Betsy DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary

For years Christian kids from households that are identify with more conservative principals have had to fight through the muck and mire that is public education. From evolution to alternative sexual lifestyles conservative parents have had to make sure they counter balance the imoral and left wing education that is fed to their young children. As one of these kids I was singled out by many of my teachers as a problem not worthy of their help simply because my parents wanted the sex ed and alternative creation theories to be left up to them to teach or not teach. It got so bad that my parents pulled me and my two brothers from public school and home schooled us for three years.

The left wing wants us to believe that Betsy Devos is an evil person here to destroy public education, ask a conservative parent of young children and they will tell you she is the chance at some fresh air in public education. Most people if they could afford it would put their kids in a private school the reasons vary but almost always the case is they want their kids to get a quality education. So wait the Billions we spend on public education isn’t enough? Your telling me that we can’t provide an excellent education with the weight of the taxpayer footing the bill?

So what is so scary about Betsy Devos?

  • No Experience in Public Education – Albert Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Finding more people that all march to the same mantra in public education and expecting that they will break free from the ties that have bound them to the leaders of public education is insane. Sometimes it takes someone not afraid of tomorrow to make the hard choices a career politician wont. The fact that she has never placed her kids into a public school means she will have some high expectations that public educators will finally be forced to meet.
  • Vouchers – The mantra being pushed is that vouchers only help religious schools that block students from attending their schools which couldn’t be farther from the truth. From preschool to college public schools are given a blanket advantage of having whatever resources are needed to care for students with special needs. The laws that govern private preschools (public schools are allowed to follow a different set of rules) makes it almost impossible to afford to offer preschool students with potential learning disabilities the opportunity to have a private education. As a former Director of a preschool I hired a Special Ed Teacher to help me identify students that we could fit into the program while still providing a clear standard for learning. Also Christian students have been under attack for centuries because of their beliefs and sexual orientation, now Liberals are upset because their kids may not fit into a christian school? Stay in Liberal land and let the Christian kids go somewhere else.
  • Lack of knowledge and preparation – Betsy Devos or any other leader is only as good as the people below her. She just like any other leader will lean on her staff to make the right choices for public education. The Unions and Education Lobby are afraid of loosing control. These people are not there for the kids or education they are there for the $$$$$$ just like Dianne Barrow a high ranking employee with a major textbook manufacture. In the video below by Project Veritas she is recorded saying she hates kids. Were sure these people would sound very knowledgeable when questioned about education practices but would you want them as Education Secretary?
  • A dangerous precedent for pay-for-play in politics – If were throwing this around then line up every Democrat and even some republicans that have made themselves beyond wealthy by bending over for the Education Lobby. The Unions and other Education Lobby groups have the power they do because it was bought and paid for. Even many of your local leaders have taken thousands of $$$$ of money from these lobby’s. So saying that Betsy Devos is unqualified to be Education Secretary just because she gave to causes and people that shared her vision is the pot calling the kettle black.

The long and short of it is a large portion of the community has been under attack from the Public Education lobby for decades. The left wing religion of climate change and alternative lifestyles has been pushed on kids for decades and now the left wing is afraid of two things:

  1. They will have to suffer the same way Conservatives have had to suffer.
  2. They will loose control and this scares them more than anything.

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