Local Documentary Producer Shows Off Local Political Knowledge

We have all watched those questions on the street videos from cities like Newport Beach, Los Angels and New York. We all laugh and say those people are so ________ and go about our day. What if one of those videos were shot here locally, closer to home would our local community fare any better? As someone who has attended local schools even college I did not have a mountain of faith that our community was plugged into what is really going on here and in our nation. The mere fact that a Socialist like Bernie Sanders has garnered so much support proves people have ZERO idea what makes this country survive and thrive.

People who are seen as leaders locally like Leticia Chavez, Tim Prince, Joe Baca, Curt Hagman and Janice Ruthaford know very little about how to do the will of the people or even teach people how government works and allow those people to form their own opinions. These people and many others that hang on their every word and action use hate and division to force people into lining up with them so that they can line their own pockets.

Last year local film maker Miles Orlenas filmed people in the city of Fontana and asked them a series of questions looking to see how much REAL knowledge they had about the American Government. Watch, enjoy and SHARE………..


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