Dollahan Elementary Creates School Wide Cardboard Arcade


Written by: David Phillips

The idea began with a young boy out in Los Angeles who created a Cardboard Arcade at his fathers Auto Part business. After watching the story Dollahan Elementary Principal Dan Husbands brought this idea to his staff. “At the first staff meeting this year before school started Mr. Husbands showed us the video on Caine’ Arcade. After we watched it we created our own Cardboard games which led to the whole school planning what you see before you today”.

One of the most interesting games of the day came from a 2nd grade student Xavier. With the help of his father they created a Skeeball game that used alot of recycled parts and had some very creative engineering on how to make the game work.

We got a chance to talk to the young mans father Brian who told us a little about who they came up with the idea and how they executed the final design. Xavier’s father is a College Professor and Basketball Coach it was great seeing a father being there to support his son.

The kids had a great time playing each others games and were truly inspired by the original Card Board Arcade constructed by Caine in Los Angeles. This event really showed how kids can learn through play even if they were not aware they were learning. This event also brought the community into the school to see first hand how intelligent these young arcade game creators were. What was missing were any district staff to see what the kids and school had put together.

See more videos at our Youtube channel

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