Niagara Water Gets Caught Lying To Local Rialto Reporter

When our staff found out about the Grand Opening ceremony at the Niagara bottling plant we decided to head up and see who was there and get some great video and pictures. What we were met with were lies and fear from the Mayor of Rialto Deborah Robertson and the executive staff at the Rialto Niagara bottling plant. Mayor Robertson saw our staff getting out of their vehicles and she darted into the building. Once inside our staff were met with some questions on who we were with then a lady from Niagara Water Came out and told us that press and media were not allowed in their Grand Openings. Well as you can see from the video above apparently that only applies to Rialto because in Pierce County the media was given full access to the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting.

So what does it say about a company that allows local elected mayors to use them to keep people out of informing the public through good ole fashioned reporting methods?


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