Pete Aguilar and Rafael Trujillo Run A Robo Call From City Hall Phone Lines

An image that was found on the page Rialto Watch Dogs shows an empty seat

An image that was found on the page Rialto Watch Dogs shows an empty seat

Today word went out that Robo Calls from the number 820-2525 went out from Congressman Pete Aguilar telling Rialto Voters to vote for Rafael Trujillo for Rialto City Council. Nothing surprises us anymore the level of corruption that Mayor Robertson allows to go on at City Hall. She had ticket sales going on at city hall for the Jazz Fest that claimed a $90,000 loss to Rialto General Fund and the missuse of city accounts costing the Rialto General Fund $10,000.

Congressman Pete Aguilar is not new to playing games and not playing by the rules, his campaign has gotten so bad that signs have sprouted up this year refering to Pete as a AguLIAR. Pete Aguilar’s campaign has been at the heart of many police reports on claims of stealing or destroying Paul Chabot’s campaign signs.


Rafael Trujillo may think he needs all the help he can get since he has ran for many offices and NEVER won. He tried to bully his way into a city council seat when Mayor Robertson vacated her seat and was appointed to the West Valley Water Board only to once again loose in the election. He was recently re-appointed this summer and now he is ready to jump ship for a chance at City Council.


Think of this photo and the one above as you look to either man for leadership. Both care more for their special interest ties than they do the people.