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San Bernardino, Ca, June 27, 2016– Bailey Photography Studio launches in North San Bernardino after purchasing the space once occupied by Lee Photography for the last 17 years. Donald and Andrea Bailey chose to open at this location because they always wanted to bring something of quality to Andrea’s hometown. Bailey Photography cares enough to open a business that gives back to the local community.

At Bailey Photography there was a lot more than just a name and owner change. Donald and Andrea Bailey wanted to create the ultimate photography experience. From the minute you hit the door you’re welcomed in by hospitable staff and a living room style waiting area with leather couches. Their friendly highly trained staff will bring you back into the camera area where you will have access to over 60 backgrounds, endless options with green screen and all the props you will ever need to capture that perfect moment. Once you’re done in the camera room you will be brought out to a photo selection area where the customer sits in comfort as they pick the images and packages they love the most.

New technology and innovations are now part of the camera studio experience at Bailey Photography Studio. Donald Bailey the brains behind the technology worked to make sure that the only limits are in the minds of their customers. Bailey Photography is Family owned and operated. Andrea Bailey is the Chief Photographer and the passion for the art of photography burns deep within her soul.

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“We’re here to give San Bernardino and all neighboring areas superb quality service and product in a relaxing comfortable environment.” Owner Donald Bailey

If you would like more information about Bailey Photography Studio, please contact Bailey Photography Studio at (909) 882-3536 or on our website at https://www.baileyphotography.us/.


Rialto Fire Department Rolls Out Plans For Illegal Fireworks Enforcement

illegal fireworks sign

So as promised by former Councilman Shawn O’Connell and current Councilman Ed Palmer along with Rialto Police & Fire the enforcement of illegal fireworks has continued to improve in an effort to make 4th of July Safe & Fun for everyone.

Above is a photo from the Rialto Fire Facebook page with these words:

“Attention Rialto residents! Yard signs available. Come and get a sign for your yard to help support our “Illegal Firework- Free Zone”. Signs are available at Rialto Fire Station 201 (131 S Willow Ave)
As a reminder: Fireworks that are not purchased from a licensed firework stand are illegal. Property owners will be issued a citation in the amount of $1000 if illegal fireworks are discharged on your property.”

Well last night we found out via Rialto Fire Chief Matt Fratus that this year along with improved dispatching of fire units using Rialto Police Dispatch the Fire Department is now adding a drone to identify where illegal fireworks are being used.



Pedestrian Accident on Foothill

At about 4:35 on Thursday June 23rd a man ridding a mountain bike appeared to be hit by a late model black two door car. The driver did stop and was assisted by a parking officer on scene. Very quickly a SCAT unit arrived on scene to assist the victim.

As more info comes in we will update this post.


Should Games Be Played With The Name of The Senior Center?

Naming Policy 3

The Consent Calendar and one item on the consent calendar had everyone’s feathers all ruffled up. The item was setting everyone off was:

Request city council to set a public hearing for June 28th 2016, to consider naming the Rialto Senior Center “The Grace Vargas Senior Center”

The reports are that Mayor Robertson is the one pushing this building name so that she can get Grace Vargas endorsement for re-election. We do know that this request came from the Mayor Deborah Robertson according to the staff report as well. What we find odd is that everyone outside of city hall (taxpayers) have to gather 100 signatures and submit their name change request before the Parks & Recreation Commission before the request can be submitted to city council for public comment or approval. City Hall gets to jump to the head of the line and not use the same filters.

Should the naming of our Public Buildings be tied to political game playing and political favors?

Join us in voicing your concern https://www.facebook.com/events/1202578339761202/

Councilman Shawn O’Connell Funeral Set

Shawn Memorial

As many of you may know the City of Rialto lost one of the biggest advocates for the community on Sunday. Normally we would be all over stories like this but because of our relationship with Councilman O’Connell we were in mourning and took a slight step back to digest what had happened. The last time I saw Councilman O’Connell he had just left Taste of Rialto and was on his way to talk to some old friends. He told me see you Saturday but sadly that would be the last time I would see our beloved brother, friend and councilman.

Councilman O’Connell invited me and my wife to sit at his table for the Friends of the Rialto Library Dinner Mystery fundraiser One Bullet One Silver Spoon. Councilman O’Connell never made that event and those of us at his table grew concerned as the evening went on. As his friends we all made attempts to locate our friend and still we were unable to locate him it was late in the night so we decided to contact the police in the AM and continue our search. As you can see from the message from the city the next day we heard what nobody wanted to believe:

Council Member Shawn O’Connell was found deceased in his vehicle Sunday morning at 11:34 am. He was found in the parking lot of a restaurant in the City of Loma Linda. He was found by Rialto Police Officers who were on their way to Loma Linda University Hospital to check on his whereabouts. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and Coroner responded to the location and are conducting a death investigation.

Shawn Speaks

John M. Blodgett with the San Bernardino Sun wrote the best article outside of the Radio Show Let’s Talk Community audio tribute to the late councilman. Mr. Blodgett said he didn’t know Councilman O’Connell but his colleagues did and would write a follow up story. Well John you did better than the follow up article and we would like to thank you.

Councilman O’Connell was a beacon of light and had the communities respect from the moment he hit the ground in Rialto. Shawn O’Connell wanted to work in Law Enforcement but had a hard time getting his foot in the door. He didn’t allow this to stop him he put himself through the Police Academy while working part-time as a Loss Prevention officer for a local National Retail chain. He used to remark on the skills he learned getting people to cough up stolen goods and admit to what they had done would prove beneficial to him as he worked as an officer for Rialto Police Department. Shawn O’Connell gave of his time, money and reputation to further many, many causes in the local region. Each time he made a donation or helped a cause he only had one stipulation that his name be left out of it, he NEVER wanted to have his name attached to his ability to help he just wanted to be able to help.

Rialto 2015

Councilman O’Connell is the only elected official to lay out a platform of what he would do as a city councilman and complete everything within his 1st term. Councilman O’Connell was comfortable walking away from the job of being an elected official after one term because he believed that the framers of this country never envisioned that elected persons should make a career out of elected service. He only recently promised that he would serve one more term to make sure that:

  1. The money that is being collected via Measure U (higher fees on South Rialto tank farms) would be spent wisely.
  2. That council kept its promise to reduce the Utility Users Tax once the money was available as promised to voters.
  3. That someone else would step up and run for his seat when his 2nd term was up in 2020.

Shawn O’Connell also looked at himself as being lucky. He felt lucky because he had a few great friends and PD brothers that helped him through his injury and change in lifestyle. He was able to do everything he did after his accident because others took the time to be there when he needed it most. So since Shawn O’Connell considered himself lucky to have such strong support from family and friends he used his experience to help other people struggling with life’s medical mishaps. What is funny is he just didn’t help the person going through the tough spot he also helped their family members. He would call family members that had a loved one going through a rough patch in life and check in on them, Shawn was always the first person to visit a friend or community member in the hospital or when they got home and he always came bearing In & Out! Yes story after story other than Shawn’s dedication to visiting and helping he also knew a good burger or shake could help take your mind off of the pain your under now.

We ran a poll to see who the people of Rialto thought was the most influential person in Rialto for 2015 Shawn came in a close 2nd to a equally great man and police chief Tony Farrar. We had almost 30 people that the community was considering as the most influential person in Rialto in 2015 and Shawn still rose to the top. Shawn was flattered but never wanted such a recognition he would have preferred to have remained behind the scenes.

We want to know your stories. How did Shawn’s life effect you? What did Shawn show you that made an impact in your life? Tell us in the comments below.



Inaugural Inland Empire Family Fair Kicks Off Community Play Day

family fair Header

(Montclair, CA) The inaugural Inland Empire Family Fair, presented by First 5 San Bernardino, is set for Saturday, June 18, 2016, at the Chino Basin Water Conservation District, 4594 San Bernardino St, Montclair, CA, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  This brand new event combines an informational and resource parent expo with entertainment and activities for kids 0-5 years old.


At the first Inland Empire Family Fair, event guests can expect keynote speakers on subjects like doulas & midwifery, and post-partum depression. There will also be demos from experts on cloth diapering, proper babywearing and an interactive take-home planting demo from Chino Basin Water Conservation District (CBWCD).


There will also be merchant vendors and informational local resource vendors for new families with infants and young children. Families will enjoy live entertainment, crafts, and activities for kids, like a petting zoo. This baby-friendly event will include features like a diaper changing station and breastfeeding lounge, with a lactation consultant.


Admission is free for adults and children. First 200 guests will receive a goodie bag with discount coupons and other goodies. Each admission receives an opportunity drawing ticket for a chance to win prizes, such as an Ergobaby baby carrier and more!


“We are so excited to work with First 5 San Bernardino to launch the first ever Inland Empire Family Fair. We felt that with our platform and network we were in a great position to showcase local resources that can benefit families in our region. Plus, this event gives us another opportunity to donate to a local non-profit organization and help our community. We can’t wait to share this experience with the families of the Inland Empire,” said Su Pak event creator and founder of IEShineOn.com “The Inland Empire Good Time Guide.”


The Inland Empire Family Fair is sponsored by First 5 San Bernardino and Chino Basin Water Conservation District, and produced by IEShineOn.com, a local lifestyle website sharing events, attractions and things to do in the Inland Empire. Sponsorship opportunities and vendor booths are still available. Information at IEFamilyFair.com.


For more information call: Alazzia Gaoay @ (909) 285-9120 or go to IEFamilyFair.com.


23rd Annual Run Whatcha Brung Car Show & Cruise Night

Run Whatcha Brung Flyer 2016

This weekend is going to be like every other weekend this summer in the Inland Empire full of fun.

The fun were showing off in this post is the 23rd Annual Run Whatcha Brung Car Show & Cruise Night. This car show is the annual kick off to the summer car shows here in Southern California as well as one of the only shows that opens up registration to anyone who wants to show off their ride. Normally cars are limited to sports cars or classic cars but the Rialto Rotary club wanted something that was cool, unique and allowed everyone to enjoy the weekend the way they wanted to.

Years past the Friday night before the car show were held at the Rialto Airport where the cars would park cruise and take part in contests like burn out and open header. The Friday night event got everyone ready for an awesome day in Downtown Rialto for the Show & Shine on Saturday.

Well insurance costs and the cities decision to close the Airport killed off the Friday Night event. In an effort to bring back the fun of Friday Night activities and to showcase Route 66 that cuts right through the heart of town city Administrator Mike Story and the Rotary Club came up with the idea of a Cruise Night on Route 66. A lot of work and resources go into shutting down Foothill Blvd but the task has proved to be well worth the effort with attendance growing each and every year.

cruise night

Victor who comes from Pomona every year says that “this is what movies show Route 66 used to look like when our parents used to cruise the local streets on weekend nights”

What else is awesome is local businesses like Coffee Nutz/Cone Creamery, Brothers Pizza, KFC and Baskin Robins capitalize on the boom in people walking up and down the street in Rialto on a warm summer night and bring out speakers and fun for all ages. One of the businesses that has looked to create a safe yet fun place for local teens Coffee Nutz brought out an import night last year working with Inland Empire Youth 4 today. This year the owner of the coffe/ice cream shop is teaming up with local hip hop icon and graffiti artist Wet Paint Larry who is popular for his Sloppy Parlor apparel and positive modeling of how to be Rialto Proud for youth in the region.

Another great addition to this years cruise is Lighting McQueen will be making an appearance at Ned’s Hardware at 312 West Foothill

lighting mcqueen

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