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Rialto Police Honors 12 Officers for their Promotions At Council Meeting

Police Chief Randy Deanda Sworn in as Rialtos's new top cop photo credit Rialto Network

Police Chief Randy Deanda Sworn in as Rialtos’s new top cop photo credit Rialto Network

As the city moves further into the next chapters of its history the Police Department has also turned a page and moved into a new chapter in providing police services to the community of Rialto. Up until recent history we have looked outside of our own Department and Even County looking for the person that will lead one of our most vital Public Safety agencies. Now as City Council moves to hire the next Police Chief we see yet another strong man coming from within our Police Department ranks. Replacing outgoing Chief Tony Farrar is former Police Captain Randy Deanda a long time officer within the Rialto Police Department. Chief Deanda is a man of strong Character and resides locally but not only since taking the helm but has lived for a long time and raised his family locally so he understands what we as a community are going through. Even though we have not always seen eye to eye Chief Deanda has always been willing to speak to those in the community in his previous roles listen to others opinions. We are lucky to have Randy Deanda as Rialto’s Top Cop.

The full Promotion class photo credit Rialto Network

The full Promotion class photo credit Rialto Network

Another awesome part about Chief Deanda taking the helm is that there was a flurry of Promotions from within our own department twelve sworn promotions. We will start with the Corporals and work our way up, all of these officers are fine people. You will see comments next to some of the names. Some we know a lot about others we only know by the badge they wear on their chest.

Photo from the Rialto Police Promotion Ceremony Photo Credit Rialto Network

Photo from the Rialto Police Promotion Ceremony Photo Credit Rialto Network

Corporal Pouching – Cpl Pouching is a long time officer of Rialto Police Department we know him from his work on Patrol, as a former K9 Officer and most recently as a member of our traffic division a great guy with knowledge to lead the next generation of Police Officer.

Corporal Hince

Corporal Russo on his Police Bike

Corporal Russo on his Police Bike

Corporal Russo – Corporal Russo has been for as long as I can remember one of Rialto’s finest Traffic Cops. He has won multiple awards for his work with Under the Influence drivers and has made himself available to many community groups and our youth to stress the importance of safe driving habits.

Corporal Farmer – Quiet, strong man from a Rialto blood line who’s father is a Former Police Chief, Council member and Mayor. Corporal Farmer most recently was working in the Detectives Division and has been part of closing out some of Rialto’s most notorious Cold Cases.


Sargent Nelson posing for a picture at Rialto's National Night Out with Former Traffic Sargent Shepard

Sargent Nelson posing for a picture at Rialto’s National Night Out with Former Traffic Sargent Shepard

Sergeant Nelson – Sargent Nelson is almost a carbon copy of probably one of our most favorite Police Officers. Sargent Nelson who now oversees the traffic Division was the Corporal that brought the Community Policing vision back to Rialto. When he was tasked with overseeing Community Policing I wondered when he slept. He made himself available what was almost 24/7 he was a valuable resource and a workman to help make residents feel safe and heard. He was the ultimate advocate for the community.
"Sgt. Muir on-duty taking the time to interact with some kids in our community by buying them an ice cream at George's Burger." Photo Credit Rialto PD Facebook

“Sgt. Muir on-duty taking the time to interact with some kids in our community by buying them an ice cream at George’s Burger.” Photo Credit Rialto PD Facebook

Sergeant Muir – Now Sargent Muir has been a Sargent for a few months now but we are not at all upset at him being included in this batch of promotions. Sargent Muir can’t be thanked or honored enough for what he has done for this community. Rialto is a better place because of the hours of dedicated work he has put in. To the criminal he is your worse nightmare, to the child he is a welcomed face in the midst of tragedy and to a victim he is your knight that will work diligently to see that justice is done. Our owner David Phillips tells us stories all the time of this living legend. David has gone on countless ride-a-longs with Sargent Muir when he was a Corporal and tells us how Sargent Muir would adapt to each call effortlessly and seemed to be a master of each situation. Our favorite story is when a local African American community member told Sargent Muir that someone had drawn a swastika in her wet cement and she didn’t notice until it was dry Sargent Muir came to her house on his personal time and patched her driveway. Dedicated Father, Friend, Cop and Solider there is no other like Sargent Muir (Sargent Muir is who we refer to when we’re talking about Sargent Nelson)

Sergeant Balawag 

Sergeant Gerard 

Lieutenant Lane

Lieutenant Smith – Is a great guy with a lot of passion and heart. The former Sargent of the Traffic Division and Risk Management he is a great person to step into this promotion. He is also the new area commander for the northern section of the city. He is probably the best person to fill the shoes of the three people that have held that job before him. Most recently Kathy Thompson, Andy Karol and Craig Crispin. A great promotion and a awesome show to the community that Rialto Police wants to see the Area Command program live on.

Captain Wilson – Another great guy who has a very easy way about him. A former Area Commander and a person that will listen and talk to anyone that asks. He and Captain Karol have always worked so well together they will be an awesome team that helps launch Rialto PD as one of the Top Law Enforcement agencies in California.


Your 2016 Update On The City Care Of Councilman Shawn O’Connell

Councilman Shawn O’Connell continues his track record of meeting all of his campaign promises and keeping the community informed with his 2016 Rialto Year Update. Councilman O’Connell is the only elected official to who not only worked diligently to make good on what he said on his first run on the good ole campaign trail, he has done everything he promised with a year to spare in his political career.

To top it off Councilman O’Connell one of Rialto’s most influential people in Rialto in 2015 has just released his yearly update for 2016 which you can see below is an update of what is vital to residents, what has been done and what is coming up. Councilman O’Connell normally releases these Press Releases before each area command meeting as a way to give the community an honest and unbiased look at what is vital to the community.

Shawn PR 2016So as we said Councilman O’Connell releases these Press Releases before each Area Command meeting series and tonight kicks off the first Area Command for the South Part of the city.  They will be discussing things to consider during an “Active Shooter” incident. Several Rialto Police Department SWAT officers who responded to the Inland Regional Center incident in San Bernardino will be in attendance and provide insight on their experiences that day.

Join Rialto PD and Various City Department heads this week to get your information for 2016.

Area Command 2016


Political Game Playing Caught On Camera

So yesterday January 9th 2016 we were covering the SCAG Regional Transportation Q&A hosted by the Mayor and City Council (not one council member was present) at City Hall.

While the story on that is coming we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to show off how normally the people with all the political power in this city and region act.

The powers that be tell you that they act on your behalf and value your opinion. They also say that as YOUR elected official you should be able to express yourself if you agree or disagree with the current or planned direction of the area in which they govern.

Yet when you step out and oppose their grand ideas they will work to shut you up or shut you down. As can be seen below.

Tressy Capps who is a local political activist who is well versed in the rules of exposing incorrect information that is being given at a public meeting.

But that isn’t good enough for John Longvile who jumps up to shut up the person who doesn’t agree with the given regional plan.

Enjoy the video and we will be sharing more in the coming days.


Little League and Softball skills expo



City of Rialto Shows You How They Plan To Take Away Your Car!!!!!

The City of Rialto is teaming up with SCAG (Southern California Associated Governments) to show you how they plan to get you out of your cars and remove your freedom.


This Group is run by a former communist from RUSSIA Hasan Ikhrata and as you can see from the photo below he is all about his own version of fair. The force climate change rules on us, force people into electric cars then claim that those electric cars that don’t use fuel are the reason SAN BAG and SCAG are pushing you out of your cars and forcing you to pay twice for freeways with TOLL LANES.

What cracks me up is in the video below Hasan Ikhrata asks a room full of Progressive Hippies who has a Hybrid car and only one person has one and he still trys to use that one person as the main reason that we can’t fund road construction.

The real reason there is no money for roads is that the people YOU elect into office vote to raid the gas tax funds to pay off special interests and line the pockets of them and their friends. Don’t be fooled these people do not care about you all they want is you out of your cars and into crowded homes.

Affordable Housing = Stack and Pack no yard just more small houses

Bike Sharing = No more freedom of choice you use what is available to others

Bike Lanes = Well you must have somewhere to ride that shared bike

Bus Transit = You know those large, smelly things that hold all the people you try to avoid? Yeah they want you in one of those.

Freeway Improvements = Toll Lanes so you can pay twice for smaller lanes and no more shoulders

Replacement Bridges = A great way to spend millions for those people that worked to get you elected the special interests

We asked SANBAG when we would begin to see any advertisments about the public comment session since it was supposed to begin in December and this was their message to us:

Hello thank you for your message. As we shared with you and the other Community Advisory Group members on December 17, 2015, the I-10 Draft Environmental Document, which was originally scheduled to circulate this month is now planned for circulation in February/March 2016. This additional time is needed as the Environmental Protection Agency has a new air quality modeling requirement and we are in the process of running new models to comply. We are looking to provide additional updates on timing of the circulation as we continue to make progress on the modeling. Once a firm date is identified for the start of the circulation period, there will be a full public outreach push to meet and exceed notification requirements for the public review and comment period of the Draft Environmental Document. Please stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks. Thank you.

So are they looking to go all the way to March or is this failed attempt at “informing” the public going to come at an abrupt end soon?

Please make time to come down to city hall this weekend and make your opinion heard.


What Happens When The City Can’t Follow Their Own Rules?

Ever since the city of Rialto took on the Water Reductions from the State of California we have been threatened with massive fines if we did not follow the new strict water rules. Even families that ripped out entire lawns were fined by the city and to get anyone to listen to their plight they had to go to a city council meeting.

The city does everything it can to make sure you know what your not supposed to be doing with your water use even to go as far as use to beat residents over their digital heads reminding them not to waste water but who is keeping an eye on the City Officials? Even Mayor Deborah Robertson is caught on video claiming that “every drop counts” but does it really?

The park above Flores Park on Etiwanda Ave has long been a park that the city has ignored and left things up to the local residents to make changes. The disdain for this local community made up of all races, young and old, cops/teachers/business owners/laborers has had their speed limit jump up almost 20 MPH, told no on a stop sign, forced to band together to get more police help and protect their children from Fire Ant Infestations and Play ground Equipment that is boarded up and falling apart. Now they want to flood the grass and waste water. The local Community Group Flores Park Group a collection of community members have invited the Mayor and Park Councilman Joe Baca Jr. to many events but they have never came out to see what the community deals with everyday.


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