Hundreds of People Come Out to Support The Rialto Police Officer Fallen Hero Memorial 5k Fundraiser

Early Saturday morning while others are wrapped up snuggled in their beds Rialto Police Officers, Volunteers and City Workers were up closing streets and setting up for a memorial 5K to raise funds for a future Fallen Officer Monument to Honor the Three Men who have died in the line of duty.

The crowd stacked up up waiting for the start of the 5K

The crowd stacked up up waiting for the start of the 5K

Turnout was a little lower than last year but things that may have attributed to this was a change in person in charge of the event promotion, change of venue and the threats of winter weather conditions including a severe wind warning. Participation from fellow officers was lighter this year than last year and one of those reasons probably was the Battle of the Badges boxing match that is slated for later on this evening.

Battle of the Badges 2016Tonight

Chris “The Makau” Sellig from Rialto Police will be boxing

Abarham “ABE” Adame from the California Department of Corrections in Bout #3 


Robert “Don’t Doubt Me” Morales from Rialto Police will be boxing

Jerry Magoffin from Pachenga Department of Public Safety in Bout #11

The weather was made for running but many runners commented that this years course was too difficult and much more difficult than last year. Also a major difference from last year was the fact that NONE of your elected officals came out to support this year and we only saw two department heads (Police Chief Deaanda & Parks & Rec Manager Perry). With this year being an election year it is odd to see none of the elected leaders than will be vying for your vote out this year.

Probably the coolest part for the Rialto Now team who had 2 runners this year was the Sheriffs Academy class were out once again running in a group chanting their cadence check it out below.

Check out all the cool photos and videos by going to Rialto Re-Entry, Rialto Network or Rialto PD Facebook


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