West Valley Water Board Directors Not Prepared At Regularly Scheduled Meeting

On November 5th 2015 the West Valley Water Board held their regular meeting with their new 6pm. Even though the meeting time had changed the way the board acts towards vendors, staff, media and rate payers has not changed. Our staff was not in attendance mostly due to schedule conflicts and partly was we didn’t want to poke the tiger too much. The meeting from what we heard was well attended when compared to past meetings yet Vice President Young and Director Gonzales were upset to the point of bringing it up multiple times that we were not in attendance. The early part of the meeting things seemed a little tense.

Board Vice President Young, Gonzales & Trujillo were not prepared for this meeting. Time and time again they were asking to have business items tabled many into the last meeting of 2015 which was six weeks from the date of the last meeting of the 2015 year. At one point Board Director Linda Gonzales states that she works 8-5 and doesn’t have time to look over her board packet material?????? When did it become the rate payers responsibility to make sure you had enough time to do your job? Why did you run for a Civil Service position if your not prepared to put in the work? Director Gonzales didn’t have time to read her board packet but she had time to hobnob with various elected officials and complain about her dislike of the food they provided her.


Join Paul Chabot for Coffee & Conversation November 19th

Join Paul Chabot for Coffee & Conversation November 19th

Second was they spend so much time fighting former General Managers and politicking from the dais that they are not paying bills in a timely fashion leaving space and bills unpaid which is beyond unfair. If you have a dispute over the costs have the client come to a meeting and ask your questions and them come to a majority consensus and pay what the vendor has coming to them. Vivian Moreno a Riverside Based activist asks the board why they act like the West Valley Water District doesn’t know what they are paying. Both President Gosney and General Manager spoke up after Mrs. Moreno asked them why they didn’t know what they were paying. President Gosney said that each bill came with a list of items for which the total bill represented.

The boards lack of direction and the constant fighting with vendors and ratepayers seems to be blowing up in their faces. It has already cost ratepayers a board director as President Gosney decided not to seek another term as a water board director. Vice President Young has asked that the 15 percent rate increases that are scheduled to be on the next two years be added to the last meeting of 2015.

Stay tuned for more on this as the saga seems far from over………………..



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  1. Terry B. Thompson
    Nov 18, 2015 @ 00:48:33

    The circus is in town, and the ring leader’s pathetic response to any adversarial comment is to deride and yell. How sad is this.


  2. Juie
    Nov 23, 2015 @ 05:19:35

    Every time they say they need to re-evaluate things that have been voted on already by the board and passed they are wasting time. Perhaps people should re-evaluate the votes cast on getting these people elected, oh but wait that’s not how it works is it?
    Bullying your way through a meeting is disgusting behavior. Yelling at a meeting is uncalled for. Anyone being rude, disrespectful or out of line should be asked to remove themselves from the room until they can gain composure.
    And if you are too busy with your 8 to 5 that it affects your performance on the board then you need to step down. You clearly just couldn’t be bothered to read the packet because there was nothing fun for you to brag about and no names to drop of who you rubbed elbows with. Clearly you have your priorities screwed up and have terrible time management skills.
    Move FORWARD WVWD don’t keep going backward. If something has been voted on and passed then LEAVE IT ALONE. As board members you need to respect the process. Do not throw tantrums when things do not go your way and then expect people to respect you.


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