Rialto City Council Approves Plans To Destroy A Majority Of The Last Standing Historic Orange Grove

On an early Tuesday morning our staff decided to take a look at the agenda for today’s city council meeting. Once we opened the agenda packet we were both glad and sad at the same time. The agenda includes nine proclomations, fifteen consent calander items and eleven tab items. The highlight of the agenda is the Proclamation-Mary McCombs 100th Year Birthday. You may not know Mrs McCombs but she is one of the last living Woman Veterans from World War II (you can see her in a video below).

adams acres 2

One very sad side of tonight’s agenda is the approval of destroying 7.5 acres of historic orange grove to build high end condos with no private yards in an area already struggling with crime issues. The area has had 92 different crimes in the first four months of this year and most of them were drug or property crimes. Adams Acres owner John Adams told us that the Orange grove and farm has been operating at a loss since 1960 but his family kept running it to keep the historical monument and orange trees part of the Rialto landscape. The property in total is ruffly 9.5 acres and Mr. Adams is selling off 7.5 of those acres and keeping 2 acres of fruit trees and vegetable gardening land. The main portion of the trees on the land that is being sold to the developer of Crestwood Communities is Valencia Oranges that are mainly used for juice and don’t carry a high price in the market. There will be over 600 fruit tress on the remaining 2 acres containing 200 varieties of fruit. Mr. Adams has other off site gardens where they grow vegtables at other locations in the city of Rialto, but nothing with so much historical importance.

I bet you said to your self recently we don’t have enough tire shops in Rialto, right? No your probalby tired of Rialto holding the record for having the most indoor swapmeets, Mc Donalds and Tire Shops. Well if you liked to hand car-wash on Foothill near Eucalytus because the city in all it infinite wisdom has approved yet another tire shop that will run from the corner of Eucalytus all the way to the Exudoz Car Dealership. Ledesma 2

Ledesma 1

Ledesma 4

Ledesma 3


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