Rialto Now “Spotlight” on Former Rialto Unified Student Anahi Velasco

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Anahi Velasco

When it comes to what types of stories drive traffic (people reading our blog) negative or stories of gloom and doom are the ones that drive people to your site. Even the larger media sources know that a hard hitting story of corruption or illegal activities will be very highly seen. What I love about our audience is that these “Spotlight” stories are all positive and you guys and gals read them just as much as the latest scandal to hit a local area here in Rialto.

We met Anahi Velasco through the personal Social Media post of Rialto Unified School District Public Relations Director Syeda Jafri she took a picture of some former students at Coffee Nutzz in Rialto and spoke about how Rialto grads are effecting and changing the world we live in. Well we reached out to Anahi and asked if she would participate in our “Spotlight” and she jumped at the chance.

Here you go:

Rialto Now – Who raised you? What were the occupations of your parents/caregivers?

Anahi Velasco – My parents worked hard to provide everything they could for us to succeed. My mom has generally worked at factories and my dad has been on disability since I was like 10 years old or so. We also created our own family-run business in San Bernardino to be able to afford a roof on our heads, food on the table and clothes on our back. I started working there when I was 12 and stopped when my school load increased dramatically during my junior year in high school.

Rialto Now – Pets? Are you a dog or cat person?

Anahi Velasco – I’m definitely a dog person!! I have my eleven-year old Chihuahua named Mini-Mi who had a very difficult time understanding that I wouldn’t be home anymore. When I moved out my first year of college, my mom told me that she would hide under the BBQ grill and wouldn’t come out to eat. My mom had to literally put food and water under the BBQ in order for her to actually eat. It was very sad! To my surprise, she somehow got pregnant (I am saying somehow because I thought she was too old to have more puppies), and had three puppies. One of those puppies looked identical to her when she was a puppy. I decided to keep her and name her “Bella” because she was as beautiful as her mother. 

Rialto Now – What schools did you attend?

Anahi Velasco – Dunn Elementary School, Kolb Middle School and Eisenhower High School!

Rialto Now – What was your favorite year of school? What was your favorite subject?

Anahi Velasco – My favorite subject was chemistry because the teacher challenged us. Her goal was to prepare us for college, not for high school graduation. She was a great mentor for me who taught me the real value of family time. It’s because of her that I began to strengthen my relationship with my parents and opened up more conversations with them about what I’m doing at school and what I plan to do for my future.

Rialto Now – What are you passionate about?

Anahi Velasco – This is probably the most difficult question to ask me. I am passionate about so many things which is my biggest problem. If I had to choose one area that I’m passionate about though, it’d be education. In order to change the world, we need to be educated. I’m not only referring to our educational system though, I’m also talking about the education we receive at home. That education is the most important education that we’ll ever receive. 

Rialto Now – What did you love about living in Rialto?

Anahi Velasco – I loved knowing that we have people from different cultures who get along. We have respect for each other’s cultures. I especially love the community-wide events because that’s when you see everyone come together. 

Rialto Now – Where did you hang out in Rialto?

Anahi Velasco – I think I spent most of my time at Eisenhower! I had honors classes, AP classes and I was also enrolled at San Bernardino Valley College. I was at Eisenhower for most of my day to catch up on my homework, attend meetings, tutor other students, listen to my mentors or lead workshops. I had created a student-run organization with my friends and Mr. G, the former Career Center Technician at Eisenhower HS. So a lot of times I was running around on campus doing something for that organization. I also had an internship at Channel 3 with Gabriel Felton and an internship at the Rialto Unified School District, so I’d be there too throughout the week.

Rialto Now – Where was your favorite place to eat in Rialto?

Anahi Velasco – I can’t decide between George’s Burgers or a small taco place near the liquor store and the laundry mat. I love George’s Burger’s Swiss Burger and fries, yet I also loved the small talks that I had with the wonderful lady at the taco place. My mom would leave money with her so that I can stop by and eat quickly if I was going to stay at school late. She was always very kind and asked me questions about my future. She doesn’t work there anymore, but I’ll never forget her! 

Rialto Now – Who are the top 2 people that influenced you here in Rialto?

Anahi Velasco – I can’t name 2 because there have been so many people in my life that have had a huge impact on my life and it wouldn’t be fair. They know who they are.

Rialto Now – Tell us about college. What school are you at? What is your major? Best thing about college & worst thing about college?

Anahi Velasco – I’m double majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Radio – TV – Film at California State University, Fullerton. The best thing about college is the amount of support professors and staff offer me. They are my best resources and always make time to meet with me if I need their guidance. They have experience in their fields and have lots of connections. The worst thing about college is parking and finding a nice affordable place to live (finding roommates too!)

Rialto Now – If money wasn’t an issue what would be your dream forever job?

Anahi Velasco – I don’t think I’ve ever realistically thought of money as being one of the biggest factors of what my “dream job” would be. I’ve listened to so many high-level executives say over and over again that we need to follow our passion and money would come after. So without saying any position titles or specific occupations, I’d say my dream job is to interact and engage with the youth to listen to their stories and share their triumphs. Everyone has barriers that keep them from moving forward, but only a few are successful in overcoming their barriers and using it as a motivation for their future. 

Rialto Now – What would you tell young people today that you wish you would have known when you were young?

Anahi Velasco – I wish I would have been able to recognize all of the sacrifices and huge efforts my parents make for me to succeed. I didn’t notice all of the little things until my second semester of sophomore year in high school. I sincerely wish I would have invited my parents to all of the parent meetings they held at school or back to school nights. I always felt like they were too busy or would be tired to attend, so I didn’t invite them.

During my junior and senior year in high school, they took me everywhere. If I had a meeting, they were the first to offer to take me even though I told them I could walk. I was also enrolled at San Bernardino Valley College program, so they took me to school as early as 6:30am and picked me up as late as 10:00pm.

My mom also tried her best to always provide me with snacks and food. Many times I would be so busy that I forgot to eat, but I would always be able to count on one of my backpack pockets to have some sort of snack. I didn’t expect it, but it was always there. Even to this day, when I visit my parents on the weekends, I drive back to Orange County and find snacks hidden throughout my car. I absolutely love my parents!

I know that some youth have trouble recognizing the efforts our parents back and sometimes even feel like our parents don’t understand us. Well, how could they possibly understand us if we don’t talk to them? If we don’t communicate with them and share our struggles and successes with them? It’s all about communication. We need to communicate with each other and value each other for who we are. I’m not ashamed to say that I love my parents and although I excluded them from certain events throughout middle school and high school, they were my main motivation to succeed.


Local Ratepayers Call For Leadership On The West Valley Water Board

WVWB needs leadership

If you were not aware a lot of issues have been brewing on the West Valley Water Board. From rate increases to political positioning it looks like the trouble has boiled over into ratepayers actually attending meetings and calling out into the light some issues that appear to be more serious than anyone first thought. Over the last three years there has been a series of regular rate increases that have set off a firestorm of controversy and led certain people to act in ways that now that have people questioning certain board members agendas.

Board Director Linda Gonzalez, Recently Appointed Board Director Rafael Trullio & Vice President Clifford Young are leading the charge that they are the voices of reason and will be the team to lower WVWD ratepayers rates. Current President Betty Gosney said the rates were increased to make sure that WVWD could afford to deliver water to it’s customers.

Fast forward to today and the WVWB has approved the use of PUBLIC funds to investigate current Board Member Alan Dyer on his residency and former WVWD General Manager Butch Ariza on his ability to run for the water district. Clifford Young, Linda Gonzalez and Rafael Truillo are also calling into question where Mr. Ariza’s campaign funds came from. Clifford Young, Linda Gonzalez and Rafael Truillo claim that election funds came from people who currently hold contracts with WVWD. Well if this isn’t ok then someone better tell every other political person because sadly this is all to common take the money out of politics and this won’t be an issue.

There are two sides to every story and were asking for everyone for their statements. On the residents side of things Mr. O’Connell the Author of this flyer (see above) has gone on record See Below:

“I have said numerous times and I will continue to say it, the public doesn’t trust politicians and there are reasons why. You need to earned that back.
Some of the reasons were clearly visible at the West Valley Water District Board meetings that I attended on 10/12/15-noon and 10/15/15. 
The first thing I noticed was a clear lack of effective leadership, poor decision-making and a form of bullying going on.
After exiting from close session, the first thing the board did was fire their attorney by a vote of 3 to 2 (YES – Young, Gonzalez and Trujillo).
Instead of having another attorney available to step in or even closing the Special Meeting until the next regular meeting – 3 days later, the board members continued without any legal help. Normally this shouldn’t be a problem but this board kept stepping into quicksand -potentially violating the Brown act. 
On at least two occasions, myself and another citizen informed the board that they were violating the Brown act. (Brown act – a law that effectively states that elected officials must do their business in public. There very strict requirements and significant penalties for failing to follow it.)
I was surprised at what they were doing, since every elected officia has to take a class that teaches the Brown act.
This flyer is based on two meetings that I recently attended at the West Valley Water District. (10/12/15, 10/15/15)
I, along with 50+ private citizens were stunned buy what we witnessed by our elected WVWD Board members. We pay to much money to see it wasted at their level. Whether it’s them spending money on things that they have no mandate or  doing things in such a reckless manner as to open the district up for Financial loss. They need to be good stewards of our money.
Not all was loss. I appreciated Director Gonzalez coming down and providing snacks for the children, as well as speaking with all of us. That showed a small level of commitment to community that I respected.
What I wrote below is just a small sample of the problems facing this board. I will be starting a Facebook page to link the YouTube videos, so you can see for yourself. Shawn O’Connell”
Keep checking back as we will update you as more statements come in and to keep plugged in visit https://www.facebook.com/WVWDBoard


San Bernardino Police Fail To Pursue Violent Animal Abuser Caught On Video


A male and female subject were seen on Surveillance Video arguing on October 12th at about 12:40 pm then the male took his anger out on an innocent victim a small dog on a leash he was walking. Below is the statement we were given by the main witness on the incident:

“So our office is on 9th and Preston in San Bernardino across from the recycling center, we always get homeless people and what not roaming around and arguing. Yesterday there was a guy screaming outside our door. As we looked at the window my employees and I watched this guy take the leash of the dog bundle it up and swing the dog in the air and slam it against the fence. We all ran outside and one of my guys chased the guy down the street but couldn’t catch him. The lady was in tears and very upset with what happened. We took the lady to her grandmothers house on Golden ave and 27th. I called SBPD to report animal cruelty and they tried to come up with every excuse why they couldn’t come out until I kept telling them I have it on video I know where the woman is. I told the dispatcher I can get one of their I.D.’s from the recycling center they just came from. So all she could say was OK. Well will get someone out as soon as possible but nobody ever arrived! Then the dispatcher calls after 11pm at night asking if we still need their assistance!”

According to the witness the whole thing started because the female apparently caught her boyfriend looking at another girl and when he was confronted this was his reaction. We asked the witness if this was the normal response of San Bernardino Police she said:

“Yes any time you call them they NEVER show up. That intersection is infamous for car accident, they refuse to come out unless someone is seriously injured.”

So it appears that San Bernardino Police failed to see what everyone else has seen:

  1. This male has some serious anger issues.
  2. No matter how mad you get abusing an animal is not OK.
  3. That there may be a larger issue with Animal Abuse going without proper investigation.
  4. That evil is thriving in San Bernardino because everyone is more worried about paying special vendors than dealing with the issues at hand.

With the election of School Board Members and City Council Members coming up in a few weeks it is vital to make sure people that have the communities best interest in mind are placed in the seats that make final decisions. Now you may be asking why are we writing about this on Rialto Now? Well San Bernardino is our next door neighbor and if you think that the bad guys will be comfortable just tearing apart San Bernardino you are sadly mistaken.


#bluelivesmatter & #alllivesmatter Rally Brings Attention To Public Safety Issues


Blue Lives Matter 8 signs

Just over 100 people from all areas and walks of life converged on the Intersection of Redlands Blvd & Orange Street on October 9th. The event was organized by the Redlands Tea Party Patriots but there were people from all walks of life, professions and areas of the Inland Empire. Many of the people that were active members of the Tea Party Group were happily surprised to see so many old and new people.

Police Officer comes out to personally thank the people for coming to the rally.

Police Officer comes out to personally thank the people for coming to the rally.

The #bluelivesmatter & #alllivesmatter rally was the brain child of Redlands residents Richard and Joann Marshall, was organized by the Redlands Tea Party Patriots with help from Gregory Britttain.

Richard and Joann Marshall told the Redlands Daily Facts the following:

“When we saw Black Lives Matter start marching and having rallies, every time they held a rally, somewhere in the United States another police officer was ambushed and murdered,” Richard Marshall said. “We thought it was time to do something in Southern California to bring attention — that all lives matter and especially police lives because without them we’d have anarchy.”

More people quoted by by the Redlands Daily Facts:

Delia Fontanes of Redlands said she participated in the rally to show support for law enforcement.

“Normally when I see a police officer I walk up to him or her to thank them for their service,” she said while holding a “Blue Lives Matter” sign and holding an American flag.

Debbie Holley participated in the rally holding signs in support of Redlands police Cpl. Kyle Alexander and Officer Chris Mead.

“We’re just praying for them and supporting them,” Holley said.

What was awesome to see was the large amount of Police Cruisers that drove through the intersection to get a taste of the positive vibes being tossed their way. There were also off duty officers from other local agencies and sheriff’s departments. Also in attendance was Paul Chabot the founder of Drug Free CA out supporting the cause and the local officers. Paul said “It’s time we show the officers that out on the uniform that we appreciate what they do.”

Another surprise was the only elected official out showing support wasn’t a Redlands Council Member it was Rialto’s own Shawn O’Connell. Councilman O’Connell told the Redlands Daily Facts:

Blue Lives Matter 3 reporter

“One thing people don’t realize is these officers put on the uniform and the bulletproof vest every day knowing there’s a very good chance someone is going to come up and shoot them from behind and they’re going to leave their families fatherless,” O’Connell said. “They do it because of the profession and because they want to make a difference. There is a silent majority and it’s about time people start speaking up.”

Blue Lives Matter 4

With the event being put together by the Redlands Tea Party group Councilman O’Connell told Rialto Now:

“For me this is not about politics! As a former Police Sergeant I attended this function as a private citizen supporting Law Enforcement. They are the ones who put on a uniform every day to protect us – America. They do so knowing full well that they may not be returning home that night. When officers are assassinated in the street their children are forced to attend their funerals, I say enough is enough. This is not about liberals or Conservatives or Democrats and Republicans it’s about the men and women who put on that uniform. Are there problems within dome police departments? The answer is yes, as there is within any organization. Things have to change within law enforcement, within our society, within the family structure and within our government. The concern I have is that we have reached a point where officers are being assassinated in the street and not enough people are getting involved. The next step is the complete breakdown of social rules, which will ultimately lead to the suffering of socirty. Don’t you remember 9/11 when both the Police & Fire ran toward the Twin Towers? When they did so regardless of the safety for their own lives? How did we get to the point of killing officers just for wearing a uniform – 14 years later? That is why I was out there that night waving an American Flag. Not to support any political group or cause. I was there proudly to support the men & women of Law Enforcement.”

Blue Lives Matter 1

Councilman O’Connell’s response was to a Oped written and published in the Redlands Daily Facts where Advisory Board Member Peter Coonradt lays a heavy line of politics to shadow the great event that was to honor our Public Safety officers. Mr. Coonradt said the following:

“Once again the Redlands Tea Party Patriots have demonstrated that they’re not part of the solution, they’re part of the problem. I’m referring to the manner in which they promoted their sponsorship of the Blue Lives Matter rally downtown. I have the highest regard for the Redlands Police Department and law enforcement generally.”

Then he goes off and Quotes a Redlands Tea Party Member but doesn’t tell you where he gets this quote?

“John Berry, RTPP cabinet member, is quoted in the Facts saying, “…but unfortunately the left has tried to take advantage of some unfortunate incidents and turned it into a political crusade against the police.” The “unfortunate incidents” Mr. Berry refers to include unarmed black men being shot, choked and beaten to death in clear violation of police protocol.”

We looked at the other story we originally quoted and couldn’t find any such mention. Looks like Mr. Coonradt is trying really hard to make a moment happen that didn’t. The crowd was very diverse and included people from all over the Inland Empire. I think that pictures and first hand testimonials should speak for themselves. I applaud the Redlands Tea Party for making this happen since many other cities have not planned any events to counter act the negative hate speech by the #blacklivesmatter group. We will end this post with a comment by a Mr. Ken Hunter on this issue:

The Blue Lives Matter rally last week was nothing other than supporting our Redlands police department. The author here assumes it was a rally against someone or some group. Here is the section that is outrageous and slanderous in away that is not funny and meant to hurt people. The author says..”.If only the Redlands Tea Party Patriots had reached out with a welcoming hand to Redlanders all across the political spectrum to show support for the professionals who look out for all of us every day, instead of unfairly demonizing people who call attention to racism, and work to end it.”

Many veterans, current and former police officers, Redlands business owners and even city council members from other cities took part in the event. Who exactly did the Redlands Tea Party demonize? The event was open to the public and everyone welcome, so exactly who did not get invited? There really were only about 11 people I know from the Redlands Tea Party at the event. There were about 28 people from some group called “Oath Keepers” there. A City Councilman from Rialto was there. Some Redlands residents heard about the event and wanted to participate and it was great to meet so many new faces.
The author assumes somehow that the event was a Tea Party event. It was not. It was actually scheduled and sponsored by someone else altogether. Because it was an open event, RTTP posted it to their members as a positive cause for the community that they agreed with and some of them showed up. Somehow the author further assumed that everyone there was with RTTP. Not true. Looks like someone on the RDF advisory board just fell out of the wrong side of the spin room again.




Blue Lives Matter 7 paul & dave

Local Community Advocates Stop Water Meeting In It’s Tracks


On Monday October 12th West Valley Water Board held a “SPECIAL” meeting to address issues that arose from the October 8th regular board meeting. We covered the “SPECIAL” meeting in a previous post to give the public a better idea of what was going to take place at noon on a Monday workday. At the meeting we saw a powder keg of emotions and Electioneering going on while the Water Board of Directors went into an early Closed Session meeting to come to an agreement to fire their current legal counsel from the firm Redwine and Sherrill and to proceed down a path of a dangerous General Public Agenda that from the talk in the crowd was ripe with violations of the Brown Act the very set of rules that dictates how elected boards are to be run and handle themselves. This meeting never made it past the first item on their public agenda.

Here are videos of people that choose to address the Water Board prior to their closed session:

The water Board legal counsel was not invited into the closed session we found out later it was because there had already been a decision to fire him and his firm possible Brown Act violation #1

The first general agenda item was listed as Appointment of Special Counsel. Many in the crowd had an issue with the vague nature of the item in question and once the public began speaking out it was more clear what this “SPECIAL COUNSEL” would be tasked to do. This special counsel was apparently going to be given marching orders to put a negative shade on two people currently running for the water board. Clifford Young the Vice President of the Board had a very angry look on his face and his comments and body language were very aggressive. I spoke on record about the costs of hiring an attorney just to sully the reputation weeks before an election of two people seeking seats on the board and asked how that was fair to the rate payers. I also spoke to Mr. Young and his aggressive posture and the message that was sending to the audience.

After I spoke Mr. Young got up and proved that he was out to cast negative shade over current Board Director Alan Dyer and Former West Valley Water District General Manager Butch Arizia who is running for one of the three seats open for this election. See the whole video below and watch it to the end where West Valley Water Board President Betty Gosney sets the record straight further showing the Vice Presidents true intentions.

Even though the attacks on Mr. Arizia were proven false still on social media the group out to take total control of the Water Board still post these types of statements:

Demwomen Sbc In December 2012 the West Valley Water District. Board members Betty Doshier Gosney
Earl Tilman,Jackie Cox,Alan Dyer, Don Olinger,
Approved a 75% increase on the water bills in our community

Bloomington, Rialto,north Fontana south Fontana. This was during a recession that hit the community, causing hard-working people that year 2012 to now, that are losing their homes and businesses going belly up!
This information is in the WVWD minutes December 2012.

You may call 909-875-1804 to get a copy of the minutes,pulled from the file these minutes dated December 20,2012 resolution 2012-23 article 21.

This meeting had about 20 local residents out asking a lot of good questions and the two words of the day were TRANSPARENCY & BROWN ACT VIOLATION. Mr. Young was affected by these mentions of the Brown Act and the potential violations that existed within the make up of the Special Meeting Agenda that he started to call out the people making the accusations and the people he was speaking too should know their Brown Act pretty well they all have had to abide by it pretty recently. These people were former Councilwoman Lynn Hirtz, Councilman Shawn O’Connell and Private Investigator Thompson all had words of caution for the board if they choose to proceed. Here is video of the rest of the board not falling in line with any more poor decisions and further Brown Act violations.

The list of potential Brown Act violations are listed here:

  1. The meeting itself and the timing of the meeting.
  2. The appearance of more than two Board Members meeting and deciding on the issue of firing the current legal counsel.
  3. Putting out information at a board meeting that would harm or sully the reputation of a fellow board member or other person running for a board seat.
  4. Calling for a vote on allowing the General Manager of the Water District to find alternate legal counsel for the Thursday regular meeting without it being on the agenda or calling the meeting a emergency meeting.
  5. The attempt to hire a person that would only report to the board of directors.

If you look at the agenda for tomorrow little has changed except the Confidential Assistant that will report only to the Water Board has gone from a public item to a Closed Session Item.

The meeting is tomorrow at 3pm at 855 West Baseline Road it appears this one will be just as exciting as Monday.


West Valley Water District Board Calls Special Meeting

So in today’s era of the Great California Drought and the massive amount of influence that local water boards have on the use and cost of your families water more attention is being put on Elected Boards that have a direct influence on our most valuable utility water. Most water companies are overseen by a Utility Commission but the final body to approve changes lies with Elected Council members and Mayors. Well in Rialto there is a strange mixture of utilities when it comes to the delivery of water and sewer services. This isn’t a perfect boarder but basically if you live south of Baseline Ave your serviced by Rialto Water Services north of Baseline you are part of West Valley Water.

West Valley apparently had a very turbulent board meeting according to Board Member Linda Gonzalez on Board Vice President Clifford Young’s Facebook page:

WVWD HeatedNow Mrs. Gonzalez telling people to check the minutes was a weird statement due to the fact that the only minutes that had been published were up to 9-3-15. Never the less we hear that there is a special meeting that was called and here is the meat of the agenda:


Consideration of:

1. Appointment of Special Counsel.

2. Appointment of Confidential Assistant to Report Directly to the West Valley Water Districts Board of Directors.

3. Appointment of Treasurer for the West Valley Water District Board of Directors.

4. Begin Conducting an Independent Review of all West Valley Water Districts Contracts.

5. Independent Review of all Contracts during the Tenure of Prior West Valley Water Districts General Manager. Consideration of Possible Suspension of all District Contracts Independent of Contracts Directly Critical to the Delivery, Safety and Operation of Water Services to the District.


Rumors are flying about the reason for the special counsel that the board is looking to hire as well as why does the WATER BOARD need a Confidential Assistant? Were also wondering why this board is now calling into question EVERY SINGLE contract that was signed during the tenure of Mr. Butch Ariza the former General Manager of the WVWD. A lot of this smells of political leveraging against Mr. Ariza due to the fact that he is running for a seat on the water board. It’s horrible because public safety doesn’t even seem to matter as they look to suspend “Suspension of all District Contracts Independent of Contracts Directly Critical to the Delivery, Safety and Operation of Water Services to the District” This is horrible and has us wondering what is the motive for such a bold move?

Our 2 cents is they know that they fly way under the public radar and they think you don’t care enough to get upset. Well it should be on your radar because these people are well compensated for their time sitting on this board. According to the link on the WVWD website that each board member can be compensated at least $13,000 each year and the General Manager can approve for them to go over that amount if need be. See the info below if you wish to attend tomorrows SPECIAL BOARD MEETING:


855 W. Base Line Road, Rialto, CA



Monday, October 12, 2015- 12:00 p.m.

“In order to comply with legal requirements for posting of agendas, only those items iiled with the District Secretary’s office by noon, on Wednesday prior to the following Monday Special Board meeting, not requiring departmental investigation, will be considered by the Board of Directors.”


Pledge of Allegiance

Call to Order

Roll Call of Board Members


Any person wishing to speak to the Board of Directors on matters listed or not listed on the agenda, within its jurisdiction, is asked to complete a Speaker Card and submit it to the District Clerk. Each speaker is limited to three (3) minutes. Under the State of California Brown Act, the Board of Directors is prohibited from discussing or taking action on any item not listed on the posted agenda. Comments related to noticed Public Hearing(s) and Business Matters will be heard during the occurrence of the item.


Rialto Unified School District Hears Parents Concerns and Responds With Help

Dollahan Elementary gets a RUSD Public safety Officer

Dollahan Elementary gets a RUSD Public safety Officer

Parents at the local school of Dollahan Elementary watched school drop off and pick up times become a major issue. The issues were wide spread out on the street Etiwanda Ave, in the City Park that is in front of the school (Flores Park) and inside the enclosed oddly shaped parking lot. We have covered numerous stories of issues that almost led to dire consequences and we fielded a lot of calls from the city, school district and police.

Well the school district has had the appropriate reaction to our pleading for more safety at this Elementary school. Monday September 28th Rialto Unified School District Public Safety Department has had a Public Safety Officer on site keeping things safer inside of the school parking lot. You may ask what has changed by adding a Public Safety Officer? Well here are the changes:

  1. No longer do parents double and triple park bringing the traffic flow to a dead stop.
  2. The angry pushy bus drivers no longer come into the parking lot blaring their horns.
  3. Areas that are labeled for buses or Day Care Vans no longer have parents parking there.
  4. Staff and District vehicles are no longer driving on the side walks while kids are preparing to leave for the day.
  5. Parents and children are now safer inside the parking lot.

What hasn’t changed is the total disregard for parking rules in Flores Park and traffic on Etiwanda Ave where the issue of angry parents and fighting over traffic supremacy and the ZERO enforcement of traffic by the city or police. Parents still speed up and down local neighborhood streets, road rage controls Etiwanda Ave, the crossing guard is nearly taken out on a daily basis and the city should remove all of the red curb paint and handicap markings because nobody pays any attention to them and Rialto PD seems to have an issue enforcing the CVC code.

One of the latest issues that sits solely on the shoulders of the city is the sidewalks. When Marcus Fuller was the Public Works Director residents complained about the 1000’s of lifted sidewalks in the Flores Park Area. Mr. Fuller’s remedy was to grind some of those sidewalks and the others they used black asphalt to create ramps. So like everything else Mr. Fuller did in Rialto it was a halfway attempt to fix a problem and now things are worse than before. Here is why:

  1. When the asphalt was laid down it was allowed to spill over and damage residents lawns and properties.
  2. The asphalt didn’t fuse together correctly so it has began to fall apart and denigrate.
  3. Since parents that don’t want to fight the traffic that the police can’t get under control they walk their kids and there has been a recent spike in people falling and injuring themselves.
  4. With speeding up and down residential streets at an uncontrolled high, the neighborhood street that should be a safe place for kids to ride bikes and skateboards isn’t an option so the kids have been pushed onto sidewalks. The pitted and uneaven sidewalks have left local children with an increase in injuries.

Calls and conversations with the new Public Works Director Robert Eisenbeisz have left us with no solutions. The only thing Mr. Eisenbeisz has said is that “IF” measure “I” money comes in from SANBAG then we can look at Etiwanda Ave.

Normally this is where I would tell people to speak up and demand action but that doesn’t work anymore. If your not in the political favor of Mayor Robertson or the “Liberal Park Councilman” Joe Baca Jr. or the “Pay For Me To Travel One More Time Councilman” Ed Scott your not getting ANYTHING!!!! The city leadership doesn’t seem to care about the community, the brown act or just being transparent. The city and the many departments don’t do anything all they do is point the finger at someone else.

So what is ironic about this is the School District is the only party here that had an appropriate response to issues within their sphere of influence and a level of appreciation goes out to the Public Safety Department for their quick and timely response.