk about marijuana legalization efforts. The group called Marijuana a Gate Way Drug to the White House. They were right about the gateway drug part. This video shows you what the pro drug legalization side of the Marijuana argument will do or say anything to get drugs legal. This video shows you that they will demonize anyone or anything that speaks opposite of them:



West Valley Water Board Directors Not Prepared At Regularly Scheduled Meeting

On November 5th 2015 the West Valley Water Board held their regular meeting with their new 6pm. Even though the meeting time had changed the way the board acts towards vendors, staff, media and rate payers has not changed. Our staff was not in attendance mostly due to schedule conflicts and partly was we didn’t want to poke the tiger too much. The meeting from what we heard was well attended when compared to past meetings yet Vice President Young and Director Gonzales were upset to the point of bringing it up multiple times that we were not in attendance. The early part of the meeting things seemed a little tense.

Board Vice President Young, Gonzales & Trujillo were not prepared for this meeting. Time and time again they were asking to have business items tabled many into the last meeting of 2015 which was six weeks from the date of the last meeting of the 2015 year. At one point Board Director Linda Gonzales states that she works 8-5 and doesn’t have time to look over her board packet material?????? When did it become the rate payers responsibility to make sure you had enough time to do your job? Why did you run for a Civil Service position if your not prepared to put in the work? Director Gonzales didn’t have time to read her board packet but she had time to hobnob with various elected officials and complain about her dislike of the food they provided her.


Join Paul Chabot for Coffee & Conversation November 19th

Join Paul Chabot for Coffee & Conversation November 19th

Second was they spend so much time fighting former General Managers and politicking from the dais that they are not paying bills in a timely fashion leaving space and bills unpaid which is beyond unfair. If you have a dispute over the costs have the client come to a meeting and ask your questions and them come to a majority consensus and pay what the vendor has coming to them. Vivian Moreno a Riverside Based activist asks the board why they act like the West Valley Water District doesn’t know what they are paying. Both President Gosney and General Manager spoke up after Mrs. Moreno asked them why they didn’t know what they were paying. President Gosney said that each bill came with a list of items for which the total bill represented.

The boards lack of direction and the constant fighting with vendors and ratepayers seems to be blowing up in their faces. It has already cost ratepayers a board director as President Gosney decided not to seek another term as a water board director. Vice President Young has asked that the 15 percent rate increases that are scheduled to be on the next two years be added to the last meeting of 2015.

Stay tuned for more on this as the saga seems far from over………………..



Coffee with Congressional Candidate Paul Chabot

College and Career Fair will be held at the Rialto Community Center

The City of Rialto and the Rialto Unified School District, College and Career Fair will be held at the Rialto Community Center. This event takes place Saturday, November 14 from 11:00am to 3:00pm. For more information, please contact us at (909) 820-2540.City of Rialto Rialto Unified School District

Job flyer

West Valley Water Board Vice President Young Lashes Out At Board CFO

On November 5th 2015 the West Valley Water Board held their regular meeting with their new six o’clock time. It became clear as the Board of Directors moved through the meeting that this was not going to be a nice evening. Apparently Vice President Young felt he was not getting the information that he requested in a timely fashion. According to his statements he has been denied the right to obtain needed information on a regular basis so he decided to have an emotional breakdown at a public meeting.

Vice President Clifford Young took the opportunity to rip into the West Valley Water Board CFO Rachelle Clayton in the meeting accusing her of withholding information and bringing her near tears. His rant spilled over onto other staff members as he asked for a performance review of General Manager Tom Crowley on the December 17th Closed session agenda. Vice President Young has caused many staff to play musical chairs with their work positions in an effort to remain off of Vice President Young’s radar those have said that are close to the West Valley Water District


Vice President Young is upset with people questioning his tactics and is taking it out on staff, rate payers and vendors for the District……


Rialto Police Department Experiences Highs and Lows This Week

Photo that rialto Police Placed on their Facebook Page to announce the passing of K9 from Rialto PD

Photo that rialto Police Placed on their Facebook Page to announce the passing of K9 from Rialto PD

With K9 programs that offer Canine Officers that are skilled in tracking and stopping dangerous criminals as well as locating drugs and firearms on a downward trend in the Inland Empire it is vital that the agencies that still use this very successful program be given kudos for the work they do. If the City of Rialto would have outsourced police operations to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department all those years ago Rialto would not have a lot of what we now have but most notably for this story there would not be a K9 program. The sheriff’s department disbanded their K9 program except for bloodhounds that work search and rescue which is a great service but when your looking for an armed suspect nothing compares to a German Shepard or Belgian Malanois that has pure speed and strength to subdue the ugliest of bad guys. These dogs also provide a great benefit of locating drugs and weapons from bad guys. The last time we spoke to Officer Anderson he told us that the K9 officers in Rialto get called all over Southern California to assist other agencies when a K9 Dog is required and what is cool about that is Rialto gets to bill that agency for the cost of sending that officer to the given call.

iecn photo/yazmin alvarez Rialto Police Departments Glen Anderson watches on as his K-9, Gilley, enjoys taking a bite out of Redlands Police Chief Mark Garcia during a fundraiser Aug. 30.

iecn photo/yazmin alvarez Rialto Police Departments Glen Anderson watches on as his K-9, Gilley, enjoys taking a bite out of Redlands Police Chief Mark Garcia during a fundraiser Aug. 30.

All of the K9 Police Handlers are great guys but Officer Anderson stood out to me as one of those special Officers that was a great representation of the K9 program and the Department as a whole. So when I opened up my Facebook and saw the message below I was sad to see the passing of a great Canine member of Rialto Police Department:

Today, as a Department and as a community we mourn the loss of our K-9, Gilley. Gilley was a Belgian Malanois who served along side his partner and best friend, Officer Glen Anderson, together they kept the citizens of Rialto safe. Gilley served our community, and all of his law enforcement partners for eight outstanding years. Gilley served as a Patrol, Narcotics and SWAT Canine. His impressive eight year stats are as follows: Gilley located and recovered over 108 pounds of methamphetamine, 380 pounds of marijuana, 131 pounds of cocaine, 51 pounds of heroin and seized over $2 million dollars in cash. Additionally, Gilley saved the department countless man hours during searches for suspects and evidence. Gilley will truly be missed by us all.

**** Update ****

K9 Gilley was injured during a swat operation and when he was taken to the vet it was found that Gilley had a tumor on his heart which was causing fluid to collect around his organs which led to his death according to Captain Randy Deanda at the November 10th city council meeting.

**** Update *****

iecn photo/yazmin alvarez Chewy, Rialto Police Departments Narcotics Unit K-9, enjoys a few belly rubs from children.

iecn photo/yazmin alvarez
Chewy, Rialto Police Departments Narcotics Unit K-9, enjoys a few belly rubs from children.

Last time we talked to Officer Anderson he told us that Gilley was on the older side of life and that his work days were almost to an end. So even though we knew he wouldn’t be here forever it makes us sad to see the time come at all. We will truly miss Gilley but now its time to help the foundation that makes our K9 program possible The Friend’s of Rialto K9 is a foundation that makes Rialto’s K9 program and you can help by donating to help because this will be the second dog they would had to have replaced in the last 12 months.

On a positive note our most recent K9 Officer/Canine team that have just been together as of July of 2015 won a 2nd place award at this last weekends K9 event hosted by Riverside Sheriffs department. Dane Stordahl & K9 Bunker were awarded 2nd place award for ‘article search’ during Saturday’s (11/07/15) Riverside Sheriffs K9 trial. In a statement released by Councilman Shawn O’Connell he gave praise to the Officer/K9 team:

It is amazing when you consider 61 dogs participated and you’ve only been partnered with Bunker since July 2015. On behalf of the City of Rialto, I appreciate the hard work and dedication you have shown this department and our city. The Rialto Police Department family should be very proud.

What’s On Tap For This Weeks City Council Meeting Tuesday November 10th


Hello Rialto Now readers as the year begins to draw to a close there is still plenty to keep our eyes on when it comes to the cast of characters known as the Rialto City Council. This weeks meeting is full of tasty little nuggets that are important for you to know about:

There are 8 presentations and proclamations here are the ones who stand out:

Proclamation-Small Business Saturday-Mayor Deborah Robertson – Not sure what Mayor Robertson knows about Small Business when she spends more time with big corporations like Wal-Mart.

Proclamation-Purple Heart City-Mayor Deborah Robertson – Looks like this is a way to honor a select few Purple Heart Veterans who support her as Mayor.

Proclamation-Law Enforcement Records and Support Personnel Day Mayor Deborah Robertson – Not sure when our Mayor began to LIKE our police

Resolution-Veterans Wall of Freedom-Council Member Ed Palmer – Not sure what this is but it may mean a Veterans Wall in Rialto.

Presentation-Excellence in Law Enforcement Research Award from International Associations of Chiefs of Police-Captain Randy DeAnda – The last award from the glory days.

Presentation-2015 CNN Heroes Award-Kim Carter Time for Change Foundation – This presentation upsets me because Mrs. Carter isn’t a resident here in Rialto her business is in San Bernardino and she has been all over the place talking about how this award and the potential $100,000 payoff is for a program for San Bernardino, made in San Bernardino she never references any other community.


Request City Council to Approve Resolution No. 6846 to Establish a New Full-Time Classification of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Establish the Basic Compensation Rate. Eliminate the Part-Time EMT Classification from the City’s List of Approved Classifications.


TAB2 Request City Council to Approve the Community Services Department Athletic Field and Allocation Policy.

This is the Policy that the Recreation Commision and the City Council have been kicking back and forth leaving youth sports programs in the lurch.

TAB3 Request City Council to Consider Amendment No. 4 to Employment Agreement between the City of Rialto and Michael Story, City Administrator for changes to be effective from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2017.

Looks like Mike Story is going to be made whole again after giving up a lot what we don’t understand is where is all this money coming from?

TAB8 Request City Council to Ratify the Termination of the Contract Services Agreement with Commercial Cleaning Systems and Approve a Professional Services Agreement with ABM in the Amount of $23,728.13 Per Month Not To Exceed Five Months for a total of $118,610.66 for Janitorial Services and an additional $31,359.37 for Consumable Supplies.

Yet another attempt to find someone that can clean up after the filth our local elected officials leave behind. 

TAB10 Request City Council to receive and file a status update on the Concession Agreement Water and Wastewater Capital Improvement Program; provide direction to staff as appropriate. approving staff to return in February 2015 with a status update on the Concession Agreement Water and Wastewater Capital Improvement Program for the next three months.

Here is yet another opportunity for the Gang of four to try and save the poor water deal that they threw us into. Last time they met Ed Scott said he wanted to not charge the public the next scheduled rate increase but we know he was just saying that he really doesn’t care about the rate payers. What is scary is that were bringing in massive amounts of large developments and we have done ZERO to upgrade our old overtaxed system why are they letting Rialto Water Services get away with this? Well its because four of the five elected leaders have taken money from the Rialto Water Services gang and now they need to pay it back in the form of FAVORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regular Meeting Tuesday November 10th at 6pm

The 2015 Election Cycle & Water Boards That The Mainstream Media Won’t Question

wvwb resultsSo November 3rd 2015 is in the books and as the dust settles from the election it looks like the attacks, stumping for allies from the elected dais and misuse of public funds to influence voter perception only worked out in a small way. Directors Linda Gonzalez & Clifford Young along with appointed Director Rafael Trujillo used questionable tactics to influence the look of the West Valley Water Board by supporting three candidates (Greg Young, Manny Gonzalez & Rafael Trujillo) and using public funds to hurt the campaigns of Alan Dyer & Butch Araiza. In the end only Greg young seems to have risen to the top of the pack followed closely Alan Dyer and Don Olinger. If the results remain the same these three men will be the your elected Board members for the 2015 Election.

Greg Young may be the first candidate to garner support from the FAR left and FAR right wing groups that make up politics here in the Inland Empire. Greg Young has had strong support from the EXTREME left wing Democrat Club in San Bernardino and via social media strong Tea Party Activists like Tressy Caps and Kathy Ponce are celebrating Mr. Young’s winning of the Water Board Seat. So it looks like pigs are now flying and Hell has frozen over because nobody ever thought that these two groups could ever agree on anything let alone a political candidate.

What stands out to us is the constant struggle that Rafael Trujillo finds himself in trying to get ELECTED to any political position in the Rialto Region. He lost for city council, unable to secure a council appointment, failed to defeat Joseph Williams for the Community College Board and failed this election even though he was able to find a short lived appointment on the West Valley Water Board for a month. What is sad is a lot of people have dumped a lot of political influence and pressure into getting him elected to something and it has not worked.

The SB Sun newspaper has covered the other local races to death mainly in the City of San Bernardino. Staff Writer Jim Steinberg spoke to us for about an hour about West Valley and Rialto Water Services issues. Jim said he had little time to write about Rialto and that Rialto no longer has a reporter (from the Sun) to cover Rialto. Then he writes this story:

Jim wrote about how the drought alone doesn’t draw people in and that people don’t engage with our elected water bodies. What he fails to address is that water boards and utility commissions treat the general public like idiots when we don’t like or agree with their given course of action. They treat the public as though we are uneducated and not worthy to input our thoughts on their out of control actions. So where is the Sun on these issues? Why isn’t the media covering Rialto at all? Don’t the people paying to get the Sun in Rialto deserve to be just as informed about Rialto as they are about Los Angeles?