Do We Want Honesty In Elected Officials All The Time?

Right now their is a lot of covered dishonesty going on right now in the realm of local politics. One thing that is standing out to us is how much covered dishonesty are you willing to stomach just because the person being dishonest is on your side or team? First let us explain what we mean by covered dishonesty:

  • Local elected officials are not acting right and are breaking rules. The policing powers ( Fair Political Practices Commission, District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit and The Press) refuse to hold elected officials accountable where does that leave us? 

Now if someone listed the wrong ID number on their campaign mailers making it impossible to determine who the mailer belonged to would that be ok? So were wondering where do you fall when it comes to honesty in local elected officials? Do you hold your candidates to the same standards as their opponents?


Hundreds of People Come Out to Support The Rialto Police Officer Fallen Hero Memorial 5k Fundraiser

Early Saturday morning while others are wrapped up snuggled in their beds Rialto Police Officers, Volunteers and City Workers were up closing streets and setting up for a memorial 5K to raise funds for a future Fallen Officer Monument to Honor the Three Men who have died in the line of duty.

The crowd stacked up up waiting for the start of the 5K

The crowd stacked up up waiting for the start of the 5K

Turnout was a little lower than last year but things that may have attributed to this was a change in person in charge of the event promotion, change of venue and the threats of winter weather conditions including a severe wind warning. Participation from fellow officers was lighter this year than last year and one of those reasons probably was the Battle of the Badges boxing match that is slated for later on this evening.

Battle of the Badges 2016Tonight

Chris “The Makau” Sellig from Rialto Police will be boxing

Abarham “ABE” Adame from the California Department of Corrections in Bout #3 


Robert “Don’t Doubt Me” Morales from Rialto Police will be boxing

Jerry Magoffin from Pachenga Department of Public Safety in Bout #11

The weather was made for running but many runners commented that this years course was too difficult and much more difficult than last year. Also a major difference from last year was the fact that NONE of your elected officals came out to support this year and we only saw two department heads (Police Chief Deaanda & Parks & Rec Manager Perry). With this year being an election year it is odd to see none of the elected leaders than will be vying for your vote out this year.

Probably the coolest part for the Rialto Now team who had 2 runners this year was the Sheriffs Academy class were out once again running in a group chanting their cadence check it out below.

Check out all the cool photos and videos by going to Rialto Re-Entry, Rialto Network or Rialto PD Facebook


Rialto Police High Speed Chase


Earlier today Cpl Hintz and his team were involved in a high speed chase as they proceeded to stop a suspected stolen vehicle. Cpl Hintz the officer was able to end the pursuit with no injuries.  Suspect tried to elude PD but was found him hiding in a yard.

Rialto High School Cheer Squad Wins 1st Place At State


The students of Rialto High School put our city on the map today and it was for something positive.

Rialto High Cheer just placed first at the CheerPros State Championships today which were held at the Citizens Bank Arena. They also won a full paid bid to the “Best of the West” Invitational in Long Beach. The Best of the West is on March 6th at CSULB and Nationals is March 18-20th at the Anaheim Convention Center. Below is a tweet from the Cheer Pros Twitter account that shows the top five finishers.


The team has placed first at their regional competitions for the past four years and will once again be representing Rialto at the USA Nationals Cheer Competition this March. The team is made up of incredible athletes and students.

More than just the first place team they support at every football and basketball game, pep rally, Rialto Family Festival, other community and school events all while training and competing in their own right.

Join us in recognizing this awesome team and their ability to represent for the city of Rialto.

Go Knights!!!!!!!!!

Next Community Clean Up Is Saturday January 23rd

community clean up


Local Police Agencies Across the Region Will Look Very Different In 2016

Credit Fontana Police Facebook Page

Credit Fontana Police Facebook Page

No matter what the city or population having the right leader is key to finding success. As we usher in 2016 two local cities will have new faces running their police departments. Last December Rialto Police Chief Tony Farrar retired handing off the reigns to former Police Captain Randy Deanda. Today we learn via a Press Release that Fontana Police Chief Rodney Jones will retire effective February 5th handing off the reigns to Captain Bob Ramsey who will serve as Interim Chief of Police.

Police Chief Rodney Jones has had a ruff couple years with the creation of the Fontana Police Regional Air Support program and the rising costs of providing police services to the city of Fontana. The air support program began with Rialto, Fontana and Colton. After its creation Redlands joined in offering the services of its fixed wing aircraft. Just a few days ago news hit that cash strapped Colton would not be participating in the air support program leaving an estimated $90K that needed to be covered by the three remaining agencies, couple that with the recent tension in city council in regards to the budget and how much of that budget the Police Department used.

In the Press Release Cindy from Fontana said “it sounded like the Chief wasn’t ready to go but it was Ken Hunt’s decision”. She is right many have asked why the Press Release was framed this way? “I fully support and appreciate the decision of the City Manager,” said Chief Jones “The timing is right because there are a number of candidates in the department’s command staff that could take over leadership of this great department.”

Kathy from Fontana said that she sees through the smoke and says “it feels like Chief Jones is being fired but is being given the chance to save face and retire.”

Other sources say that City Manger Hunt was made to look bad by Mayor Warren when she asked City Manager Hunt if he was part of the air support program negotiations. Ken Hunt said that he wasn’t part of the negotiations and Mayor Warren thanked Chief Jones. Days later the Chief is announcing his retirement without city council knowledge. Sources say that this was done because there wasn’t majority approval on the council to fire the current police chief.

Chief Jones accomplishments were listed in the Press Release as:

  • $12 million building expansion of the Fontana Police Department
  • Implementation of the Fontana Leadership Intervention Program (FLIP) with the  Fontana Unified School District
  • Implementation of the Fontana Re-entry Support Team (FRST)
  • Implementation of the Fontana PD Rapid Response Team (RRT)
  • Jointly Implemented the Inland Valley SWAT (IVS) team with Rialto and Colton
  • Developed the Fontana PD helicopter program proudly serving Rialto and Redlands

Only time will tell how much of an issue this decision will be for the clearly fractured City Council and how much input City Manager Ken Hunt will have. Lets not forget the portion of the community that wasn’t entirely happy with some of the choices that were made under Chief Jones leadership. This promises to be a wild ride of an appointment.


West Valley Water District Cuts Rates & Approves Rebates


In a post to the Bloomington MAC Facebook Group newly elected Board Member Gregory Young announced that the board had voted to reduce rate payers rates and rebate the money they saw as excessive. Here is his statement:

“I am pleased to introduce my new after meeting report on what actions were taken this evening. I will be doing this for every meeting I am at in the future. The big news from tonight’s meeting is that we voted unanimously to rescind the scheduled rate increases for 2016 and 2017. Having run to repeal these increases, I am so pleased to have fulfilled my promise to you to stop these increases. Additionally, we also voted unanimously to rebate back to you the increases from 2015. A big night for you the ratepayers of the district!”

According to Director Young we found out the following:

“The total amount to be refunded is ruffly $3 million.”

“The rebate will come in the form of a check that should be mailed out sometime after March 1st.”

“The exact amounts will vary as will the exact time people will receive it.”

We also asked about people who payed for water in West Valley Water District in 2015 and have moved if they would see a refund?

“In terms of those who may have moved, staff is working on addressing that situation. Obviously, most people who move don’t tell us where they go so that makes it difficult to provide the rebate to the appropriate party. The public affairs committee will be looking into the whole process in the coming months.”

As we watched the many City of Rialto rebate programs avoid looking to include people who paid and struggled avoid looking to repay everyone it is nice to see West Valley Water working to repay those who may have moved.

Moves like this bring up more questions because of the rules on raising water rates under prop 218. Prop 218 is used as a way to limit rate increases that are not needed to provide utility service. So why were the rate increases approved? Why were the necessary?

According to sources the Water District operates with a $25 million surplus in the bank but really only $15 million cushion for unknown expenses. If we had a major earthquake or if a Natural Gas well started spewing toxic gasses into the air driving people from their homes and businesses waiting on the Federal Government isn’t going to work in the short term. So having a buffer to work from is vital.

Previous board members looked at the Bond Rate Governance and the fact that homes were going empty at alarming rates during the housing crisis they decided that a rate increase was needed to make sure the District could continue to provide water services to its customers. Some on the inside at the time say that previous board members may have gone a little bit overboard but their overall intention was to make sure the Water District remains solvent.

Clearly this is a win for rate payers that paid some of the highest water rates in the area but what is unclear is where this leaves the district with a emergency fund in which to provide for residents water needs in the midst of a crisis.


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