Endorsement Sandoval & Salazar-Wibert Best for Fontana

It is rare that you find incumbents in today’s political climate worth throwing your support behind. Jesse Sandoval and Lydia Salazr-Wibert are two incumbents that have earned the opportunity to represent the residents of Fontana. Looking at the list of challengers you would think that there is a need for change but for the most part the wide range of challengers comes from frustration with what Fontana’s Mayor has done to the cities reputation and the potential purchase of a third mindless vote on Fontana city council.


Jesse Sandoval:

Jesse has lived in Fontana since 1967 and has been an elected Councilmember since 2012. Jesse has been married to his wife Mary (a school board member) for 30 years and raised 3 children and at least one grandchild. Jesse worked for the FUSD for 20 years and now works for the City of San Bernardino. Jesse has always had a reputation for being an active parent and has been involved in School Site Council and PTA. Jesse also has worked as a Commissioner for Parks & recreation, sponsorship of the annual Veteran’s Day Essay Contest and Coaching Youth Athletics. Jesse has been active with groups like Southwest Little League, Fontana Pop Warner, Jr all American Football and Fontana Girls Softball. As a councilman he is also an active part of the Senior Community in Fontana. He leads the Fontana Senior Softball Team and spends frequent hours conversing and dinning with the seniors that frequent the Fontana Community Senior Center. Jesse is a great person to re-elect as Fontana’s Councilman because he has proven over the last four years that he:

  1. Has a true open door policy.
  2. Keeps an open mind.
  3. Lends a listening ear to all community concerns.


Lydia Salazr-Wibert:

Lydia Salazar-Wibert was elected to the Fontana City Council in November 2012. Her current term will expire in November 2016.

Prior to joining the City Council, Mrs. Salazar-Wibert was an active member of the Fontana community and has been for 26 years. She served on the Parks and Recreation Commission for 11 years and has been a Fontana Police Volunteer for 17 years. Mrs. Salazar-Wibert has been an active community member supporting schools and also Veteran’s groups

Mrs. Salazar-Wibert is married with 9 children. She is employed with the Fontana Unified School District as a Child Welfare and Attendance Liaison. In her employment, she addresses the needs, welfare, and attendance of the children. With her personal and work experience with children she understands how important a supportive family is. With her knowledge of the city, she helps families needing support to find any available resources to help them thrive.

Lydia has and continues to be actively involved and participates in a number of community organizations like those listed below, but not limited to:

  • Fontana Police Volunteer 1994- Present
  • Co-Founder of Fontana Santa’s Toy Give Away 1996- Present
  • Student Attendance Review Board Member 1996- Present
  • Women’s Club Member 1997- Present
  • Gangs and Drugs Task Force member 1999- Present
  • Volunteer American Cancer Society 2000- Present
  • Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commissioner 2003- 2010
  • American Legion Post 772 2007- Present
  • Rotary Club of Fontana Member 2007- Present
  • Fontana Kiwanis Member 2014-Present
  • Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House Advisory Member 2012-Present
  • Board of Directors Member for Marygold Condominium Association 2007- Present
  • Fontana Parks and Recreation Commissioner 1997-2008
  • School Boundary Committee Member 1996- 2006
  • Volunteer Special Olympics 1996- 2000
  • School District Advisory Committee 1996-2000
  • Fontana Community Little League Board Member 1990-2000
  • PTA, Past President, Member, Including PTA Council 5th District 1992-1999
  • VFW Post 6563 Auxiliary Lifetime Member
  • San Bernardino County Solid Waste Advisory Task (SWAT) Force
  • Housing Authority Chair

Lydia has received several awards for her outstanding volunteerism (excellence, leadership and dependability) and volunteer of the year from the Fontana Police Department. She has also been recognized as a Woman of Distinction for the 63rd Assembly District. The City of Fontana has also recognized Lydia for her contribution of volunteer work to the community.

Mrs. Salazar-Wibert is the co-founder of the Fontana Santa’s Toy Giveaway Program that has been serving thousands of Fontana children every Christmas for the last seventeen years. This community event involves hundreds of volunteers that bring Christmas joy to the families of this community.

In 2014, Mrs. Salazar-Wibert and the Fontana Unified School District started the “Make a Difference Day” in the City of Fontana. With hundreds of volunteers, they collected clothes for the Fontana Unified School District clothes closet, facilitated food collection for local churches, held a resume and application workshop for high school students, and cleaned up a local high school.

Both are a great choice for Fontana


Rialto Now Voter Guide


Our team has been getting bombarded with emails and Facebook posts looking for information on who to vote for in the upcoming election. So were putting out our guide to tell you who we think is the best candidate for the Rialto Region. We are covering Rialto and a few surrounding cities since our reader footprint has grown so much. Please don’t let a bad candidate keep you from voting if you don’t like someone running for office just skip that section and move on to the next. Also remember that your local leader will have a greater effect on your life than someone who runs on a larger scale.

United States Senator – Kamala Harris/ Neither choice is great but Kamala Harris just seems more level headed.

Congressional District 8 – Paul Cook/ Mr Cook has served in this seat for a while and has done a fair job representing the people of his district.


Congressional District 31 – Paul Chabot/ Mr Chabot has worked hard for the region to make sure working families can thrive and survive. Mr Chabot also has an innovative idea to bring a Joint Forces Base to San Bernardino which would be a grand shot in the arm for that once great city. Also with National Safety such a big concern Paul Chabot has the experience working in the military to keep the IE safe.

Congressional District 35 – Norma Torres/ Even though we don’t always agree with Congresswoman Torres she has proven that she will listen and speak to the people. Mrs. Torres is one of those congressional members that wont shy away from talking to community members and she holds more events for the community than any other current congressional member. Her opponent Tyler Fishella doesn’t live here or even know the issues of the region. Three times we had interviews set up with him and he canceled each time Mrs Torres has never denied anyone the pleasure of a conversation.

State Assembly District 40 – Marc Stienorth/ Marc Stienorth has an opponent in Abigail Medina and this woman is beyond dangerous. She has time and time again ignored the Brown Act has a San Bernardino City School Board Member and spearheaded allowing students of the San Bernardino School District to bring Marijuana, Knives and fight on campus and be able to avoid the normal consequences that come along with these types of crimes. Instead of the School Police issuing a citation the student will get a slap on the wrist and be sent on their way.

State Assembly District 47 – Eloise Reyes/ Incumbent Cheryl Brown voted one way on raising gas prices then voted differently when big environmental organizations applied preasure. Cheryl Brown ignored my local schools request to have her out and cheryl brown went out of her way to attack residents that question her and call them names at political events. Cheryl Brown is a big part of the problem when it comes to blocking worthy causes from access to helping people. She only allows people access to the people when they fall into political favor. We need leaders that stand for their morals and actually listen to the people. Eloise sits on a local CAG group and has had some heated arguments but after its said and done she can still act like respectful person.

San Bernardino Community College District Board Member Area 1 – Paul Rasso/ Mr Rasso is a dedicated community leader that has already dedicated years to developing our future leaders. Paul Rasso works hard and would be a breath of fresh air on the college board.

Rasso, 50, an Office Machine Technician for the Colton Joint Unified School District currently serves as chairman of both Colton’s Parks and Recreation Commission and the Community Coalition for Change. He expressed confidence in helping to bridge gaps between the district’s two colleges (San Bernardino Valley and Crafton Hills) and employers, as well as ensure quality education and support services for students.

“I want to be able to close the gap to help these students,” said Rasso. “These kids can have a familiar face that can help them find the right resources. We should not just tell our kids, ‘Go to college and do this, and this.’ We should be able to tell them, ‘We can help you.”

Fontana Unified School Board – Lorena Corona & Mars Serna/ You get two votes here and we have seen Mars Serna do some good and we hope he can shake the stink of some of the ugly people backing his campaign and do some good things for Fontana Schools.

Rialto Unified School Board – Joe Martinez and Nancy O’Kelly/ On this one you get 3 votes these two incumbents are a good choice.

Chaffey Joint Union High School District – Matthew Munson


Fontana City Council – JESUS “JESSE” SANDOVAL & LYDIA SALAZAR-WIBERT/ These two incumbents have been working hard for the people of Fontana. They both have stood up to the heavy hand of the Mayor of Fontana and now even though Lydia allowed the Mayor to use her family to re elected two years ago the Mayor is now turning on Lydia. Don’t fall for the lies Vote to keep these two incumbents working for fontana.

Grand Terrace City Council – Brian L. Reinarz

Ontario City Council – Richard Roybal & Ruben Valencia


Rancho Cucamonga City Council – Curtis PITTS ( Vote Only for Him)

Redlands City Council – Ken Hunter (only vote for Ken)

Rialto Mayor – Edward Palmer


Rialto City Council – David Phillips & Joe Britt


Rialto City Clerk – Ana Gonzalez

Upland Mayor – Glenn Bozar

Upland City Council – Dan Morgan

Board of Directors Division 1, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District – Ed Killgore

Board of Directors Division 2, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District – Randall Cenciros

Proposition 51 – NO/ If you approve this $9 billion dollar the total projected cost will be $17.5 Billion when it is all said and done.

Proposition 52 – NO/ Obama Care hospital tax.

Proposition 53 – YES/ Requires voter approval for bonds over 2 billion dollars.

Proposition 54 – YES/ Leaders must post a bill 72 hours before voting on it opening them up to voter review.

Proposition 55 YES/ Fund our schools

Proposition 56 – YES/ Keep kids from smoking cigarettes.

Proposition 57 – NO/ Further reduces sentences of inmates and release more felons into our neighborhoods.

Proposition 58 – NO/ They are using teaching english as a way to force kids to be bilingual.

Proposition 59 – NO/ This is a government ploy to restrict FREE SPEECH.

Proposition 60 – YES/ Anything that will help get rid of the adult film industry.

Proposition 61 – NO/ Will increase drug prices on Veterans and millions of Californians.

Proposition 62 – NO/ Without the death penalty there will not be an ultimate price for the worst of the worst.

Proposition 63 – NO/ Just say no to background checks on ammo that will push more ammo sales underground.

Proposition 64 – NO/ Just Say No to recreational drug use in California. Each home can have 6 pot plants and kids will be marketed to on TV bad for California bad for families.

Proposition 65 – NO/ Money will go right into special interests pockets.

Proposition 66 – YES/ Speeds up the death penalty process.

Proposition 67 – NO/ Take back control of what type of bag you use.

Etiwanda School District Measure Measure I

City of San Bernardino Measures Measure L – NO/ The framers of this charter change have thrown in a couple of good things to take your eyes away from all the bad like removing your right to vote for your City Clerk. The backers of this Measure are John Longville and Chris Mann two men that have been caught more than once looking at their own best interests and shutting up the community. John Longville seen in the video below.

City of San Bernardino Measure N – NO/ San Bernardino doesn’t need anymore drugs.

City of San Bernardino Measure O – NO/ San Bernardino doesn’t need anymore drugs.

City of San Bernardino Measure P – NO/ San Bernardino doesn’t need anymore drugs.

City of Upland Measure Measure U – NO/ Will flood Upland with harmful drugs that will be sold by the strip club owner in Upland.