Should Games Be Played With The Name of The Senior Center?

Naming Policy 3

The Consent Calendar and one item on the consent calendar had everyone’s feathers all ruffled up. The item was setting everyone off was:

Request city council to set a public hearing for June 28th 2016, to consider naming the Rialto Senior Center “The Grace Vargas Senior Center”

The reports are that Mayor Robertson is the one pushing this building name so that she can get Grace Vargas endorsement for re-election. We do know that this request came from the Mayor Deborah Robertson according to the staff report as well. What we find odd is that everyone outside of city hall (taxpayers) have to gather 100 signatures and submit their name change request before the Parks & Recreation Commission before the request can be submitted to city council for public comment or approval. City Hall gets to jump to the head of the line and not use the same filters.

Should the naming of our Public Buildings be tied to political game playing and political favors?

Join us in voicing your concern

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