Is this hate speak or not

Mississippi Democrat Kenneth Stokes urged his community this week to hurl rocks, bricks and bottles at police.

A Mississippi councilman has sparked controversy after calling for dramatic action against police. Kenneth Stokes, a councilman in Jackson Ward, says he wants his constituents to send a message to police officers from other jurisdictions who chase misdemeanor suspects through their territory. “What I suggest is we get the black leadership together, and as these jurisdictions come into Jackson we throw rocks and bricks and bottles at them. That will send a message we don’t want you in here,” he said, reported WLBT.

This elected official is out of control and off his rocker. Normally no elected official would ever be brazen enough to say this publicly let alone to a reporter on camera but thanks to the #blacklivesmatter protesters and our current sitting president saying these types of things are ok and expected. Obama has done very little to protect the Men & Women who put on a uniform and defend this countries laws. Obama’s lack of action on the side of law enforcement has brought a rise in police officer deaths and leaves police in some areas questioning every single step they take putting themselves in danger.

Listening to Councilman Stokes talk about how police from other jurisdictions should not be able to pursue suspects into his city because of county or city boarders reminded me of one of Rialto’s Top Cops at a community forum. At a Coffee With The Chief event held some years ago someone asked about Rialto Police and their ability to keep Marijuana Pot Shops out of Rialto. The resident asked if Rialto Police had Jurisdiction to inforce Marijuana laws (since most of the law against its use were federal). This high ranking Rialto Police official said:

  1. The law against having Marijuana Shops within the City of Rialto limits was an ordnance that was within the prop 215 law passed by the State of California allowing Medical Marijuana uses but still allowed cities to regulate if pot shops were allowed in Rialto.
  2. He pointed at his badge and said do you see the California Seal on my badge? As a sworn police officer here in California I have the ability to enforce the law State Wide.
  3. He ended saying that in the USA there were no boundaries that kept him from enforcing the laws of this country.

I don’t have this recorded but I remember it so vividly because he wasn’t rude or over bearing but he clearly explained his right to enforce the laws of this land to protect good law abiding citizens. I also loved the clear and concise way his legal right to enforce laws was explained.

So where does this Councilman get off telling cops that they cant pursue a suspect into his city if they are under suspicion of committing a crime? He wants to turn his city into a safe haven for criminals? This isn’t 3rd grade and were not playing tag there is no safe zone from answering for your crimes.

This councilman is part of a ward system and as we have come to see the ward system is a system that hurts cities because each council person isn’t responsible to the entire cities success, only their small section of the community. Also in this case I’m sure that this councilman’s ward is largely minority and as we have seen races of people that consider themselves minorities have bought the concept that there is a race of people out to get them. Yes there are some racist idiots that make this look that way but those of us who were raised in areas with a lot of different races of people represented we just don’t get it.

Moral of the story here is that this type of hate speak (to hurl rocks, bricks and bottles at police) is way out of line and it only puts more lives in danger. Those police are doing their jobs and they have families too. Don’t the police deserve the same right as any person to get home safe at the end of their day? Were lucky here in Rialto that we have a Police Department that has worked over the years to have a positive respectful relationship with the City of Rialto and it’s guests.


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