Register Today for the Rialto Police Memorial 5K/3K Run & Save Money

Sign up before January 1st and register for only $35 (plus racewire fee). After January 1st the cost goes up to $40 (plus racewire fee).

Rialto Police Officer Remembrance Day The City of Rialto has declared that January 31st of each year will be “Rialto Police Officer Remembrance Day” to honor those Rialto Police Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Members of the Rialto Police Department and the Rialto Police Benefit Association are working toward building a permanent memorial to these officers.

On January 30, 2016, we are holding our second annual Memorial 5K & 3K Run/Walk Fundraiser. The monies from this run will help fund the memorial and future Remembrance Day events. Join us on Saturday, January 30, 2016 to partake in this wonderful event. An awards ceremony and festivities will take place after the race.

Location: Ferguson Park, 2395 Sunrise Drive, Rialto, CA Sign-up begins at 6:30 a.m. Race starts at 8:00 a.m. Follow the link to register.

RaceWire Timing has graciously provided Chip-Timed Technology for our event. All paid participants will receive a Finisher Medal and a “Swag Bag.” Medals will be given to Top-Three Finishing Males and Top-Three Finishing Females in the following divisions: Ages 14 & Under, Ages 15 through 54, and Ages 55 and Over. Trophies will be given to the Top-Three Finishing Teams.

If you are unable to run/walk or form a a team for the run/walk, please consider making a donation to help sponsor a participant and/or a team.

Rialto Community Coalition Seeks To Take Away Community Rights

rcc 21016

Join the only conversation that the community gets

on defending against people using tax money to steal your rights.

On December 1st 2015 the Rialto Community Coalition took a vote to move down the road of creating a city ordinance that would take away legal rights of law abiding adults. The organization that oversees the Rialto Community Coalition a group of community residents and leaders focus was Drug and Alcohol Prevention has now been given approval from the County of San Bernardino to also focus on Tobacco use. So Mental Health Systems the organization that oversees the Rialto Community Coalition has decided to partner with the Lung Association and IPS another private company tasked with drug and alcohol prevention to take away peoples right to smoke cigarettes outdoors. In documents we have received from Mental Health Systems the organization works county wide with a contract that is over $1 million to provide services to various cities throughout the county. Couple that with the $150 Thousand that the Lung Association and IPS are working though and it seems like that money should be better spent helping people off the addiction to Tobacco, provide education on the dangers of E-Cigarettes and leverage more retailers to not sell the product within the city limits. But no they sat down at Brothers Pizza in a Strategic Planning Meeting that was not open to the public looking at how they can further restrict the legal rights of people 18 years of age and older.

The meeting was held in a back room of Brothers Pizza that was set up for 15 people and only had 10 if you include all the paid staff employees from the various organizations looking to spend their government grant money. Now members like Pat from Rialto Unified School District Public Safety claimed that the meeting was open to the public yet only if you agreed with smoke free parks law. The communications with Michael Townsend asked that only those who supported the issue to attend. The email notifications also asked that members NOT distribute openly with the public.

David Phillips was basically the lone member speaking out against this effort and advocating for the community. Leader and Facilitator of the Rialto Community Coalition from Mental Health Systems said that this was not an attempt to go behind the communities backs and that the city leaders would solicit the communities opinion on weather Tobacco Free Parks were something that the community wanted. What is funny is the city never surveys the community when they are going to create yet another Ordinance to further restrict people by creating their own set of laws. Pat a self identified public safety officer with the school district claimed that this Ordinance would also deal with marijuana use in the parks. What is funny isn’t marijuana use already illegal? Why would we need a separate city law to deal with this?

I am not a fan of Tobacco use but I also know that if we make something legal and then make engaging in this very practice illegal we are heading down a slippery slope of government control and abuse. If this is so good for the community why is there no talk of how to first involve the community. The meeting was to look at ways of leveraging various elected officials to see things their was verses what the community really wants. What was very sketchy was the way the Rialto Unified School District Public Safety Officer made it clear that she would during work hours speak to her boss Eisenhower High School Principal and new Parks and Recreation Commissioner Scott Sparks about this effort to see where he was leaning on an issue that the public HAS NOT EVEN BEEN POLLED ON.

If they have worked this hard to avoid your opinion do you think they really care???????

This video we recorded for them says they care about what you think, is that true???????


Young Rialto Resident Shows The True Spirit Of Christmas

Tyler and his family as they drop off the boxes of toys at the Rialto Fire Station

Tyler and his family as they drop off the boxes of toys at the Rialto Fire Station

Via the Rialto Fire Department Facebook Page we came across a young man who took his own time to plan a party that not only showed that he understands the meaning of Christmas but he took the time to share this with his classmates as well.


Tyler Nguyen is a 4th grader at Simpson Elementary School in Rialto. He comes from family who does volunteer work locally and in Downtown LA’s Skid Row district. His Christmas party was a toy drive also to benefit SoCal Firefighters’ Spark of Love. Tyler’s Mother coordinated with Rialto Fire to have Tyler visit the station and collect a box for his drive.  Instead of getting presents for himself, all guests brought toys and sports equipment for undeserved kids for the holiday.  Tyler and his friends enjoyed holiday crafts and home-cooked Vietnamese food. He helped with decorating, cooking, and entertaining his guests.  With the generosity of family and friends, Tyler was able to collect 3 boxes full of toys.  This was his first community service project and his family were very proud of him. On Monday, after his party, Tyler, his mom, and grandma went to deliver the toys to the fire department.  The goal was to introduce Tyler to serving others and we brainstormed to find a creative way. This was also a great way for Tyler’s friends to get involved. Tyler and his family plan to continue this new tradition because they received great support from friends and family.


Tyler is just one of the many young people that are part of our community. This young man and his family are part of what makes Rialto great. It is people like these that show us what is of value and proves it is up to us the people in the community to support our fellow man.


Congressman Pete Aguilar Wont Stand By His Websites Statement

Well here we go again we have another example of what today’s elected official calls being moral, ethical leaders in today’s society. Instead of saying yes I said that yes it is on my website he trys to explain away a conversational statement by saying that wasn’t on my Congress Website it was on My Campaign Website? Wait so were only supposed to be honorable and fourth right on our official websites? Does the Campaign Website give him the opportunity to split the baby? What makes matters worse is the statement in question is Pete Aguilar calling out Republicans for their Campaign tactics when he wont follow the same rules for himself.

Sorry Congressman you can’t split the baby.


Top Three Most Influential People In Rialto 2015

Rialto 2015

Before we move into the three people we will be highlighting we would like to thank the many people that made their voices heard in this poll seeking the community’s input on who impacted Rialto and left a mark that will stand the test of time. These three men all would have been men that I would have chosen as being key to Rialto moving forward in the way that it has.

Police Chief Tony Farrar

Police Chief Farrar is a 34 year veteran of Law Enforcement with 26 of those years were spent right here in Rialto. The Bio below is the best reflection of Chief Farrar’s body of work.

Tony Farrar is chief of the Rialto (CA) Police Department. A police officer for over 30 years, Chief Farrar is a graduate of the California Peace Officers Standards and Training (CA POST) Executive Leadership Command College and the Police Executive Research Forum Senior Management Institute for Police at Boston University. He is also an adjunct instructor through the Coast Community College District.

Chief Farrar holds masters’ degrees in both administration of justice and business administration and a bachelor’s degree in police science. He also graduated from the Police Executive Program at Cambridge University’s Institute of Criminology (United Kingdom) with a master’s degree in criminology in July 2013.

Chief Farrar is a graduate of the CA POST Master Instructor Development Program and a certified trainer in the six different CA POST disciplines. He is also a certified trainer through the California Association of Tactical Officers and the National Tactical Officers Association.

In 2009, Chief Farrar received the CA POST Individual Excellence in Training Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to law enforcement training and encourages innovation, quality, and effectiveness.

Chief Farrar has extensive tactical operations expertise and has shared his knowledge through presentations to law enforcement personnel, community groups, and the private sector throughout California and in other states. He has developed several law enforcement conferences and training venues, and his written materials have been published in both domestic and international publications.

In 2009, Chief Farrar participated in a Homeland Security Training Mission in Israel, training with experts in law enforcement, the military, and the private sector. In 2010, Chief Farrar participated in a Humanitarian Mission to Haiti, assisting with relief efforts and evaluating first response plans.

Most recently, Chief Farrar concluded an extensive yearlong study to evaluate the effect of body-worn video cameras on police use-of-force. This randomized controlled trial represents the first experimental evaluation of body-worn video cameras used in police patrol practices. Cameras were deployed to all patrol officers in the Rialto (CA) Police Department. Every police patrol shift during the 12-month period was assigned to experimental or control conditions. In July 2013, Chief Farrar received the 2013 Award for Excellence in Evidence-Based Policing for this study from the Society of Evidence-Based Policing at the 2013 Conference on Evidence-Based Policing at the University of Cambridge (UK). The award is given annually for outstanding policing research that advances the evidence base in policing and informs police practice.

Chief Farrar is a member of the California Police Chiefs Association, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and the Society of Evidence Based Policing.

On the side of the community I can recall the first time I met Chief Farrar it was in a meeting with his predecessor then Chief Mark Kling and even though I didn’t know it I would come to respect that Captain that terrified me with his silence. Chief Farrar had a REAL open door policy with the community and his department. He never made you feel inferior before him and he worked tirelessly to make Rialto the technological leader in today’s world of policing. Even when you didn’t see eye to eye with Chief Farrar he gave you the respect he wanted in return. He brought back real Community Policing and bridged the gap that existed between the community and our law enforcement agency.

As Chief Farrar retires I wish him the best and Rialto wont be the same without him at the helm.

Council member Shawn O’Connell

Shawn O’Connell has been described in his most recent position as the type of elected official that our forefathers had envisioned when they set up our democracy. A person from the people who served the people. Councilman O’Connell wasn’t always a councilman he also served Rialto Police his last rank was Sergeant. Shawn O’Connell was involved in an accident off duty that left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Shawn down but far from out worked to regain his strength and became the leader behind the group Voice United and group of people that seeked to demand that our elected officials work and speak for the people. Shawn took the work of advocacy very seriously and was a key part of keeping the city of Rialto from outsourcing police services to the SB Sheriff’s Department. Since December 12th of 2012 Now Councilman O’Connell has worked for the PEOPLE. He went as far as to kick off his campaign after he was sworn in as a Councilmember to give out his Home Phone number here is Shawn’s first words after being sworn into the Rialto City Council as reported by the Pasadena News

“O’Connell described his campaign as a grassroots effort and thanked his supporters. Then he announced his phone number.

“I will not forget that I work for you,” he said.”

Councilman O’Connell has lived by those words standing up for the community even when it went against the fray or ruffled feathers of his fellow members he is here to do the work of the people.

Councilman O’Connell was involved in a series of events where he made the people of Rialto Proud. He participated in the 1st annual Rialto Police Fallen Officer Memorial 5k and formed a team of people that supported our Rialto Police officers. Councilman O’Connell helped bring actual real facts to Rialto voters as the city asked them to approve a measure to raise much needed funds for Rialto’s future. Councilman O’Connell didn’t want the issue to rely on scare tactics but real tangible reasons that Measure W was needed. Councilman O’Connell also is probably the only elected official to come in with a list of things that he would like to see changed in Rialto and he has accomplished all of those issues as he enters the last year of his first term on the Rialto City Council. Councilman O’Connell does so much that lives behind the scenes or out of the public eye because he is not looking to be known by the crowd for what he does but rather in the lives of those his actions touch. In the video below Councilman O’Connell shares a personal story of leaving his mothers funeral at the age of 18 looking out the rear window of the car he was in and saw all the lives that she touched. Well Councilman O’Connell your mother must be smiling down on you from heaven for the life of good work you have done with your 44 years on this planet.

Gino Garcia

We have known Gino Garcia for a few years and though he is at times quiet he is loud with passion and drive for a healthier Rialto. His passion for the health of his community proves why the community chose him as one of the Top Three most Influential people of 2015. We reached out to Gino to learn even more about him and what makes him the man so many people admire. Here is what he wanted to say about why he works so hard to make Rialto a healthier place to work, play and live:

Hello fellow Rialto residents. Thank you for giving me the time to connect and share a bit about myself and the personal mission I have to make Rialto a healthier place to live. My name is Gino Garcia and I have lived in Rialto with my wife and two daughters since 2010. When we moved to Rialto I was in the process of starting my own fitness business and was actively plotting potential cities where I felt my business could thrive. After conducting research and determining there was no type of fitness service or dominant business within Rialto that offered the quality of training and fitness culture I sought to establish and build, I made the decision to launch Vibe Fitness in our city. Aside from the business aspect, it just made sense to improve my own city where my family would be living before going out and improving someone else’s home city.

From day one my personal mission was to create energy, excitement, and enhance the living experience of residents who came into contact with my business. You see, as a United States Marine I understood the power of creating community, culture, and team for the sake of fueling and completing a mission. I knew my passion to help others achieve their personal level of greatness would create something special within Rialto. Since the start of Vibe Fitness in 2012, the mission of making Rialto a healthier place to live has been active and successful thus far. The trend of a healthier Rialto was highlighted in 2015 through several events and program collaborations between city organizations and my business. Two projects that really fueled the healthier Rialto mission were the hosting “Operation Fitness Fury” at Rialto City Park in March and the collaboration between the Rialto Pride Platoon and I.

Operation Fitness Fury attracted over 150 residents from all over the Inland Empire for a morning of health and fitness to promote active and healthy lifestyles. The event consisted of group workouts, giveaways, and the promotion of several wellness organizations within the city. Another highlight was the successful completion of two Rialto Pride Platoon programs throughout 2015 which graduated over 60 high school youth from the program. On a physical and mental level combined, both these projects were key components in the success of making Rialto a healthier place to live in 2015. I am excited what 2016 will bring for our city and I believe strongly in my mission.

The focus for 2016 will be to continue building from the generated momentum that has been created in 2015. The goal will be to attract larger community involvement to wellness events for the sake of enhancing Rialto’s living experience across the entire city. This can be accomplished by working with other wellness organizations and city departments to create massive energy and traction to propel the healthier Rialto mission forward. In addition, it will require residents just like you to get involved either through active participation or support.

I will end by saying that my hope is you will be part of the healthier Rialto mission in 2016 at some capacity. The mission is not just about physical exercise; it’s about improving ALL aspects that make our city what it is. The mindset, pride, loyalty, compassion, and synergy we as residents should have when it comes to our city. The healthier Rialto mission is about us taking charge of our city and working together as residents to enhance the living experience we share. I hope we can meet at some point in 2016; I invite and encourage you to connect with me or my business on the web by visiting the websites below. Happy Holidays!


Vibe Fitness:

In health and strength, Gino Garcia

This effort to find the most influential people in Rialto was an awesome adventure into being able to highlight three awesome men who have one goal in mind make Rialto better for you the community. All three have one thing in mind that we need to be reminded of. Each man has at one or more times wore a uniform and swore an oath to protect the people and freedom that makes America the country we call home. The staff here at Rialto Now thank the community for choosing these three men and giving us the honor of highlighting them in this special way.

Before we close out this post we would also like to thank the many other people on the poll for what they have done big or small to make an impact on Rialto. It is people like you that show the upcoming generation how vital it is to stand and advocate for your community and its people.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.


Who is the most influential person in Rialto for 2015

2015 poll

Were putting together a 2015 re-cap for the city of Rialto and were looking for your help in choosing the top three people that made life here in Rialto a pleasant experience. So often we get accused of pushing our own agenda and that would be fine if people knew our only agenda is to inform the people of the city of Rialto and the outlying cities that surround us.

If you don’t see your choice that is fine you can add people to the poll and others can vote for your choice if they like. We will be highlighting the top three choices that YOU vote for. No tricks no gimmicks even if one of the choices we don’t like we will still highlight them because we want to hear the communities voice.

Ready, Set, GO…………………………………

Let’s Talk Community Radio Show Will Have Guest Cpl Marquez On The Radio

Cpl Marquez

David Phillips will sit down with one of Rialto’s finest public safety officers and we learn how to be safe this holiday season and other great things in store for the Community of Rialto. Listen to the show and find out all the upcoming news, retirements and new promotions. Also hear about what Rialto Police added to the Terrorist attack on San Bernardino last week.

Watch live at or listen at AM 1050 or FM 106.3 or FM 106.5

Like the Facebook page for the video podcast and other updates on what is going on in the Inland Empire

San Bernardino Terrorist Attacks & The Rialto Connection

randy speaks

Were sure you have heard by now that the former county health inspector turned radical terrorist effected the fine city of Rialto and also left his mark on the community. By now you have also heard the scare tactics being spread throughout social media. These tactics are not linked to any fact and have opened the door to sick people using peoples fear to feed their sick minds. As we have stated many times in the last 6 years Rialto is in a unique position to feel safe and know that our public safety officials are more than equal to the task of keeping us safe.

What these terrorist attacks have also shown us is that terror does not play by our set rules of engagement. We also saw that seeing something that doesn’t look right and not reporting it because we didn’t want to sound racist can cost lives. The mantra of SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING is not just a catchy phrase it is a call to let the authorities know if something doesn’t look right. Neighbors and other people in Redlands saw activity that didn’t look right for MONTHS and said nothing. It is beyond comprehension to know we could have saved 14 lives and kept 21 people from being injured if someone had made a phone call.

We cannot change the past but it is beyond vital that we learn from it. Our all time favorite quote is  “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” by George Santayana. If we cannot learn from our past we will keep making the same mistakes. St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Coffee Nutzz and Carter High School are just a few of the locations that the county health inspector turned radical terrorist had some type of ties. Probably the most chilling tie were the photos found in the terrorists possession of Carter High School. Luckily our public safety officials were equal to the task to see that our schools were safe.

letter from sup

So we need to show our public safety officials that we will not remain silent. We need to share information that they need to keep us safe. One great way yo do that is Area Command Meetings see the flyer below:

Area Command 2016

Free Speech Under Attack?

gregory young

Well as much as we would like to move on from the West Valley Water board they seem to want to be the main topic of conversation. Newly elected Water Board Director Gregory Young who I have never met has taken it upon himself to attack our blog. I don’t know this man and I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

So why am I writing this article? Right? Well when the West Valley Water Board made a move away from the Roberts Rules of Order in lue of the Rosenberg Rules of Order some questioned if this was a move to control or silence the other board members and/or the public. Of course the board denied that this was their intention but now you have Board Member Gregory Young advocating that this blog not be able to post links to our online content on a popular Bloomington Community page.

Here is what the group uses as its rules for posting:


The following is a list of guidelines for commenting on our wall and posts. Stay positive and let’s have fun.

*No spamming
*No offensive language.
*We may remove any URL for any reason.
*No personal attacks (hostile, derogatory or deliberately insulting comments toward a specific individual or group).
*No business advertising or political promotions are allowed, not-for-profit organization promotion is allowed.
*No flaming (posting comments intended to induce an angry response).
*If you have an inquiry regarding constituent services, it’s always best to call Supervisor Josie Gonzales’ office (909) 387-4565 to formalize your concern.
*This group reserves the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason.
Please note: if a portion of a comment is inappropriate, the entire comment will be deleted.

This is a group created to act as a discussion forum for the San Bernardino County community known as Bloomington and the Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) that represents it.

Feel free to post and share any interesting thoughts, ideas, concerns, or news that pertain to the citizens of Bloomington. Any information about county projects or issues involving Bloomington will be shared here as well.

We reached out to the supervisors office and we were supposed to get a call back on whether we are breaking the rules of the group. Nobody has called us back but I’m sure the county is busy with last week’s terrorist attack.

What do you think should a water board director be able to force another elected official to silence the community?

Holiday Decoration Contest

Rialto Holiday Contest

The Neighborhood and Housing Preservation Beautification Commission & Development Services Department Housing Division are seeking nominations for the most effective use of decorations. Residents will be recognized and an award to be presented to the top 5 nominations at the January 2016 City Council Meeting.

For more information or to submit your nominations, contact the Housing Division at(909)820-8013 or email Deadline to submit nominations is December 17, 2015 by 4:00pm.

Previous Older Entries