Rialto Police Chief Cuts Ties With Friends of Rialto Police K9 Program

Earlier this week our offices received a letter that is addressed to Rialto Police Chief Randy Deanda, Mike story and city of Rialto.

This letter goes into detail about the knowledge of the city of Rialto approving the work done on the K-9 obstacle course and yard. It also goes into detail about an interaction with our police chief and the president and founder of friends of the Rialto Police K-9 Association.

The letter details a complaint where Chief Randy Deanda banged on Greta Hodges door and personally delivered a letter stating that the friends of the Rialto Police canines were no longer to be involved with Rialto Police canines the letter also stated that Randy Deanda had spoken to Rialto city council members and that they all agreed with the chief on this decision the letter also goes into the fact that Chief Deanda apparently brought a witness with him Captain Wilson from the police department to verify that he delivered the letter.

The letter details that Chief Deanda opened a internal affairs investigation and officers interrogated Greta Hodges founder of The Freinds of Rialto Police K9 on the telephone and at the canine obstacle course the letter states. As of June 20th 2016 the police department no longer need the services of the friends of the Rialto Police canines a group that has funded canine operations in the city of Rialto for decades. It’s hard to Fathom with a basically cash balance budget that we would be in a position to start funding K9 purchases and operations when there’s a non-profit organization willing to do the work and provide the funding. It’s also odd that a police chief can by himself without any written Authority from city council mayor or the city administrator tear up or sever ties with an organization like this. The letter also states that Chief Deanda said that the Police Departments budget has approved and they no longer need the help of the Friends of Rialto Police K9’s. This is confusing as Rialto is looking at yet another extension of the Utility Users Tax or the creation of a Public Safety tax to provide police services.

Another point of reference that the letter spells out is the way that the Chief’s actions have hurt the Friends of Rialto Police K9 with other officers, vendors, donors and the city leadership. This action by Chief Denada has created what some say an unnecessary division among the Friends and the Police Department.
From what we can surmise is that this all began with whatever issues lye between Chief Deanda and Former K9 officer Glen Anderson who was fired last month after a lengthy IA investigation.

Another victim of this situation is former officer Glen Anderson’s K9 partner Jordy who has been stored at the Alderhorst training facility for almost a year now. It is very concerning for some in the community and The Friend’s of Rialto Police K9 that this powerful skilled dog has been allowed to be an additional victim of this sad series of actions.
We looked further into the authority of the Chief to be able to cut ties with this organization and it appears it is up to him but it is odd that this type of decision would not be made public.

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  1. Nanette Cali
    Mar 20, 2017 @ 23:37:30

    It’s disappointing that the chief would allow his personal vendetta against Officer Anderson to come to this. Part of his duties are to make sound financial decisions that benefit the citizens of Rialto. This non profit has donated thousands of dollars over their use of volunteering and service. So now the money to support the canine unit has to come from the taxpayers. How much more damage are we going to tolerate from Chief DeAnda before someone holds him accountable?


  2. Mark Peterson
    Mar 21, 2017 @ 02:14:55

    AHHH HAAAA. Maybe Greta Hodges was interogated because she was not an innocent bystander. And the police chief does not need permission from the city council to run his department like he wants to. And the chief does not need to go public with his decisions. This article is hilarious! Maybe the friends of k9s and Glen Anderson were not on the up and up like this article wants everyone to believe.


  3. Mark Peterson
    Mar 21, 2017 @ 02:16:57

    The only person i feel sorry for is the dog Jordy. woof woof. Free Jordy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Nov 26, 2017 @ 23:47:32

    I dont know Mr Peterson but the police chief is just another department head that needs to get approval from the Mike Story and/or council. He is not without blame for his actions toward Gretta Hodges.
    If any other city employee did some thing like that they would be terminated.
    As with then friends of Rialto Police K-9 we did give money to help the k-9 program get off the ground when Ray Farmer was our Police Chief and one of the finest Chiefs we ever had at Rialto.
    I was the first Treasurer back when we first started and we did a lot of good things for our Police Department


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