Rialto Police Department Names Erica Duque Officer of the Year

Courtesy Photo/rialto police From left: Cpt. William Wilson, Chief Randy De Anda, Volunteer of the Year Richard Montano, Ofc.of the Year Erica Duque and Councilman Rafael Trujillo. Third annual Rialto Police Awards.

Officer Erica Duque was named the officer of the year at this years awards ceremony for the Rialto Police Department. Officer Duque is a Rialto Native growing up here and going to school here. Officer Duque comes from a long line of Law Enforcement professionals and is a dedicated public servant. Officer Duque still has family that lives here in Rialto and that has kept here up to date on what is going on here in our city both on and off work. Officer Duque has worked with the Community Policing and Reentry Support Program in her most recent assignment. Officer Duque is putting her unique knowledge of Rialto and her care and compassion for everyone to work to help her colleagues solve more problems and obtain results that can make Rialto residents proud.

Photo Courtesy Cpl Gregory Marquez. From left to right Probation Officer Vicky Whitworth, Officer Dwuan Rice, Officer Erica Duque and Cpl Gregory Marquez

Not only did Rialto Recognize Officer Duque for her outstanding work but her whole team was awarded for the work they have done together. Below is what Cpl Gregory Marquez said about his staff:

I chose Officer Dwuan Rice and Officer Erica Duque. I also was allowed by the Probation Department @sbcprobation In the selection of a probation officer who would be assigned to my team. Since my old partner Probation Officer Bradley left there wasn’t a doubt in my mind Probation Officer Vicky Whitworth could easily slide right into his spot. In the last year they have worked non-stop from the time they come into work until the time they leave and even get random texts and phone calls from me asking them to complete a task 😄. Last Friday our team received a Unit Citation which is a great honor recognizing our hard work! I also wanted to add that we could have not completed our tasks without the love and support from our Explorers and Volunteers as well as Code Enforcememt Officer Dave Hernandez and his team!

As someone who had the pleasure of growing up with officer Duque I can attest this is a well deserved award.


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