Photos of Students Inside Public Classrooms Used for Political Purposes

This Photo was taken from the Social Media page for Sam Torres

Written by David Phillips

On Thursday March 7th on the Facebook page of Sam Torres a former Councilman in Indio had the following caption with a photo of him reading to kids:

16 “When you are helping the Hebrew women during childbirth on the delivery stool, if you see that the baby is a boy, kill him; — with Donna Brisendine-McDowell, William Muse, Frank Reyes and 14 others.”

I saw this photo because Mr. Torres tagged Assemblywoman Reyes and Community College Board Member Frank Reyes in the photo, since I am connected to them on Facebook I saw the post as well. Mr. Torres decided used his original photo with the kids faces in plain view (we covered the kids faces to allow them some dignity) In full disclosure the above statement was a portion of scripture that Mr. Torres was taking from the bible to show how Christians hate immigrants. I am still confused to what his meaning is sadly that is not my biggest problem.

My issue is with the use of a photo where Mr. Torres seems to be reading to school children on Dr. Seuss’s Birthday and adding the portion of scripture that says to KILL THE BABY BOYS!!!!!!! When I asked if he thought THIS Photo was the appropriate photo to use in this given situation and that the parents may be upset to see their kids photos used in this way Mr. Torres said the following:

“Good points all David. I have regularly been asked to participate in our public schools on everything from gang intervention to read across America. There is a crisis being created and it is affecting these and millions of children’s lives. While your points are well taken, I don’t see where you offer any solution or support for their cause or situation. I would rather be accused of politics than withdraw and do nothing because someone disagrees with me. History and the almighty will judge us all. I hope that I am found to be on his side with his sheep than in the wrong with the goats. Respectfully.”

The argument over what our kids are exposed to in California Public Schools has regained center stage with the Election of Donald Trump & majority control in Washington DC with the republican party. These two actions have seemed to send Liberal Californians into a frenzy. For decades in California our kids have been bombarded with the left wing ideas of right and wrong. Parents complain but their words fall on deaf ears because of the control the Democrat party has here.

Now we have photos from a day where literacy is the focus of the day and we take that photo and use it with a verse in the bible that refers to killing male children? Then you ask the person creating the post if this was the best choice of photo and he goes off into a mindless rant? I’m sorry but did I miss something?


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