Political Game Playing Caught On Camera

So yesterday January 9th 2016 we were covering the SCAG Regional Transportation Q&A hosted by the Mayor and City Council (not one council member was present) at City Hall.

While the story on that is coming we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to show off how normally the people with all the political power in this city and region act.

The powers that be tell you that they act on your behalf and value your opinion. They also say that as YOUR elected official you should be able to express yourself if you agree or disagree with the current or planned direction of the area in which they govern.

Yet when you step out and oppose their grand ideas they will work to shut you up or shut you down. As can be seen below.

Tressy Capps who is a local political activist who is well versed in the rules of exposing incorrect information that is being given at a public meeting.

But that isn’t good enough for John Longvile who jumps up to shut up the person who doesn’t agree with the given regional plan.

Enjoy the video and we will be sharing more in the coming days.


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